Interview: Duncan Chumley, CEO of mycardirect

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 4. November 2021 Reading time 2:55 min
Mister Duncan Chumley CEO of mycardirect

Duncan Chumley CEO of mycardirect

Which problem do you want to solve? Who is your target audience?

In the past, drivers have had only three options: to own, short-term rent, or long-term lease a car.

Buying a car with cash requires a great deal of capital, meaning the car you really want may not be affordable. Various finance options such as a car loan, hire purchase, and personal contract purchase all come with their own challenges. From requiring an excellent credit rating to high interest rates, finance options are not all they seem.

Short-term rental is not a long-term solution and long-term leasing as it says is a long term financial commitment with little, if none, flexibility. Whilst leasing companies often offer breakdown cover and road tax, maintenance is optional.

Mycardirect is the modern fourth option. Not only does mycardirect offer the most flexible car service available, allowing customers to change their vehicle month-to-month if they choose to do so, our monthly subscription fee includes all costs, such as maintenance and tyres, with even the option of car insurance should the customer choose.

Our target audience is anyone who wants a more convenient and modern way to drive. With subscription no debt is taken on and the deposit is completely refundable depending on the preservation of the vehicle.

How do you stand up to the competition?

We are the new kids on the block but have decades of automotive experience behind us. Having started during lockdown, we are going from strength to strength. From day one mycardirect, has had the benefit of having its own physical infrastructure, something not all our competitors have.

So whilst customers can choose a 100% online experience with their car been delivered direct to their door by one of our own trained car handover specialist.

If they choose, they can collect their car from one of our locations in Hemel Hempstead, Birmingham or Cambridgeshire and meet the mycardirect team in person Our members have access to a wide and varied fleet, including the latest in Electric cars, however if a customer wants a specific car all they need to do is call.

Do you plan to operate the business internationally?

At the moment we are focusing on the UK in order to provide the best possible service to our customers, if the right opportunity arises in the future of course we will explore this opportunity.

How is your company financed?

Mycardirect is supported by a fleet management company which has years of experience in managing and sourcing vehicles.

The number of car subscription providers is currently exploding. Do you expect a consolidation on the provider side?

It is likely that the number of subscription providers will increase in the short term as customer demand increases. The key will be if they have the infrastructure and experience to be able to source, manage and deliver vehicles to customers.

This is something mycardirect had from the start, enabling us to deliver a high level of customer service and not outsource to third party companies.

Where will your company be in three years?

In a few months we are launching myvandirect to provide the same easy and flexible service to those wanting to drive a van. Mycardirect has very recently acquiring Avalon Vehicle Rental, which is being to be rebranded mycardirect rental, allowing us to offer vehicles from 1 day to 24 months and growing our workforce enabling the best customer service.

In three years, we hope to be a recognised household name and the consumer’s first choice when considering subscription.

Do you offer your customers new and used cars?

Mycardirect offers customers the choice of both new and used cars. Whether new or used, cars are delivered and maintain to highest possible standards in order to delight our customers.

How binding are the delivery dates of the cars?

We can deliver from 72 hours, subject to vehicle availability.

What happens if a car subscription vehicle I stolen or becomes the victim of vandalism?

The driver must immediately inform the police, mycardirect, and their insurance provider.

How do you handle the settlement of fines, for example speeding?

When mycardirect receives notification of any fine, we notify our customers immediately through our membership platform. We will then settle the fine on our customer’s behalf with the customer paying the outstanding amount through the online membership area.

Do you have a favourite vehicle on the fleet?

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range – mycardirect accepts our joint responsibility in caring for our planet and the bid to slow down climate change. Electric vehicles are the most environmentally friendly way to drive and Tesla is at the forefront of EV innovation. The Long Range model is slightly more upmarket than your standard Model 3 because it can cover 94 more miles.


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