Find out more about how a subscription service works with Pivotal. We’ve broken down the details on contracts, choice of vehicles, and what’s included when you subscribe, so you have everything you need to make your choice.

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About Pivotal

Pivotal is a subscription company for Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles that offers subscriptions on a 6-monthly basis, with the option to pause and restart for no penalty after the initial 90-day period after joining. Pivotal offers both personal and business subscriptions, the latter of which can be joined as a salary sacrifice scheme or as a business-funded scheme allowing both business and personal use. Pivotal also offers access to electric vehicles and has a mission statement geared towards sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach.

How it Works

The initial step is to confirm eligibility: you must be over 28 and have a minimum of two years’ no claims bonus with no convictions. Checks take 48 hours or slightly longer, and you can then choose your subscription tier. As with other subscription companies, insurance, breakdown cover, and maintenance are included, and you get a concierge service that sorts any issues and arranges for collection and delivery.

The initial lock-in period is 3 months, but after this, you can pause and restart your subscription as you wish. Alternatively, if you are happy, you can switch vehicles every six months or extend your subscription on the vehicle you already have – although Pivotal reserves the right to recall it for maintenance or to decommission it.

Costs and Fees

Pivotal works on a subscription tier basis, with each tier allowing you access to a different range of vehicles.

Blue: £850 per month
Drive a Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-PACE or Range Rover Evoque

Indigo: £1250 per month
Drive a Jaguar I-PACE, Range Rover Velar, or Land Rover Discovery

Violet: £1550 per month
Drive the agile and dynamic Range Rover Sport or Land Rover Defender 110

Ultraviolet: £2000 per month
Drive the ultimate, the Range Rover

The joining fee is £550, and while switches are accessible every six months, you can also pay a one-off £250 if you want to do this earlier. A new vehicle delivery after a subscription pause is also £250.

Meanwhile, excess mileage is charged at £0.20 per mile and the excess for insurance claims is £500 (or £150 for windscreen damage).

Brands & Models

Pivotal are partnered exclusively with Jaguar Land Rover to offer their vehicles, all new or under 18 months old:

Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-PACE or Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar, Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Defender 110, Range Rover

All vehicles come with top spec, although there is no option to customise the vehicles as yet.

Notice Periods

At the start of a contract, you have a 30-day cooling off period. Then, you’re locked in for 3 months before you can pause or cancel for no cost. Vehicle switches happen automatically every six months.

What’s Special about Pivotal?

Pivotal exclusively offers Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, with the top of the range Range Rover also available, as well as the latest electric models. The wide variety of business options establish them as a company with a corporate focus, but the tiers of subscription mean that Pivotal aren’t completely inaccessible to individuals. Being able to pause and restart is a benefit for many, especially those who travel to different places for work.


Social Media

Pivotal use their Facebook in large part for taking you through the interior spec of their Land Rover / Jaguar vehicles.


What cars can I drive with Pivotal?
Pivotal is a subscription service for Jaguar Land Rover, offering four tiers of subscription. Customers can choose from a range of vehicles, including the Discovery Sport, Jaguar F-PACE, Range Rover Evoque, Jaguar I-PACE, Range Rover Velar, Defender 90, Discovery, Range Rover Sport, Defender 110 Range Rover, and Range Rover.

Is Pivotal a flexible service?
Pivotal customers have the option to pause and restart their subscriptions after an initial 3-month period. After six months, there is also the option to change or upgrade your subscription.

Are there any upfront fees?
The joining fee for Pivotal is £550, inclusive of VAT.

Is insurance included with Pivotal?
Insurance is included with all tiers of Pivotal subscription. The only thing you have to pay for is fuel.

Can I use Pivotal as a business?
Pivotal offers separate subscription terms for personal and business use. On the business side, extra options include an employee salary sacrifice scheme, and assistance with charging an EV in the workplace.


Pivotal offers a premium service aimed mainly at businesses, with a salary sacrifice scheme and a focus on top-spec and electric vehicles from the Land Rover / Jaguar range. For everyday users, there are certainly cheaper options available from competitors, but Pivotal offers new or nearly new vehicles with good mileage allowances and longer terms of six months. The pause and restart option is something that not a lot of other companies offer, and the premium service that Pivotal offer would certainly only be enhanced by allowing customers a certain amount of freedom to customise a vehicle on order.

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  1. Since I wrote my last review 14 May 2022, the company has got in contact with us and refunded the fine. There is still hope for humanity after all! (But only after we made a complaint to the ombudsman.) Pivotal are reviewing the process of handing a car back. Ingela Doyle - from Ingela Doyle | 27. July 2022
  2. Very poor customer service The rental started badly, when the vehicle was delivered with a nail in the tire. Pivotal would not fix this for me; they instead insisted that it was up to me to arrange to have it repaired - albeit they eventually reimbursed me. At the end of my contract there were some scratches to the vehicle, but I was assured that they would charge a reasonable amount for any repair and that I would also have the option to claim on my insurance. I heard nothing further until an extortionate bill arrived - including a large amount for cleaning. They now say that I was misinformed, and have no ability to claim on my insurance - without making any form of apology. Be wary - they appear to act in bad faith to extract as much cash as possible from departing customers. - from Seb | 29. June 2022
  3. This company was just brilliant! Easy to deal with and good service. We had two cars, then we moved and it was more practical for us to own a car, so time to hand the lovely Jaguar F-pace back. There was some damage to the car so we had that fixed. It was clean and in perfect condition when we got it back so we didn’t drive it at all for the few days left on the lease. The guy who picked it up remarked what a great condition it was in. It was however RAINING slightly when it was collected and that meant that he couldn’t give us any guarantees for the clean bill of health for the car. What do you do with that kind of information when the guy has come to collect the car? Tell him to go away and end up paying some kind of penalty? We allowed him to take the car. He seemed very nice and had taken lots of photos and remarked that this vehicle was in a better condition than most he collects. THEN we got the bill. £1500 to fix all the damage on the car! Photos were not provided to begin with. Just an invoice. My husband insisted on seeing proof as this made no sense to us. Photos were eventually emailed showing hideous scratches all over the car! So upsetting to think that someone has maliciously damaged a beautiful car and blamed it on us. There are some serious problems within this company. Either the entire organisation is corrupt, or just parts of it. They won’t take responsibility for the car from the moment they collect it from you, claiming that the person collecting is not “qualified” to assess the car! Well, anyone would’ve been able to see those scratches, qualified or not. I guess this company just counts on people paying because it’s too much hassle trying to fight. Needless to say, we’re hugely disappointed in Pivotal and shocked at the way we’ve been treated, having had a good relationship up until we ended the contract. We’ve made a complaint to the trade body and hopefully they’ll take this matter up. - from Ingela Doyle | 14. May 2022
  4. I had 2 Pivotal vehicles, and liked the service until I wasn't able to swap my last vehicle for 9 months which prompted me to pause the subscription. After pausing the subscription, I was given the most unreasonable wear and tear report I've ever seen and a bill for over £1000. I am disputing this bill directly with the BVRLA but I really shouldn't have to waste my time. After 18 months and £13,500 paid to Pivotal I am appalled to be treated so badly. Get your next car from literally anywhere else. - from Andy E | 5. April 2022
  5. Tried Pivotal back in August 2021. 1st car was a brand new Velar, switched to a Range Rover in December and again a brand new car was delivered. Have switched to a Range Rover Sport SVR to be delivered early April on the new 22 plate. Cant fault the service or the spec of cars received, each to date has been well above standard and without the long delivery times dealers are experiencing. If you change cars regular Id say give Pivotal a go. - from Chris T | 5. March 2022
  6. Have previously used CareByVolvo. Wanted to try Pivotal but the administration of the scheme is too slow to be usable. To put this into context, it was a Month from the initial sales call to receiving a valid contract, to then be told many of the cars had a 16 week lead time for delivery. Car subscriptions command a premium and part of the appeal is procuring a vehicle at short(ish) notice. A 5 Month wait is unacceptable and the kind of people that can afford £1500 pm on a car will not generally sit around for 5 Months with nothing more than a Xiaomi scooter and an Uber account. - from stuart hepburn | 2. February 2022
  7. I’m puzzled by the negative comments. I am just starting my second iPace - device has been great, replies within 24 hours, both cars came sooner than expected. The chip shortage has reduced availability ( and in practice therefore you get what is given at the moment but is always top spec). First was immaculate HSE with 7000 on clock (at that point waiting for new was months due to covid) and second is brand new ‘black’ edition. Staff great to deal with, price competitor ( bearing in mind includes insurance). - from Matthew | 22. January 2022
  8. Drive Pivotal has been simply brilliant for my business and its employees. Great customer foucs and the cars have always been top specs. This definitely is the future of driver mobility. - from Amit Vaja | 14. November 2021
  9. Really Slow! They are very poor at communicating with their customers. No updates, you are unable to actually talk to anyone. A good product that is let down by the team - from N W | 3. November 2021
  10. Dreadful customer service. Paid deposit in May and waited several months for a RR Vogue SE PHEV hybrid but requested spec incuded 360 camera.Rang several times during this process in July and August to check progress and told different answers,on arrival in September none of the cars had anything other than base spec with no 360 cameras available so cancelled my order and obtained a full refund of deposit. I'm at a bit of a loss to understand why when they take a firm order months in advance and it's their factory they can't make any customer spec requests. Now got to wait for 4 months to get a replacement Audi Q7. Great concept but poorly delivered. - from Chris Pearson | 2. November 2021
  11. Poor customer service. Cannot get hold of anyone. - from Mark Evans | 6. August 2021
  12. Feel scammed by pivotal. We’ve had the vehicle 2 weeks and we are informed the monthly payment will increase by £100. Cancelling and returning ASAP. We spent a lot of time finding the correct deal for us for two vehicles and are now left without an imminent solution. - from Vanessa Edkins | 1. April 2021
  13. At month 3 the increased the excess on the insurance and windscreen cover and at month 5 they announced a 13% increase in the rental. What was an ok deal became unattractive. - from Colin McKay | 31. March 2021
  14. They have provided excellent service over my 2 I pace models 20M/Y and 21 M/Y however due to lockdown have decided to pause my subscription - from Peter Mcculloch | 13. February 2021
  15. Poor customer service. No return calls and emails ignored. - from Mark | 19. January 2021

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