FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive

Find out more about how a subscription service works with Sixt+. We’ve broken down the details on contracts, choice of vehicles, and what’s included when you subscribe, so you have everything you need to make your choice.

By: Simon Richardson
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About Sixt+

Sixt+ is a subscription service that operates as part of the global car rental company, Sixt. The service is available throughout the US, using existing Sixt rental locations and pools of cars, rather than specific vehicles, to ensure constant, immediate availability. Customers have access to a varying range of vehicles from the Sixt fleet, with a minimum commitment of 30 days, and short extensions available. Anyone over 21 can use the service, and prices cover a wide range to ensure accessibility.

How it works

Sixt’s subscription service works the same way as most of its standard dealership-based competitors, but with a few extras:

  • Complete the sign-up process, during which Sixt will check your driver record and credit. You must be over 21 with a good credit rating.
  • Pay the joining fee and first month’s subscription up front. The fee includes insurance unless you inform them you would rather use your own, and you can pick from three levels. The minimum initial subscription is 30 days.
  • Sixt+ offers flexible runtimes with only 30 days. It’s renewed automatically as long as the car is not returned.
  • The car can be switched anytime, also it’s possible to pause the subscription anytime for up to 90 days e.g. in vacation times
  • In addition, the subscription can be terminated at any time, simply by returning the vehicle to the Sixt station.
  • The subscription is available in almost every state or major city. Due to the large network of over 2000 Sixt stations, a station is certainly always nearby and competent local advice is guaranteed.
  • You can select from different available mileage packages, adapt them according to your current needs monthly and also add / remove extras such as additional drivers.
  • A small fee for the return of the vehicle only applies for returns at another station than the pickup station.
  • Unused mileage can be used via mileage vault in further months.

Cost and fees

Sixt+’s joining fee is currently $199, and they ask for a minimum subscription of 30 days. Prices start at $649 for a Nissan Sentra or similar Sedan.. This includes insurance, taxes, maintenance and roadside assistance. Cancellations before the agreed term will not entitle you to a refund, and excess mileage is charged per mile.

Sixt offer insurance terms in three tiers – Basic, Comfort, and Premium. While the basic package means you are responsible for paying any damages to other cars, the Premium package covers large amounts of damage and injury, depending on the vehicle type. You can use your own insurance but must inform Sixt first.

The excess mileage fee varies per vehicle.

Brands and models

Sixt is a large rental company with fleets of cars that vary from site to site, so rather than offering specific cars, they offer groups of vehicles in ranges, based on size and spec. The sample range includes cars of all shapes and sizes:

Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris, Mini Countryman, VW Jetta, Toyota Camry, Toyota RAV4, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chrysler Pacifica, and several of the Mercedes range.

Notice periods

Sixt+ subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but as the subscription runs month to month, there is no financial benefit to be had by cancelling before the end of a 30-day period. However, you can return your vehicle at any time, either to the same branch or, by arrangement, to another location. A fee is sometimes payable in this instance.

What’s special about Sixt+?

Sixt+’s subscription allows users to choose from a wide range of vehicles, all of which are either new or only a year old. As the service comes under the Sixt name, it is well known and therefore provides that extra layer of trust. Sixt have a fleet that includes many budget vehicles and as a result, they can provide affordability to lots of people.

However, the main draw for customers is accessibility in terms of location. As Sixt have offices across the States, they can reach many more customers than smaller firms and the chance to pick up and return at different locations offers an extra layer of convenience.

Social media

Sixt+ doesn’t have its own social media, but you can follow the latest developments with Sixt on the company’s main Facebook page.


Can I upgrade my car on Sixt+?
Currently, you can’t flip your vehicle during the agreed term of your subscription. It is possible that Sixt will require your vehicle back during your term, in which case they will contact you and arrange for the delivery of an equivalent vehicle.

What’s the shortest subscription term?
You can subscribe for as few as 30 days. After that, Sixt+ works on a 30-day rolling contract, so if you want to keep the vehicle, you simply let it roll.

Can I customize my allowable mileage?
Yes, you can choose a mileage package when you’re setting up the subscription. After that, if you want to change it, you can do so via the app.

When will Sixt+ replace my vehicle?
Your car will be replaced once every 12 months, no matter what. If Sixt need to recall the vehicle before that, they will arrange a replacement so you aren’t left without anything to drive.

Where do I return my vehicle?
Simply arrange to drop your car off at the Sixt station where you picked your vehicle up. If you log in online, you can find more information on the station itself.


Sixt+ is a subscription offering that operates under the global Sixt name. Rather than subscription tiers, the service offers a range of indicative vehicles with the understanding that the actual model may vary from location to location. While you can’t flip vehicle, you can renew month to month, effectively meaning that you will be able to change your ride once every 30 days. But as with its major competitors with the backing of global firms, it’s the range of choice and the feeling of security that customers often get from using a big, well-known name, that will represent the main reason to use Sixt+.

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  1. You run into lots of unforeseen issues keeping what’s supposed to be a rental car for months at a time. The issues I’ve had range from issues with tires and warning messages to expired registration. When you go to return the vehicle and are placed in another, they’re not giving you ANY options such as mileage, colors or brand. They simply assign what they choose and you must accept. Customer service overall is good, not great. I would upgrade to great only if I could get consistent information across all the platforms. Right now, if I call, they tell me one thing, if I go into my branch, they typically don’t know ANYTHING about Sixt+, Airport locations are a whole other issue. Anyway, just should work out some of the kinks. Overall, I do like this service! Thanks. - from Eric | 2023-11-11
  2. Great service and cars. Big fan of the flexibility and Sixt app ! Also customer service is very helpful. - from benjamin warrington | 2022-11-07
  3. Booked a BMW X1 in SIXT+ subscription and are really happy with the service! - from Marc Bloom | 2022-11-04
  4. Absolutely garbage customer service. If you can even get a hold of someone, they are unable to answer any questions, do not know anything about the Sixt plus program, and are quick to end the call or transfer you to a number that just disconnects the call. Email doesn’t work either. Multiple charges each month that are not able to be explained. Awful awful customer service. - from A.H. | 2022-09-25
  5. Definitely they have done a sub par job training their overseas call center about the program. I have had to call twice to correct an error the system created on my Sixt+ reservation. Both times I was told I would receive an email. Neither time did I receive an email nor could they explain to me why my app would not display the corrected information. When I asked that they explain the initial charge amount he could not provide the exact breakdown nor could they tell me what the recurring amount would be after the first month. All they could tell me was $1100 or $1200 per month. Very bizarre how poorly trained the customer service group is. I would expect a German privately owned company to take more pride in their reputation and global image. - from James | 2022-08-20
  6. I rented a car didn't get my email confirmation called 2 times to sixt spoke with 2 different agents request it be sent to my husband email never was received. They both insured me it was sent saying within couple hrs, just wait it's been 3 hrs nothing yet I pray I hv no problem at p/u day because the police will be called in. Make u don't want to do business with co. - from Wanda Mcneal | 2022-07-19
  7. If I could give -5 review I would. This has been the worse experience I’ve ever had with a car service. I was in love with Parkplace Select car subscription in Dallas but when I moved to Georgia I had to switch because they don’t offer in Georgia yet. I found that SIXT did and it has been a nightmare! The first month they gave me a car that needed a oil change, no windshield wiper fluid and a bum tire. Then I had to drive 1 hour to another location to replace it. When I got there they only had one car I could take which wasn’t even in my subscription plan..then the 2nd month I had a extra $400 charge not including the gas they added on the returned car from before that was completely filled! Now I’m on hold for an hour and still haven’t gotten through because they just charged me over $1,300 twice this month 🤬 I’m so pissed - from Kay | 2022-05-26
  8. Don’t expect anyone at the Sixt drop-off locations to know anything about Sixt-Plus subscriptions. I returned a vehicle after 3 months and 10 days to an airport location, where I had picked up the car; not only did the workers didn’t even know what Sixt-Plus was, the automatic system billed me as if for a 10 day rental (since Sixt-plus “renews” every month). The automatic billing system didn’t account for the monthly miles I had purchased, overcharging me as if I had driven 3,500 miles in 10 days (!). I was changed a whole month for the 10 days when the time should have been prorated. Also grossly overcharged for fuel, (3x the highway rate) when I had been informed that I didn’t need to return the car full. When I called the number, I was informed that I could only dispute by email, since an invoice had already been issued. (?) I wrote several emails, which were answered with an automated email that promised response within 3-5 business days, and waited three weeks. Nothing. Finally opened a dispute with my credit card company. Good idea but very poor business model. - from Daphnis | 2022-01-18
  9. Total, finals cost after fees, taxes, etc is quite a bit more than the stated monthly price. I signed up for a Jetta and despite going back to change cars 3 times during the 3 months I used the service I never got a Jetta, I ended up with 3 different SUVs (1 new and 2 kind of rough). Unlike a regular car rental, the customer service reps you work with have no option to accommodate your rental in any way through upgrades or anything like that if they don’t have the car you signed up for. You are locked into your car class for the duration whether they have a car available in that class or not and they cannot upgrade you to a higher class if they don’t have a car available in your class. I needed a car while I waited for an insurance pay out for a totaled vehicle and this service worked ok but in the end it was much more expensive than it was supposed to be between high gas usage for the SUVs they gave me, the mileage charges (not unlimited miles like most normal rentals), and the fees and taxes they don’t include in the posted monthly rate. I probably wouldn’t use this service again but overall it was not a terrible option. For normal rentals I prefer Sixt fleet over most other major rental chain options, though they tend to be a bit more expensive. - from Seth | 2021-11-21
  10. Just great. I had a great experience using this service. Recommendation. - from Ben | 2021-11-15
  11. Makes you pay 2x the cost for the first month (subscription + initiation) and then half the cost of the subscription as a down payment, Definitely not worth it + cost is outrageous for what you get. Porsche subscription is much better value. - from Alan | 2021-07-08

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