Interview: EZOO’s Lash Saranna

By: Milena Parno Christian Jansen
Last update 28. April 2023 Reading time 2:04 min
Lash Saranna, Co-Founder and CEO at EZOO

Lash Saranna, Co-Founder and CEO at EZOO (Image: EZOO)

In a recent interview with Milena Parno and Christian Jansen, Lash Saranna, Co-Founder and CEO at EZOO, talks about the present and future state of car subscriptions and the potential of the Electric Vehicle market.

How long has your company been in business, and how did it come to be?

We have been incorporated since January 2018. My background is in Porsche for more than 30 years then my 12-year-old daughter enlightened me to sustainability and I made the switch to electric cars in 2012 which I wanted everyone else to experience hence I set up Electric ZOO to help people transition to electric with our subscription offering.

Who are your target customers/audience?

We started with B2C and since January 2023 we now offer B2B as well.

How does your car subscription service differ from other providers’ offerings?

We offer Electric cars ONLY with 1- or 3-month subscriptions, the 3-month option being cheaper, free collection from our base or paid delivery to the customer.

What makes and models of cars are available for the car subscription?

We are Brand agnostic and offer 20 different electric models from economy through to premium.

In which countries are you currently operating, and are you planning to expand in the future?

We operate in England, Scotland, and Wales, with possible expansion in the future to Europe and USA.

Has the market been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the semiconductor crisis, and the war in Ukraine?

Yes, COVID-19 increased the uptake of electric car subscriptions and the Ukraine war has created very long lead times for new car deliveries which we have on order as well as reduced or zero discounts for supply.

How do you anticipate the car subscription market evolving over the next five years?

I believe the subscription market will grow as this is the new way for consumers to use cars and not own them.

What are the terms and conditions of your car subscription contracts?

You can check the Terms and Conditions on our website.

Can customers renew their contracts without changing their cars?


Can customers switch between different cars within their car subscriptions?

Only when the contract expires at 1 or 3 months.

Do you offer new or used cars for your car subscription service?

We offer both as all cars are new when they first come onto our fleet and the next customer would then book the car as a used car

What is the process for booking, picking up, and returning the car?

Online booking with a photo of driving license, choose the car, choose the term click & collect for free from our base or have paid delivery. The return is free to our base or paid collection. The handover is completed in person with full coverage for use of the car, controls, charging procedure, etc. Fully digital with photos of the condition of the car signed for by the customer on delivery and collection.

Are the cars serviced regularly, and how do you ensure their quality and safety?

Every car is maintained as per the manufacturer’s schedules. Every car is checked in, appraised, and has a full pre-delivery inspection prior to being offered out again including all bodywork and wheel damage.

Do you provide a free replacement vehicle when the car is in the workshop or undergoing general inspection?

Only for long-term repairs not scheduled daily maintenance.

April 27th 2023