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Carsubscriptions.org has been reporting on car subscriptions since December 2019.

We believe that car subscriptions are establishing themselves internationally as a fourth form of car sales alongside cash purchase, financing, and leasing. And because car subscriptions are still fairly new, we want to provide really helpful information for anyone who is interested in using subscriptions as a method of vehicle ownership.

Our editorial team:

  • presents top offers
  • compiles compact overviews
  • gives many valuable tips
  • provides comprehensive descriptions of car subscription providers.

We also regularly interview CEOs and experts in the car subscription industry.

Our community can leave reviews on Carsubscriptions.org and thus help other users with their own experiences.

We offer all this for many countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Our fantastic editorial and technical team works all over the world. We bring you everything you need to know about car subscriptions in a clear, concise yet knowledgeable format.

Find out more about our editorial guidelines and how we finance ourselves.

Meet the faces that deliver helpful information about the car subscription business:

Simon Richardson Simon Richardson

Simon is a vehicle subscriptions expert for carsubscriptions.org across English-speaking countries. A self-confessed car nut, Simon has 10 years’ copywriting experience and has written extensively about auto detailing, car sales and short-term lease models. He is currently responsible for monitoring the UK, US, Canada, India and Australia at carsubscriptions.org. Before becoming a freelance writer, Simon was a teacher. He has a degree in English from the University of Leeds and a master’s in linguistics. He enjoys rugby, playing the piano, and running ultramarathons.

Christian Jansen Christian Jansen

Christian is Editor-in-Chief at carsubscriptions.org and a content writer for the German market. Car subscriptions have piqued Christian’s interest, both as an enthusiastic early adopter of the service and observer of the international start-up scene. Before working for this project, he founded an online cultural magazine, worked in the field of virtual worlds, and has spent several years as a digital consultant. Christian studied economics and received his PhD from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Thijmen Zuiderwijk Thijmen Zuiderwijk

Thijmen is an expert when it comes to vehicle subscriptions. He is the main writer for carsubscriptions.org in the Netherlands. In the past, he has worked for big-name companies like Soldo and Abercrombie. Currently, he studies International Political Science at the University of Leiden. He resides in the Hague and in his spare time, he likes to read Dutch literary classics and watch movies (recommendations are always welcome).

Vicky Taylor Vicky Taylor

Vicky is a vehicle subscriptions expert for carsubsriptions.org and is responsible for monitoring the Swedish market. Her previous work includes a number of books and website translations as well as many specialist online articles. She holds a B.A degree in Tourism Studies from Södertörn University.

Rinet Polisi Rinet Polisi

Rinet is a car subscriptions expert for the Norwegian market. Rinet has worked on content creation for about 4 years, and it’s something he’s very much enjoying. He earned a master’s degree in History from Lunds University, Sweden. For the Norwegian market, his work has been featured in Alton & Heim, Speilspesialist, and many more publications. In his spare time, Rinet likes to be with his his wife and son. He is an avid supporter of Manchester United football club.

Milena Parno Milena Parno

Milena is a content writer for carsubsriptions.org in Brazil. With years of experience in content marketing and advertising, she has worked in partnership with companies all over the world, writing remotely about technology, business, finance, and more. Milena obtained a Bachelor of Communications in Advertising from the Regional University Foundation of Blumenau in 2016. Outside of work, you’ll find her cooking, reading, or traveling.

Bruno Martinez Bruno Martinez

Bruno is a vehicle subscriptions expert for carsubsriptions.org in France. He enjoys using his experience and skills to do research and write helpful information about the car subscriptions available throughout the country. Bruno has been working as a copywriter and a localization translator for more than 9 years. As a language lover, he translates from English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bulgarian to French. His recent work as a translator has been featured by the European Union (Direction générale de l’action pour le climat de la Commission européenne). Bruno holds a Russian Language and Culture degree from Toulouse Mirail University and enjoys cooking and going on nature walks.

Cristiano Coccanari Cristiano Coccanari

Cristiano is a content writer for carsubscriptions.org in Italy.
After completing his law studies at the University of Perugia, he
started working in the early 2000s in the fields of web marketing,
online advertising, content marketing and copywriting. He regularly
collaborates with Italian magazines with articles on society, finance,
cryptocurrencies and technology and has been passionate about the internet since its
inception. In his spare time, he loves travelling and watching TV

Nacho Grosso Nacho Grosso

Nacho is a vehicle subscriptions expert for carsubsriptions.org in Spain. Nacho has been working as copywriter for more than 4 years, producing many articles for Spanish readers and writing on sites like Muy Interesante and OKdiario. He has written about service providers such as Care by Volvo and Amazon Motors and is responsible for monitoring the Spanish market. Nacho holds a university degree from UCA (University of Cádiz) and works with the University of Alicante. Nacho enjoys his free time playing guitar, cooking, and discovering nature with his family.

Technical Development

Tobias RehermannTobias Rehermann

Tobias is lead developer with carsubscriptions.org. He trained as a media designer and completed his studies with distinction as one of Lower Saxony’s best two students. In 2007, he founded the web agency, pixelsmart. In addition to his work in web development and design, he was a lecturer at the BBSII Emden, as well as a member of the IHK examination board. He also holds a degree from IHK in Online Marketing Management.

Malena Wechsler CorresMalena Wechsler Corres

Malena successfully completed her apprenticeship as a media designer at pixelsmart and subsequently completed a branding design degree (BA), which also allowed her to gain work experience in Buenos Aires. Since 2010, she has had a close working relationship with pixelsmart, which has continued into her current self-employment. At carsubscriptions.org, she is responsible for technical administration.