An electric car on subscription, delivered to your door in 7 days. Try elmo
An electric car on subscription, delivered to your door in 7 days. Try elmo
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About Onto

Onto is a car subscription service that only offers electric vehicles as part of its subscription package. Only two years old, the company is driving its marketing campaign against the backdrop of recent plans for the UK government to bring forward the nationwide switch to electric vehicles by five years. Subscriptions can be taken for as little as a month, with a range that is rapidly expanding as more and more electric cars become available to suit all budgets. Home and Polar charging are both supported and included in the cost of subscription.

How it Works

As a reflection of the market it is operating in, Onto centres its registration process around your smartphone, which you’ll need to use their service.

  • Register by uploading your driving license, proof of address and a selfie
  • Onto will run DVLA checks as their terms include drivers having no more than 6 points on their license. You must also be over 25 and have had your license for 3 years.
  • Cars can be delivered anywhere in the UK
  • Customers use the Onto app to unlock, start and switch off their cars. No keys are required. You can also check remaining miles and charge level, and certain models will allow you to pre-heat the interior via the app
  • To change, pause or cancel the subscription or car, just contact Onto and they will arrange it. Subscriptions are on a flexible basis, with a minimum of a month.

You can also designate two extra named drivers on your policy.

Costs and Fees

There is no administration fee or deposit required to use Onto. The costs quoted include insurance, breakdown cover, maintenance, insurance and charging. The options for the latter are twofold; 1) Use the charger and plug adapter provided at home, or 2) use a Polar Plus charging point for charging to be included in the cost of the subscription.

Vehicles come with 1000 miles per month as the standard contract, but you can purchase extra mileage packs. Delivery charges depend on your location, but Onto say that UK locations are covered. You can add a named driver for £9.99 per month, or up to 3 for a total of £14.99 per month.

If you get a speeding or parking ticket, Onto charge a £10 administration fee for the process of notifying you.

Brands and models

All the models on offer with Onto are electric.

  • Renault Zoe ZE40 R110 / ZE50 Iconic R135 / ZE50 GT Line R135
  • Peugeot e-208 GT Line
  • Nissan Leaf Acenta
  • BMW i3 120Ah
  • DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Performance Line / Ultra Prestige
  • Hyundai IONIQ
  • Tesla Model 3 SR+ / L / Performance
  • Jaguar I-Pace HSE EV400

Notice periods

Onto ask for a 7-day notice period before the end of a contract month, otherwise a charge will apply. Subscriptions can be paused and cancelled, and cars can be changed within this time frame.

What’s Special about Onto?

Onto operates in a similar way to its competitors, but it focuses on smartphone use for the registration process. A potential reason for this is that all the cars it offers are a) electric, and b) require access to the Onto smartphone app to unlock and drive.

Being 100% electric sets Onto apart from the majority of its competitors, and it also includes a free home charger adapter and cable, and a Polar Plus account which allows users to charge on the go, at any Polar Plus point, at no cost.

Aside from this, Onto subscription terms include insurance, which isn’t universally the case with its competitors. The mileage is quite limited though, with 1000 miles per month the standard limit, although you can purchase extra packs.


Social media

Onto have a Facebook account for offers, marketing, and even an online shop.


Onto offer an impressive array of electric vehicles to suit most budgets on the car subscription market. The opportunity to drive some of the top-end Teslas for £799 a month is eye-catching, and the 100% commitment to electric vehicles only sets Onto apart from their competition and ticks environmentally friendly boxes. The inclusion of free charging and the app-based unlocking represent windows into a future which is still around the corner, rather than present, for many. This is undoubtedly a selling point for Onto, who are likely to grow over the next few years.

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36 Reviews
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  1. half a star as i cant give 0. I would write a longer review but I've having spent the past hour trying to pay ,and only having 1/3 of it taken, to then be disconnected on for a second time, I have other things to go and do. - from Will | 29. July 2022
  2. Top service, says what it does on the tin. Monthly car, no extra costs. Customer service is lovely too. - from Luke Palmer | 5. July 2022
  3. I have been using onto for 9 months. Great service, it was very easy to get my car booked. - from Ellie | 27. June 2022
  4. Had the car for two months. A delivery charge of £100 and a collection of charge of £100 on top of the subscription was paid. They charged me excess mileage of £157 and refused to add or change the package for me so that i could pay less. A minor scratch on the wheel cost me £131. Upon receiving the car, the tyre pressure started to flash. Twice I went I adjust it then realised it may be a slow puncture. They came to change the tyre but 6 weeks I am again billed £111 because the tyre change wasn't due to their wear and tear policy. This company is an absolute nightmare. They charge for everything and has very poor customer service and very unwilling to help! Donot subscribe! - from Kim Foolchand | 24. June 2022
  5. Dear Rob Jolly, It's got to the point now where I've wasted so many hours and completely lost my patience with the service I have received from Onto. The car I was provided had electrical system issues. The first time it broke down I sat (& wasted) 5hrs on the forecourt of the Shell garage in Fulham. When the mechanic arrived he knew very very little about electric vehicles and it just so happened that leaving the car to rest fixed the problem. 10days later, the car breaks down again. I wasted another 2 hours waiting for help, this time being bounced around from customer service to driver line again, with no-one really knowing who can help. Eventually the car resets but won't charge, I had just enough battery to get home and then a collection was arranged. And, no it wasn't that easy! The RAC was due out by 4pm & arrived by 7pm, by this time the garage had closed and he advised to reschedule for the following morning for between 8-10am. I waited, & it didn't get collected until 12pm. Onto then decided to take the vehicle to a garage over an hour away for the repairs. The vehicle was repaired & then to my dismay I was asked to spare 2.5hrs out of my day (even more time than I've already paid for despite paying for a car for convenience!) to go & collect the car. I've had a courtesy car, which took an 1.5 hours out of my day to collect for 6 days now. I've asked Onto to arrange for the car to be returned to me as I simply don't have 2.5hrs to spare right now, I have an important hospital appt tomorrow I need to get to & then on Weds I need to get to the LHR first thing as I'm flying to Berlin to speak at the largest European Climate Conference - will you be there by any chance? The courtesy car runs out in 15 mins, I still have no car & about to be charged for the courtesy for 1 more day Don't even get me started on the saga over a PCN that was cancelled. Please help I'm so fed up! - from Very Unhappy Customer | 20. June 2022
  6. Awful experience, I have a faulty car and Onto seem unable to fix it. - from Nick Hill | 7. June 2022
  7. Awful experience overall, chose a car to hire for a date 2 weeks in the future - they took payment instantly Was told 2 days prior to that date, that the car I chose wasn't available for a further 10 days and that a different colour slightly less spec car was currently available. I said I would only accept that car on the basis that if the car I ordered became available, they would swap it or give me a reduction in price. When they did swap the car 2 weeks later. They have double charged me for both cars. Then when I returned the car, they still a month later want to charge me for excess mileage on the first car i had (for the 2 weeks someone else had been driving it as i returned it) and then to charge me extra mileage on the 2nd car. Overall I would say I've spent upwards of 25 hours to sort this out and only 1 out of 15 advisers helped. Now as we speak it is still a pending resolution. Onto unfortunately are fast & good at taking money and pretty slow and poor at everything else - from Amardip Claire | 1. June 2022
  8. Brilliant service, they've got thousands of customers and I can understand why. It's amazing. Don't need to pay a dime on top of what my monthly fee is. Brilliant work Onto - from Doloris | 9. May 2022
  9. Everything that goes wrong with the car is not covered by the 'comprehensive inclusive insurance'. On return of the car charged £650 for minorly scuffed tyre rims. - from Kieran | 3. April 2022
  10. Be careful, sounds great, poor customer service, unauthorized charges, they tried to claim that i had used my millage for a month, sent them pictures and after spending over an hour on the call and lots of emails they said that it's their system fault. Trying to give the car back is a nightmare, they will try and charge you for a everything, - from Chix | 21. March 2022
  11. Avoid, so much headache and stress I have been with onto for two years all good until you run into problems. 1. Someone drove into me in 2020 the company charges £1000 for insurance access which will be refunded in 6 weeks if the accident, wasn't your fault. I have been told by onto they could get any response from a third party. Hundreds of phone calls ( can not talk to the damages team) I had always the same answer someone will call me back, of course, nobody did. Sent over 50 emails no reply. I have issued a ccj against the company than over after a year I’ve got my money back. 2. End of last year's similar issue my car had no damage whatsoever the third party claimed I had done significant damage to her car. I had provided all evidence including pic to Zurich insurance via phone call and email. Again £1000 access fee has been issued by onto after many emails I was told by Mohammad Khalifa ( looks like he's the only person dealing with damages) there's a dashboard camera footage which shows I caused the accident. Camera footage wasn't provided I have asked for it. Contacted Zurich insurance I have been told there's camera footage but it looks like the case going in my favour. Still onto went ahead with a £1000 I refused the payment providing all evidence. Last week I received an email my account had been closed done and the car will be collected as I FAILED TO CONTACT ZURICH INSURANCE. Just a joke. 3. Pcn you get charged £15 proceeding few and they send it after 2 months. 4. Try to remove the monthly fee 11 days earlier before your subscription is due. 5. When you exchange or give back the car they just send you a bill for any amount they feel like . Money grabbing company, ruthless. They don't care about long term customer care . Never write any reviews but I hope this will help anyone has an issue with onto . Keep your money or find other company more and more popping up with better offers. Save yourself a headache. - from Maria H | 14. March 2022
  12. We have been with ONTO since last year. Service was great. Loved that earning points meant we could use to top up mileage. But they have upped our fee by £50 per month and dropped our mileage allowance from 1000 to 750 a month!! Would not recommend. We are moving to a new company. - from Sam | 8. March 2022
  13. I’ve been with ONTO for a long time and had previously recommended them highly. However, a 30% price increase for anything is just absolutely ridiculous. ONTO are no longer competitive and their competitors now offer much more value in comparison. - from Stuart Delves | 2. March 2022
  14. Thought it was expensive but ok whilst we had the car. As we returned it we found out that their mileage rules had changed mid contract - under the original rules we'd owe them £25, under the new £275... Big difference, no warning. On returning it we have also been hit with a £300 bill for damage - no photos, just "wheels". They said we only had 72hrs to respond or it was auto charged, we very nearly missed that extremely tight and arbitrary deadline. Will never use again. - from Ed | 25. February 2022
  15. Can’t fault Onto! Cars are amazing value for money, everything’s conveniently included & I love the fact I can swap my car anytime I want.. I’ve had the Renault Zoe for nearly a year but after just having my third child I needed something bigger so I upgraded to Citroen C4 the swap process was straight forward & the onto customer service team was so helpful I strongly recommend. - from Shona | 21. February 2022
  16. Great service. Delivered car on time and was brand new. Free charging also available with Shell, BP and InstaVolt. - from Findus | 19. February 2022
  17. Great service. I've been with them for months now and cannot complain. There are a few hiccups but the people posting 1 stars here are overblowing it. Of course you have to pay for damages that you caused. Customer service has improved a lot and they're getting it together. Cars are brilliant and you get a new car! Amazing! - from Tom Marsden | 11. February 2022
  18. Ok until you need to deal with customer service / operations then they are worse than useless. - from Ben | 5. February 2022
  19. Fao: Rob Jolly, Dannan O'Meachair, onto, Adam Koffler, CTIS Good Morning, I'm reaching out as customer services will not help. I received a car from onto on the 9th Dec. By the 23rd December it had broken and had to be towed off my drive and into a garage. - from Emma Fletcher | 29. January 2022
  20. They take screwed us over after £4k was spent with them. The second we cancelled our subscription as we are moving abroad we were basically dead to them. I was locked out of my car 7 times this month and they ignored all correspondence until the car was collected - then they said - 'we don't care, we've done all we could'. Don't give then your money if you want a trustworthy lease, there are way better options. - from Amie | 23. January 2022
  21. Absolute shocking customer service. Everything was wrong from the start. Avoid at all costs! They don’t bother listening to its customers! Poor! - from Miles Barnett | 9. January 2022
  22. Avoid this company unless you are prepared to pay extortionate fees upon return. When the car was the collected, I was told all fine and then two weeks later was hit with a bill of £295 for a couple of black specks on the alloy wheels, which I didn't even do. Awful scam! - from Carly | 4. January 2022
  23. Brilliant customer care. Nothing but praise for the entire team at ONTO. I was recommended to them by a friend. I used his referral code & got £50 off my subscription! I've never had an EV before. Could I actually live with one? When I looked into all the perks & the inclusiveness of the ONTO subscription, it just made sense to try. Plus, I every time I reached out to their team, they where brilliant; Thank You! Today's my first EV day. The car was delivery today. It was "kid in a candy shop" kinda day. It was delivered on time, immaculately presented & the gentleman who delivered it was a pleasure to deal with. The V5 certificate (required to apply for a resident parking permit) was in my inbox as promised. If you're thinking of trying ONTO, just do it. I would highly recommend their company to any of my friends & family. - from Steven Gunn | 7. December 2021
  24. Great for onboarding new customers but they offer horrendous customer service for loyal customers. Car 1: delivered to me in the early hours, reeking of smoke. Uber signs in the boot. Wheels out of alignment. They said they’d reimburse the valet costs and never did. They take a prepayment a week or so before your actual payment is due. That was a pest but I reshuffled the payment day and resolved it. Car 2: got a call telling me car 1 was being “off-fleeted”. New car much higher cost but only one available. Agreed to it. Very bad communication! Particularly about new car delivery and payments. They just take from your account liberally and if you don’t have the money to cover unforeseen xyz they tell you they’re cancelling your subscription by end of the day. The cancellation threats are endless! They demanded payment to deliver Car 2 earlier than I needed it. Said if I didn’t they’d cancel it all. I paid and they didn’t even deliver it after all that noise about it being necessary. I waited 2 days, was told the delivery would be early hours of morning, then the next. Eventually it appeared 3 days later. They’ve just received car 1 back and are trying to charge me for the state it arrived in. They’ve taken almost £500 from my account only a few weeks before Christmas, despite me having logged the arrival damage in their own app and them previously apologising for it and emailing me about it. Awful, stressful experience. I’ll be billing them for my time. - from Kim Ironside | 2. December 2021
  25. Great service, no massive upfront payments (unlike leasing), all insurance, maintenance and public charging included and I can swap cars whenever I want. - from Ted Newman | 29. November 2021
  26. I give them 4 stars. I will explain my experience with them for the last 3 months step-by-step. I will write the bad things in the bottom. First thing you need to do is use a reference code for £50 off - db586 If you are already registered you can make a new registration with a new email to get the £50 off. Don't forget to share your reference code to receive the £50 again. ONTO is the ideal way to drive a new car without the initial investment. I haven't received any calls from them, I drive my car daily with no issue and I'm very happy with them. Charging your car is free for 1000 miles per month. ONTO have missed to mention the companies that you can charge with for free. These companies are; SHELL, BP, INSTAVOLT. You can download an application from the internet to see when it is available to charge your car. If anyone requires any information about PEUGEOT E 2008 can message me personally as it has some software issues and I work with IT. I am overall happy with them but I'm only giving them 4 out of 5 stars. The bad points, I had momentarily stopped at a bike lane and I got stopped by police for allegedly not having insurance and it took them over 40 minutes to find my insurance. One of my tyres was punctured and I called them and they told me they would be able to change the punctured tyre 2 working days later at the soonest, and I had to pay for a second-hand tyre out of my own pocket as a temporary replacement. This didn't sit well with me as I am paying for this car regularly and I would have had to miss 3 days off work. People without any technical knowledge ask technical questions from customer service. In conclusion, I still recommend them to anyone. - from Angel | 28. November 2021
  27. Brilliant company, had a really good experience. Customer service was really great to sort out the issues. - from T.Alexander | 27. November 2021
  28. Only leaving 1 star as its not possible to leave none... car delayed and deyaled again. Then wrong car type and colour deliverd. Then billed incorrectly and trying to resolve is a nightmare and the level of customer service is poor. Will be posting full detailed account of our experiance on youtube and all social media platforms shortly to ensure people get to see behind the clever marketing... great idea poor execution all round... - from Andrew Scotter | 21. November 2021
  29. Really enjoyed our first EV and we rented it from Onto for 5 months. We loved the car but when it broke down Onto could not have been less interested. They provide breakdown cover but the car wasn’t collected for 7 days and it will be another 8 days before the garage will look at it. Onto told us there is no provision in our contract for a replacement car, so we’ve been 2 weeks out of this month with no car, despite paying the full rental! Hours wasted on the phone and a huge amount of stress. I will never, ever deal with this company again. - from Charlotte Hood | 27. October 2021
  30. Good idea for service but few things to keep in mind. Comapny was way better when it was actually EVEZY before turing into money making onto. 1. You will pay £1000 excess on insurance. 2. Your own no cliams bonus will disappear after 2 years if you dont have your name on an own car. 3. Nothing will be included in wear and tear and you will pay the overpriced mechanics for fix. Including Punctures. 4. Everytime you get a Parking notice you will pay additonal £25 admin charges. Double the amount if the information is not passed to you in time. - from MD | 21. October 2021
  31. I've used OnTo now for two months, ordered the ID.3 Life Pro Performance, and from the start with the delivery to now it has been amazing. - from Adam | 26. September 2021
  32. I wanted to share a recent experience with ONTO car subscription. I have to say I was astonished at how customer friendly this company is. Car subscriptions were something new to me, not having heard of this type of 'all inclusive' car lease/hire. Having had bad credit, I asked questions such as whether I'd be credit checked (soft/hard) (no credit checks - although I believe I had an ID check), deposits (no deposit) etc. Arun and Raheel helped me on live chat numerous times deciding on a car subscription that was right for me (probably fed of hearing from me at this stage :) ) The car's offered are all electric (to my knowledge) and include insurance, tax, servicing and breakdown! The biggest perk is the FREE charging at their network of charging points, so no more fuel costs! I applied, provided ID and within an hour I was ready to book delivery! I'm seriously impressed with this, as I've had more tasking car rentals in the past! I will keep you updated with my experience. - from Charlie | 18. September 2021
  33. Onto has been great to work with so far, I have not yet taken delivery of my car but the process from start has been so simple. They even managed to bring my delivery date forward by three weeks! - from adam | 14. September 2021
  34. I was thinking of having a change of car but did not want to be stuck with along lease deal and had not even thought of having an all electric car. Then I saw an ad for Onto and worked out that with everything included inc charging and only 1 months commitment, I was onto a winner. It was perfect for my needs! I decided to go for the Hyundai Ioniq as was already on my 3rd Hyundai and had been impressed with reliability. Signing up with onto was very easy. Much easier than I envisaged. I chose the car and the date of delivery. I was kept up to date and the car was delivered as promised on the dot! So far i've done 3 months of running around electrically and have never looked back. Yes it takes a bit more planning for longer journeys but there are plenty of apps to assist you with charging points. The onto deal includes the major players, BP , shell and instavolt. Love popping to Mcdonalds and doing a fast charge while I have a coffee using Instavolt! Just tap and go with the supplied account card. Easy! I've had one dealing with customer service over the phone and it was efficient and I could sort out what I needed to very quickly. I've not had issues with the car at all. The onto app is easy to use to operate the car, though you also get the key as well. People stop and talk to you when you charge up. I always recommend Onto to them. - from steven bradley | 1. August 2021
  35. I wasn't sure about this new way of driving, but it has been a simple transition. My car was delivered as planned and they've responded to my calls and emails promptly. I opted for the Renault Zoe ZE50 Iconic R135 and it's wonderful to drive; quiet, smooth and automatic! It lasts about 190 miles before I have to recharge. Pin-pointing the charging points (the free ones that come with membership) in my area was a little tricky, but once I figured out where a couple of them were, it was fine. Charging points don't come in abundance like petrol stations so you might find that a charging point is already in use and you have to wait. This happened to me once, I then went to the next available one in my area and it wasn't working. This, along with the time it takes to charge (around 80 mins for a full charge from 20% remaining battery) are the only things which I find a little inconvenient, hence my 4 stars, but I'm getting used to it. I've had it 2 weeks and have charged it once a week (how often you charge will depend on how much driving you do). Overall, I'm very happy with my Onto experience and will be continuing my subscription. If you want £50 off your new subscription then feel free to use my referral code, it really does work, I did it on my first subscription: 35c4c. Happy driving! - from Shaneeka | 9. July 2021
  36. I have been using OnTo for around 7 months having had my e208 delivered in November. Originally I intended to keep the car for a month to see if I got on with an electric car and if so then order the same car through PCH or PCP. However, when you work out the figures (insurance, deposit, servicing, etc) Onto is actually a cost effective alternative to the traditional methods. The time from signing up for their service to delivery of the car was around 2 weeks for a brand new car in my chosen colour. As mentioned above you can use the OnTo app to unlock the doors and see state of charge etc, but personally I find this a bit 'buggy' and hit and miss in use. I tend to just use the car's key and the Peugeot app to check charge or pre-heat etc. The mileage monitoring the the OnTo app seems to work correctly though. It was easy to get my car booked in for it's first service via customer support and little issues such as a missing granny charger were quickly sorted in the week after the car was delivered. - from David Wainwright | 2. July 2021
  37. Absolute rubbish. The car constantly would not start and when you return they find every possible scratch or mark and overcharge the shit out of you. Seriously a scam. Go elsewhere. - from Jane | 3. March 2021

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