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About Hyundai Mocean

Hyundai Mocean is the subscription vehicle arm of Hyundai UK. The service currently runs in partnership with 7 Hyundai retailers in London, but the company does encourage users to contact them if they would like to see Mocean in their area, which shows the intention to expand in future. Currently, you can either pick up your vehicle from one of the seven locations in London, or arrange delivery for a fee. All the cars are new or nearly new, and you can choose from regular, hybrid or electric Hyundai vehicles.

How it Works

Mocean conducts its process online, so once you have chosen the car you want, you create an account and upload your documentation. You will need to have proof of ID (and the physical copies on first collection/delivery) and Hyundai wll conduct a financial check, following which they may ask for further documentation. You must be over 25 and have a minimum of one year’s driving experience. Foreign licences are also accepted, as long as they are valid within the UK.

Costs and Fees

The monthly subscription cost starts at £297 (i10 SE Connect 1.2). For customers who pass the financial check, there is no deposit, but Hyundai may ask for one for other customers. The allowable mileage is 800 per month – this can be carried over from previous months. If you exceed the mileage, you will be charged. Alternatively, you can request a higher monthly limit and Hyundai Mocean will arrange this for a fee (smaller than inadvertently exceeding the allowed amount).

Brands & Models

Petrol: i10, i20, Tucson Plug-In

Hybrid: Bayon Mild Hybrid

Electric: Kona Premium / Connect / Ultimate

Notice Periods

After the initial 14-day cooling off period, the notice period is 30 days. There is no charge for cancelling after the initial lock-in, but cancellations during that period will be prorated and charged to you.

What’s Special about Hyundai Mocean?

Hyundai Mocean provides access to new or nearly new vehicles on flexible contracts at low prices. Customers can access hybrid and electric models as well as regular petrol vehicles, with flexible mileage allowances, delivery for a fee, and insurance, maintenance, breakdown and tax included. The entire service is managed online (though you can get help with this if you’re less technologically capable) and if you pass your financial check, there is no deposit to pay, which makes it more immediately accessible.


Social Media

Mocean doesn’t have its own social media – instead you can look at Hyundai’s latest news and vehicles on their main Facebook page.


How does Mocean work?
Mocean is a manufacturer subscription service backed by Hyundai. Mocean offers both new and used Hyundais on subscriptions starting at 3 months.

What is Hyundai Mocean?
Hyundai Mocean offers access to a range of Hyundai vehicles, including the electrified model range, with a single monthly fee that covers all major motoring costs.

Can I swap vehicles?
Yes, you can request to swap cars, depending on your subscription contract duration. If you are subscribing for more than 6 months, you can swap vehicles with one month’s notice as long as you have had your current car for the full 6-month period.

How often can I swap vehicles?
You can swap once every 6 months, with one month’s notice.

Can I buy the vehicle?
At the end of the subscription period, you can return the vehicle or arrange to extend the subscription. However, if you want to buy the car, you should speak to Hyundai to discuss your options.


Hyundai Mocean’s subscription offering doesn’t do anything that its competitors don’t, but there is the obvious trust advantage of it being a service provided for a major worldwide brand. Access to new vehicles, including electric models, is an advantage, as is the affordability, which is as good as anything out there in the UK at the moment. The vehicle range is small, but covers petrol, hybrid and electric models for all preferences.

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  1. Be weary of subscribing to this service. They cut corners/cost by verifying you and doing a "hard credit check" before they check your insurance viability (basically to see if you're worth dealing with). They're claiming I'm "high-risk" due to having 6 points on my license (their Ts&Cs say 6 points is fine) which will be removed in 6 months. The main driver (my wife) has 9 years NCB, we live on a private road and behind a security gate but because the premium is over £1k they cancel the contract. So we are now left with a "hard credit check" on my wife so we can't go to another provider, we're stuck. You cannot speak to a manager, the coordinators (I dealt with 'Courtney') will call themselves managers but they are not and have no authority at all. If you question their authority, they call you rude and hang up. Their customer service is really bad - from Joshua Jameson | 26. October 2023
  2. Do not use this company. They steal your money. I had a car via their Mocean subscription service. Months after I handed the car back and ended my subscription, they decided to take another monthly payment out. After spending time talking to them it was an error on their side (clearly) but they were hardly apologetic. They did refund this amount, but then took the same amount out of my account again the next day, which they haven’t refunded. This is theft. Beware and do not use this company at all. - from Ann-Marie Reddish | 26. March 2023

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