Find out more about how a subscription service works with Karzoom. We’ve broken down the details on contracts, choice of vehicles, and what’s included when you subscribe, so you have everything you need to make your choice.

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 2. March 2023 Reading time 3:33 min

About Karzoom

Karzoom is a car subscription service that works in partnerships with UK franchised dealers across the south of England, Lancashire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Customers can choose from various vehicles, with optional subscription extension beyond the standard one month, and extra mileage available for purchase. Delivery is available in some locations, and insurance, road tax, breakdown cover and servicing are all included, as well as the option to swap vehicles. Karzoom also offer a European extension to their insurance solution which is relatively unique in the subscription market. All Karzoom vehicles come directly from dealerships and the company is actively searching for new dealer partnerships to expand their offering.

How it Works

Customers who wish to use Karzoom must go through the standard license and insurance checks so that quotes can be turned into final prices. Drivers must be over 23 and under 75. Upon collection or delivery, there is a full vehicle check as standard. What is unique to Karzoom, is that every car is photographed both before and after handover to ensure the customer has a full audit trail of the vehicle’s condition which is recorded on the customers Rental Agreement. Once that is complete, you are free to drive the car away. Some dealers also offer vehicle drop off and collection. Payments must be made on credit card only (business customers are able to use alternative payment methods), and the fastest lead time available to receive a vehicle is 7 days.

Costs and Fees

Subscription prices are provided per vehicle on a sliding scale, with monthly cost reducing with longer commitment. the prices start at £497.28 per month for a Mazda 2 Sport (3-month term), and whilst these rates include insurance, they may be subject to change following your insurance check (e.g. younger drivers).

There is a security deposit of £500, and the first month’s subscription is taken up front however there is no membership fee which is common with other subscription providers. Extra mileage can be purchase beyond 1000 miles a month, at a rate that varies depending on the vehicle class. The accidental damage, and all other insurance excesses, vary from £1,000 to £2,500 depending on the vehicle model, with the more expensive models attracting the higher excess.

Brands & Models

Customers can choose from a number of vehicles, mostly within the Mazda range, including:

  • Mazda 2 Sport
  • Mazda 2 MHEV GT Sport / GT Sport
  • Mazda CX – 30 – SE – L Lux SUV
  • Mazda CX – 5 Sport
  • Mazda MX – 30 145

We understand from the Karzoom team that more models are being added and this will grow further as more dealers join the programme.
Models may vary depending on availability.

Notice Periods

There is a 14-day cooling off period during which cancellation is at no cost, but once your subscription begins, you are locked in for the time you have specified. If you do however require a car within that 14-day period, you will forgo that right to cancel. For early cancellations, you will be charged the remaining period of the current month plus one month’s notice, however you will never be charged more than the original subscription period.

What’s Special about Karzoom?

Instead of covering specific towns or cities, Karzoom’s offering currently covers the south of England (below London) almost in its entirety, as well as Lancashire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. All vehicle sizes are covered, with most vehicles being standard mid-range, including hybrids. Customers can extend from one to 3 months, and swaps are available too. Currently, the service focuses on Mazdas, with only a couple of other brands available, as well as a couple of SUVs.


Social Media

Karzoom uses Facebook and Instagram for promotions and ongoing news.


What age do I have to be to subscribe with Karzoom?
To subscribe with Karzoom, you must be a minimum of 23 years old, and hold a full UK or EU driving licence. The maximum age for subscriptions is 75.

Can I use Karzoom with an automatic licence?
If you notify Karzoom, they will try and match you to an automatic vehicle. However, they cannot guarantee that there will be one available.

What is the maximum subscription term?
The maximum subscription term for Karzoom is 84 days. At the end of this period, you can extend for a further 28-84 days.

Can I return my vehicle early?
If you wish to return your vehicle early, you can do so. However, Karzoom require 4 weeks’ notice plus the balance for the remainder of the current month. For example, if you cancel during week 2 of the month, you will be liable for the remaining 2 weeks of that month, plus 4 weeks’ notice, for a total of six weeks. Your security deposit will still be refunded, barring any applicable charges.

Can I use the car over the mileage cap?
Karzoom will contact you if you are using more than the agreed mileage for the subscription term. They can upgrade your mileage package for an additional charge, but alterations can only happen at the end of each month. Changing the agreed mileage limit will also require an insurance check, and may involve a price increase.


Karzoom’s offering is in keeping with the typical subscription service with good coverage across the south of England. The price of subscription covers a broad range of price points and we understand that they will be bringing more cars to market over the coming months which will be worth monitoring given that the Dealers should best placed to secure a good range of vehicles. While subscriptions can be lengthened to 3 months and then continually, there is no option for shorter-term rental than one month, which means they are more centred on the lease-alternative market. Karzoom covers all sizes of vehicle from mini to SUV, but there are no luxury vehicle options available as yet. The all-inclusive price model is fairly standard when compared with its competitors. Finally, we understand their Dealers can offer fleet customers access to vehicles without the inclusive insurance, but this is managed outside of their core website.

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