This article about Evogo breaks down everything you need to know about the company, how their contracts work, and what your options are with regards to extending, upgrading, cancelling, and more. We’ve even given you a guide on vehicles and guide pricing, so you can easily compare subscriptions and make an informed decision.

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About Evogo

Evogo is one of the largest and most well-established car subscription companies in the UK. With a large fleet of vehicles, the ability to drive your vehicle abroad for 2 weeks and contracts available for young drivers, Evogo have mass appeal to a wide demographic of customers.

For customers looking to move to car subscriptions more permanently, Evogo also offer part exchange on old vehicles – one of the only car subscription companies to do so. All subscriptions with Evogo work on rolling 89-day contracts.

How it works

To register with EVOGO, you must download, complete, and return a short application form or speak with one of the sales team. They take around 48 hours to assess your application and make recommendations based on your perceived budget.

The first car you take from EVOGO must be collected at one of their two offices, with delivery available for future vehicles. The cost of the subscription includes maintenance, breakdown cover and road tax but customers must arrange their own insurance to be active upon pick-up.
The rolling 89-day contract needs to be resigned each time; it is possible to keep the same vehicle, but Evogo typically take it back and exchange it after two – four hire periods for renewal purposes.

Costs and fees

In terms of costs their entry-level cars are unbeatable on price, with £275 including VAT for their cheapest vehicle.

  • The non-refundable initial payment is equal to 1.5 months’ subscription charge but is only applicable on your first vehicle
  • Speeding ticket administration fee applies
  • Legal letters and parking fines all carry administrative charges

Brands and models

EVOGO has one of the largest vehicle pools available in the market:

  • Audi – A1 / A3 / A4 / A6 / Q2 / Q3 / Q5 / Q7 / Q8
  • Kia – Ceed, Optima, Picanto, Pro Creed, Sorento, Sportage, Niro
  • Mercedes – A / C / E class, GLA Class, GLC, GLC Coupe
  • Nissan – Juke, Micra, Qashqai, leaf
  • Seat – Alhambra, Ibiza, Leon
  • Skoda – Octavia
  • Volvo – V90, XC40, XC90
  • BMW – I3, I3s
  • Hyundai – Kona, Tucson, Ioniq
  • Ford – Puma, Fiesta

Notice periods

As all contracts work on an 89-day basis, EVOGO only require 48 hours’ notice for cancellation or exchange of vehicle.

What’s special about Evogo?

While most of EVOGO’ s offering is standard within the car subscription market (maintenance, breakdown cover), the most eye-catching offer they run is the ability to part-exchange existing vehicles, providing an entry point into car subscriptions for customers who might not necessarily have been able to afford it.

Additionally, as there is no minimum age, the company has positioned themselves as open to all, with their cheapest vehicle being as low-cost as anything you will find elsewhere. Their range of vehicles is also comparatively large.


Social media

Evogo are one of the more active car subscription companies in the UK. Their Facebook and Twitter can be found here.


What do I do if my Evogo car breaks down?
Evogo provides breakdown assistance. For details, you can check the handbook that was supplied with the vehicle. If you can’t find it or you want to speak to someone directly, you can call them on 0114 478 7430 for assistance.

Do I have to pay a deposit with Evogo?
Evogo takes a non-refundable reservation fee at the beginning of a subscription term. This is variable, but the company says that it is typically equal to 1.5 months’ subscription fee.

How old do I have to be to use Evogo?
There are no restrictions on age with Evogo. As long as you have a full UK driving licence with no endorsements, you can subscribe to a vehicle. For non-UK residents, they must supply a copy of their licence (translated into English if outside the EU) and a passport or ID card.

Can I drive my car abroad?
If you speak to Evogo, they will be able to arrange for a 2-week period where you can drive your vehicle in mainland Europe. There will be additional charges, and customers must arrange and provide proof of applicable insurance and breakdown cover.

Does Evogo include insurance?
Evogo doesn’t include insurance. If you want to arrange a subscription, you must also insure the vehicle you have chosen. The level of cover required is fully comprehensive.


EVOGO are an established car subscription company, and one of the most used in the UK. Their fleet is large, and they have some cheap deals available for lower income customers, as well as several mid-high range vehicles. This offsets the fact that they do not include insurance in the price.
Their ratings for customer service and quality of service are high.

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  1. Really happy with the Mercedes they gave me. Flexible contracts. Will accept bad/good credit subject to potential deposit however if you can’t afford the deposit then you can’t afford the car in my opinion. Make sure you get the correct mileage plan and the cost really isn’t that bad at all, very competitive compared to a lot of companies, for a brand new car you can change twice a year and the company will definitely ensure you take advantage of your subscription plan. The cars aren’t just baseline models either, they do get them with pretty good specifications to be honest. They pay all the tax and maintenance. Good variety of cars within everyone’s budget. Very friendly customer service who really take the time to work out the best plan for you from the sales people to the accounts people. Bloke in charge is very approachable, picked up the car was in and out the dealership very fast no long paperwork all done online. Really nice to have that flexibility instead of a long finance contract for a depreciating asset. Hope to use their services for many years to come. - from Josh | 19. September 2022
  2. Evogo have been around for a while so they’ve been able to add little extras on, like better mileage terms and driving abroad, that other companies offering similar services don’t. Definitely recommend them. - from Notteelingyou | 12. March 2020
  3. Yeah, decent, they look after your car for you so you don’t have to. Ideal as I’ve had rotten luck with cars tbh, so this is a welcome change. - from Caleb Walton | 8. February 2020
  4. I actually joined Evogo through using their part-ex service and I’m glad I did. It seems expensive, but when you tot up all the maintenance etc you have to do when you buy a car, it’s actually very reasonable. - from Alice H | 14. January 2020

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