The flexible car subscription from Volvo
The flexible car subscription from Volvo

About Onto

Onto is a car subscription service that only offers electric vehicles as part of its subscription package. Only two years old, the company is driving its marketing campaign against the backdrop of recent plans for the UK government to bring forward the nationwide switch to electric vehicles by five years. Subscriptions can be taken for as little as a month, with a range that is rapidly expanding as more and more electric cars become available to suit all budgets. Home and Polar charging are both supported and included in the cost of subscription.

How it Works

As a reflection of the market it is operating in, Onto centres its registration process around your smartphone, which you’ll need to use their service.

  • Register by uploading your driving license, proof of address and a selfie
  • Onto will run DVLA checks as their terms include drivers having no more than 6 points on their license. You must also be over 25 and have had your license for 3 years.
  • Cars can be delivered anywhere in the UK
  • Customers use the Onto app to unlock, start and switch off their cars. No keys are required. You can also check remaining miles and charge level, and certain models will allow you to pre-heat the interior via the app
  • To change, pause or cancel the subscription or car, just contact Onto and they will arrange it. Subscriptions are on a flexible basis, with a minimum of a month.

You can also designate two extra named drivers on your policy.

Costs and Fees

There is no administration fee or deposit required to use Onto. The costs quoted include insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance, insurance and charging. The options for the latter are twofold; 1) Use the charger and plug adapter provided at home, or 2) use a Polar Plus charging point for charging to be included in the cost of the subscription.

Vehicles come with 1000 miles per month as the standard contract, but you can purchase extra mileage packs. Delivery charges depend on your location, but Onto say that UK locations are covered. You can add a named driver for £9.99 per month, or up to 3 for a total of £14.99 per month.

If you get a speeding or parking ticket, Onto charge a £10 administration fee for the process of notifying you.

Brands and models

All the models on offer with Onto are electric.

  • Renault Zoe ZE40 R110 / ZE50 Iconic R135 / ZE50 GT Line R135
  • Peugeot e-208 GT Line
  • Nissan Leaf Acenta
  • BMW i3 120Ah
  • DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Performance Line / Ultra Prestige
  • Hyundai IONIQ
  • Tesla Model 3 SR+ / L / Performance
  • Jaguar I-Pace HSE EV400

Notice periods

Onto ask for a 7-day notice period before the end of a contract month, otherwise a charge will apply. Subscriptions can be paused and cancelled, and cars can be changed within this time frame.

What’s Special about Onto?

Onto operates in a similar way to its competitors, but it focuses on smartphone use for the registration process. A potential reason for this is that all the cars it offers are a) electric, and b) require access to the Onto smartphone app to unlock and drive.

Being 100% electric sets Onto apart from the majority of its competitors, and it also includes a free home charger adapter and cable, and a Polar Plus account which allows users to charge on the go, at any Polar Plus point, at no cost.

Aside from this, Onto subscription terms include insurance, which isn’t universally the case with its competitors. The mileage is quite limited though, with 1000 miles per month the standard limit, although you can purchase extra packs.


Social media

Onto have a Facebook account for offers, marketing, and even an online shop.


Onto offer an impressive array of electric vehicles to suit most budgets on the car subscription market. The opportunity to drive some of the top-end Teslas for £799 a month is eye-catching, and the 100% commitment to electric vehicles only sets Onto apart from their competition and ticks environmentally friendly boxes. The inclusion of free charging and the app-based unlocking represent windows into a future which is still around the corner, rather than present, for many. This is undoubtedly a selling point for Onto, who are likely to grow over the next few years.

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Onto Reviews

3.8 of 5 stars
5 Reviews
3.8 of 5 stars
4.6 of 5 stars
4 Reviews in the last 6 months
4.6 of 5 stars
3.8 of 5 stars
5 Reviews In the last 12 months
3.8 of 5 stars
5 Reviews In the last 12 months
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  1. Onto has been great to work with so far, I have not yet taken delivery of my car but the process from start has been so simple. They even managed to bring my delivery date forward by three weeks! - from adam | 14. September 2021
  2. I was thinking of having a change of car but did not want to be stuck with along lease deal and had not even thought of having an all electric car. Then I saw an ad for Onto and worked out that with everything included inc charging and only 1 months commitment, I was onto a winner. It was perfect for my needs! I decided to go for the Hyundai Ioniq as was already on my 3rd Hyundai and had been impressed with reliability. Signing up with onto was very easy. Much easier than I envisaged. I chose the car and the date of delivery. I was kept up to date and the car was delivered as promised on the dot! So far i've done 3 months of running around electrically and have never looked back. Yes it takes a bit more planning for longer journeys but there are plenty of apps to assist you with charging points. The onto deal includes the major players, BP , shell and instavolt. Love popping to Mcdonalds and doing a fast charge while I have a coffee using Instavolt! Just tap and go with the supplied account card. Easy! I've had one dealing with customer service over the phone and it was efficient and I could sort out what I needed to very quickly. I've not had issues with the car at all. The onto app is easy to use to operate the car, though you also get the key as well. People stop and talk to you when you charge up. I always recommend Onto to them. - from steven bradley | 1. August 2021
  3. I wasn't sure about this new way of driving, but it has been a simple transition. My car was delivered as planned and they've responded to my calls and emails promptly. I opted for the Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic R135 and it's wonderful to drive; quiet, smooth and automatic! It lasts about 190 miles before I have to recharge. Pin-pointing the charging points (the free ones that come with membership) in my area was a little tricky, but once I figured out where a couple of them were, it was fine. Charging points don't come in abundance like petrol stations so you might find that a charging point is already in use and you have to wait. This happened to me once, I then went to the next available one in my area and it wasn't working. This, along with the time it takes to charge (around 80 mins for a full charge from 20% remaining battery) are the only things which I find a little inconvenient, hence my 4 stars, but I'm getting used to it. I've had it 2 weeks and have charged it once a week (how often you charge will depend on how much driving you do). Overall, I'm very happy with my Onto experience and will be continuing my subscription. If you want £50 off your new subscription then feel free to use my referral code, it really does work, I did it on my first subscription: 35c4c. Happy driving! - from Shaneeka | 9. July 2021
  4. I have been using OnTo for around 7 months having had my e208 delivered in November. Originally I intended to keep the car for a month to see if I got on with an electric car and if so then order the same car through PCH or PCP. However, when you work out the figures (insurance, deposit, servicing, etc) Onto is actually a cost effective alternative to the traditional methods. The time from signing up for their service to delivery of the car was around 2 weeks for a brand new car in my chosen colour. As mentioned above you can use the OnTo app to unlock the doors and see state of charge etc, but personally I find this a bit 'buggy' and hit and miss in use. I tend to just use the car's key and the Peugeot app to check charge or pre-heat etc. The mileage monitoring the the OnTo app seems to work correctly though. It was easy to get my car booked in for it's first service via customer support and little issues such as a missing granny charger were quickly sorted in the week after the car was delivered. - from David Wainwright | 2. July 2021
  5. Absolute rubbish. The car constantly would not start and when you return they find every possible scratch or mark and overcharge the shit out of you. Seriously a scam. Go elsewhere. - from Jane | 3. March 2021

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