The flexible car subscription from Volvo
The flexible car subscription from Volvo
Cocoon Vehicles
Cocoon Vehicles

Cocoon Vehicles

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About Cocoon Vehicles

Cocoon Vehicles are a Derby-based company who have been offering an all-inclusive car subscription scheme for 12 years, with flexible subscriptions from just 1 month, up to 12 months. With a bank of over 300 cars, they are one of the largest and oldest car subscription companies in the UK. Their service includes maintenance, road tax, breakdown cover, servicing and depreciation, meaning that customers only need to focus on fuel and insurance aside from the subscription cost.​​

How it works

Cocoon have designed their service to cater to people who need cars quickly. The process is simple:

  1. Select the car type, fuel type and other options
  2. Select mileage allowance
  3. Select subscription length and preferred lead time
  4. Get prices and send off ID documents for approval (the company quote a turnaround time that can be as low as 2 hours)
  5. Arrange deposit, book and arrange collection / delivery

Cars can be collected from various points throughout the UK or delivered. And the anytime up- or downgrade service means that customers can call and give a week’s notice to change their car and get a new subscription cost and term. Subscriptions are available to any drivers over the age of 18.

Costs and fees

Cocoon works on a sliding scale with regards to costs, with longer terms costing less. Short or long-term though, the initial deposit cost is 1 month’s rent plus, in some cases, a refundable £500 deposit, although they do say that they will consider other options for customers with exceptional circumstances. Increments for increased monthly mileage are relatively low; for example, £36 per months per extra 500 miles for a Volkswagen Polo.​

For small cars, prices start at £379 / month + VAT, going up to convertibles from £699 / month + VAT and top-end, large SUVs from £995 / month + VAT.

They charge an ‘initial fee’ or documentation fee of £175 + VAT.

There are also a range of special offers available on the site, most of which can only be accessed for subscription terms exceeding 90 days.

Brands and models

Cocoon offer a range of vehicles across all sizes, including:

Small – Volkswagen Polo 2.0 TSi, Fiat 500 1.2 Lounge, Mini Cooper
Medium – BMW 1 Series, VW Golf
Large – Audi A6 Avant
SUV – BMW X3/X5/X6
Estate – Mercedes GLC Estate, BMW X5
Convertible – BMW 4 Series​

There are also a few options for van leases, and a limited number of hybrid subscriptions available on request.​

Notice periods

For cancellations, upgrades and downgrades on a monthly rolling contract, Cocoon require 7 days’ notice. If you wish to back out of a longer contract, the same is applicable, but charges will apply.​​

What’s special about Cocoon Vehicles?

As one of the oldest car subscription companies around, Cocoon Vehicles have honed their service, making it nothing more than a few button clicks, an ID document upload, bank details and a fast turnaround. This means if you’re in desperate need of a car, Cocoon are one of the better companies to help you out quickly.

They also have a large range of cars available, including hybrids, vans, cheap options and higher end convertibles and SUVs. The all-inclusive subscription means customers only need to source their own insurance and petrol.


Social media

Cocoon Vehicles run a regular blog and post offers on their Facebook and Twitter sites.


Cocoon Vehicles offer a wide range of vehicles to suit most price bands, with a relatively low deposit when compared with the rest of the market. Terms are flexible, ranging from 3 weeks to 12 months, and upgrades, downgrades and cancellations are easy to facilitate with 7 days’ notice. The all-inclusive subscription service covers maintenance, tax, breakdown cover, service and depreciation with only insurance, fuel and tyre wear requiring a separate customer payment. They are easy to use and their main USP is offering same-day turnarounds for those in a hurry.

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