An electric car on subscription, delivered to your door in 7 days. Try elmo
An electric car on subscription, delivered to your door in 7 days. Try elmo
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About Sixt+

Sixt+ is a subscription service that operates as part of the global car rental company, Sixt. The service is available throughout the UK, using existing Sixt rental locations and pools of cars, rather than specific vehicles, to ensure constant, immediate availability. Customers have access to a varying range of vehicles from the Sixt fleet, with a minimum commitment of 30 days, and short extensions available. Anyone over 21 can use the service, and prices cover a wide range to ensure accessibility.

How it works

Sixt’s subscription service works the same way as most of its standard dealership-based competitors:

  • Complete the sign-up process, during which Sixt will check your driver record and credit. You must be over 21 with a good credit rating.
    Pay the joining fee and first month’s subscription up front. The fee includes liability insurance covering third party damage, fire and theft.
  • When your subscription ends, you can take out a new one and receive a different vehicle or extend your current subscription for up to 3 months. You can add as many additional drivers you like, for a fee per driver.
  • Cancellation is only available at the end of the minimum term.

The car can be returned to any Sixt location, but there may be a fee. No deliveries are currently available but Sixt have pick-up locations across the country as they use their dealership locations as hubs.

Costs and fees

Sixt+’s joining fee is currently £459-£499 (although electric vehicles are free), and they ask for a minimum subscription of one month. Prices start at £499 a month for a Kia Ceed or similar Sedan. Their top range vehicles, such as the Audi A6 Avant, are £889 per month and you can also rent vans. This includes insurance, taxes, maintenance and roadside assistance. Cancellations before the agreed term will not entitle you to a refund, and excess mileage is charged per mile. You can configure extra mileage during sign-up.

The excess mileage fee varies per vehicle.

Brands and models

Sixt is a large rental company with fleets of cars that vary from site to site, so rather than offering specific cars, they offer groups of vehicles in ranges, based on size and spec. The sample range includes cars of all shapes and sizes:

  • Kia Ceed
  • Peugeot 308 / 508
  • Skoda Octavia
  • VW Golf, BMW 1 / 3 series
  • Volvo XC40
  • Renault Captur
  • and vans including VW Caddy and Ford Tourneo

Notice periods

Sixt+ subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but as the subscription runs month to month, there is no financial benefit to be had by cancelling before the end of a 30-day period. However, you can return your vehicle at any time, either to the same branch or, by arrangement, to another location. A fee is sometimes payable in this instance.

What’s Special about Sixt+?

Sixt+’s subscription allows users to choose from a wide range of vehicles, all of which are either new or only a year old. As the service comes under the Sixt name, it is well known and therefore provides that extra layer of trust. Sixt have a fleet that includes many budget vehicles and as a result, they can provide affordability to lots of people.

However, the main draw for customers is accessibility in terms of location. As Sixt have offices across the country, they can reach many more customers than smaller firms and the chance to pick up and return at different locations offers an extra layer of convenience.


Social media

Sixt+ doesn’t have its own social media, but you can follow the latest developments with Sixt on the company’s main Facebook page.


Sixt+ is a subscription offering that operates under the global Sixt name. Rather than subscription tiers, the service offers a range of indicative vehicles with the understanding that the actual model may vary from location to location. While you can’t swap vehicle, you can renew month to month, effectively meaning that you will be able to change your ride once every 30 days. But as with its major competitors with the backing of global firms, it’s the range of choice and the feeling of security that customers often get from using a big, well-known name, that will represent the main reason to use Sixt+.

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  1. I was in Munich for a short term work visit and took the Sixt+ subscription product. It is as easy as taking the rental for however long and renews monthly. I got a brand new Audi Q2 so it has been a pleasant experience so far. It has some features like pause subscription which I have not used yet. - from Akram | 10. May 2022

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