Find out more about how a subscription service works with Flexigo. We’ve broken down the details on contracts, choice of vehicles, and what’s included when you subscribe, so you have everything you need to make your choice.

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About Flexigo

As part of the Cocoon Group, Flexigo Cars offers a service that is similar to that of Cocoon Vehicles, with customers able to access a wide range of cars on the same “all-inclusive” model that Cocoon operate. The vehicle list is also the same as its partner. All that you need to provide is insurance and fuel. However, the main difference between the two is that Flexigo have positioned themselves to offer corporate accounts and focus on slightly longer-term subscriptions, with a minimum of 3 months. They do offer subscriptions to people with poor credit ratings, but this incurs an initial sign-on fee which isn’t applicable if you pass credit scoring.

How it works

Flexigo offer a clear, click-based service that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

  1. Select the type or types of car you’re interested in, the transmissions and whether you’d like diesel, petrol or hybrid
  2. Select mileage allowance
  3. Select subscription length and preferred lead time
  4. Get prices and send off ID documents for approval. Flexigo perform a credit check like all other companies, but their underwriters will consider affordability in situations where prospective customers are “non-status”.
  5. Arrange deposit, book and arrange collection / delivery

Flexigo inspect the vehicle thoroughly on handover and again on collection / return. This is because they will charge for any damage that doesn’t fall under “wear and tear” – for example, damage to alloys or the underside of the vehicle which is caused by scrapes or scuffs.

Costs and fees

Vehicles are subject to a variable deposit, charged along with the first month’s subscription cost.

Prices depend on the cars in stock, but currently range from £609 for a Nissan Juke hatchback, with higher-end vehicles such as the BMW i4 Gran Coupe also available.The only other fee that applies relates to speeding tickets. If the company has to return an NIP in your name, they charge a one-off admin fee of £37.50 + VAT to cover the administrative cost of responding to the notice.

Brands and models

Flexigo customers have access to the full range of vehicles under the Cocoon company umbrella, including:

  • VW Golf / Polo, Mini, Fiat 500
  • BMW X1 / X3 / X4 / X5 / 3 or 4 series
  • Mercedes GLC and C Class
  • Kia Sportage
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport or Range Rover
  • Audi A4 / A6 / A8 / Q8

You can also lease a range of convertibles and pick-ups, with more details available by calling on 0330 330 9425.

Notice periods

The minimum term for a subscription car from Flexigo is 3 months, and rather than offering a notice period, you sign up to a specific length of time and contact Flexigo before your contract ends if you want to cancel or change vehicle or term. If you need a vehicle for less than 3 months, Flexigo will give you a rate if you call them.

What’s special about Flexigo?

As Flexigo are part of a larger group, customers have access to a large pool of vehicles with frequent special offers and cheaper deals available for contract terms that exceed 90 days. Aside from this, one of the main USPs of Flexigo is that they do consider customers with poor credit ratings; the underwriting team is happy to look at affordability based on credit history, rather than just a straight score. This will result in an extra joining fee being applied to any agreed contracts, though.

Social media

You can find Flexigo Cars on Facebook; however, they rarely use social media for their marketing.


Is there an admin fee with Flexigo?
Flexigo charges a £37.50 admin fee to set up a new subscription. The cost covers the work involved with liability transfer, and the time associated with paperwork and postal charges.

How long can I keep my vehicle?
Flexigo allows comparatively long terms on subscriptions. You can keep a car for 12 months before returning it for a new vehicle.

Is there a deposit with Flexigo?
Flexigo take a refundable deposit along with the first month’s subscription payment. Once you have returned your vehicle, the deposit is returned. However, if there are any applicable charges or outstanding amounts, these will be deducted from the deposit amount.

Do I have to pay for parking tickets?
Yes, you will need to pay for any tickets you get while in possession of your Flexigo vehicle. This includes speeding tickets, parking tickets and any other fines.

Can I specify the make and model of my Flexigo car?
No. The cars available are the cars on the website and no customization is possible. However, Flexigo have a large stock of vehicles to cover all requirements and budgets.


Flexigo offer a range of terms on low and high-end vehicles, with a refundable security deposit but no non-refundable signing-on fee. The vehicle selection is large, with diesel, petrol, hybrid and electric cars in a range of body types (convertible, coupe, estate, hatchback, saloon, SUV).Flexigo also offer corporate contracts for larger businesses.

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  1. Easy online booking of my car and was delivered (at cost) to me within 2 days. Now on my second car and couldn't ask for a better service. - from Leon | 29. October 2020
  2. This is a part of a similar company, Cocoon, as far as I can see. I think Flexi Go is a bit cheaper and a better option if you’re worried about getting a credit application approved. Pretty good. - from Shalom | 14. July 2020
  3. Cheaper than using Enterprise or something, but more expensive than leasing. I guess you get a bit more for your money this way, but it’s still quite expensive. - from Tony47 | 11. June 2020
  4. Really good that they don’t take a deposit – offers you a quick in, and they look after you once you’re onboard. I feel like they’ve got the customer service right and everything else after that too. - from WillsandKate | 31. May 2020

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