Read all about setting up a car subscription with Wagonex. Find out about vehicle range, what’s included, contract flexibility and more so that you can make an informed decision when deciding whether Wagonex is right for you.

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About Wagonex

Wagonex is a London-based car subscription company with a small fleet of vehicles. It offers a service with a minimum subscription length of 1 month, a small refundable deposit, and the option to roll from car to car at the end of each contract length. Their contract costs include tax, maintenance and roadside assistance, which is in keeping with its competitors. However, they also include additional fully comprehensive insurance quotes for convenience, meaning that customers are only responsible for fuel and any related additional costs for exceeding the agreed mileage term.

How it works

Wagonex’s process is designed to offer a quick turnaround and a fluid process when switching cars, to avoid customers having days with no vehicle.

  1. Browse and select the car you want
  2. Click “Get Car” and go through the ID check. Wagonex provides insurance as part of the cost, so there will be DVLA checks. They quote 2 business days as the typical time to arrange this, but the ID checks are automated and only take a few minutes.
  3. Delivery is arranged, at which point the first month’s rent is processed.
  4. Switching is then done on a 7-day notice period for monthly subscriptions, and in the 5th month of a 6th month term.

Any speeding fines are the driver’s responsibility; Wagonex don’t charge an admin fee for NIPs sent to their offices.

Costs and fees

Wagonex’s subscription costs start at £400 per month (including VAT and insurance) for a Clio Iconic. There are no admin fees and the deposit is generally considerably less than the first month’s subscription fee. The initial fee is taken when delivery is arranged and then at monthly intervals. You can choose from a range of mileage packages for each vehicle, with excess being chargeable per mile. There are no charges related to diverting speeding fines to the driver.

Brands and models

Wagonex has a large fleet, offering the following:

  • Citroen: C1, C3, C4 Picasso, C4 Cactus
  • Peugeot: 208, 308, 3008
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • DS: 3, 7 Crossback
  • Renault Clio
  • Range Rover Sport
  • Mercedes GLE400d
  • Tesla Model 3

Notice periods

Wagonex requires a 7-day notice period on a monthly subscription, and they contact you in the 5th month of a 6-month lease to arrange the next steps with your contract.

What’s special about Wagonex?

Wagonex, like its competitors, is modelled on simple click-throughs culminating in a document check with a quick turnaround. However, what sets it apart is its lack of initial joining or admin fees, and reasonable deposits. While most car subscription companies offer maintenance, roadside assistance and vehicle tax for the duration of the contract, Wagonex also arranges fully comprehensive insurance that covers all damage and windscreen cover – although you can choose to insure your vehicle yourself. They are also flexible with mileage; the limits vary by supplier, but you can contact them to choose the package that works for you.


Social media

Wagonex do have a Facebook page, but they are not very active on it.


Does Wagonex include insurance?
Wagonex offer insurance for all subscription vehicles, but it is a separate quote and cost. There is no obligation to take the Wagonex insurance offer, but if you decide to arrange your own insurance, it must be fully comprehensive.

What’s the minimum subscription length?
Wagonex subscriptions can be as short as a month, and go up to twelve months.

What’s the difference between a lease and a subscription?
Leases involve quite high upfront fees, where a subscription with Wagonex only incurs a small, refundable deposit. Furthermore, while a lease is a fixed term agreement over a relatively long period of time with a single vehicle, subscriptions allow you to swap your vehicle every month if you wish to.

What’s included with my Wagonex subscription?
A car subscription with Wagonex includes delivery, breakdown assistance, tax, maintenance and servicing. You pay for fuel and can opt to pay insurance costs through Wagonex as a separate quote, or to arrange it yourself.

How do I switch vehicles?
To change vehicles with Wagonex, you need to log on to your online account, then navigate to “My Subscription” then follow the instructions. If you decide to change vehicle and are using Wagonex insurance, you must email Wagonex to inform them so that they can issue new insurance documents. There is the possibility that the price will change.


Wagonex is a relatively small car subscription firm that aims at keeping costs low and convenience high for their customers. Their charges include VAT and you can add your own insurance, or use theirs. They don’t charge admin fees and they include electric vehicles and vans in their fleet, to give a range of choice. Their site is easy to navigate, and their FAQs are comprehensive, particularly related to how they arrange insurance for their vehicles.

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4.5 of 5 stars

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  1. Very impressed. Efficient service. - from Jason Sen | 26. November 2021
  2. Quick to set up, small but well-thought-out selection of cars, and ideal if you need something for a month. I’ve always found it impossible to afford a full-time car in London so this is really handy. - from CharlotteG | 10. May 2020
  3. So far, so good. It was dead easy to get going and it takes the stress out of owning a car, which is good beacuse I just don’t have time to be honest. - from NANANANANNANA | 11. March 2020
  4. I think it’s quite expensive but if you get one of the electric Nissan Leaf’s you’re kind of negating that, so it’s good that they offer it as an option. - from Tara H | 29. January 2020

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