An electric car on subscription, delivered to your door in 7 days. Try elmo
An electric car on subscription, delivered to your door in 7 days. Try elmo
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About Lease Plan

Lease Plan are a large, multinational car leasing company with a strong corporate focus. They have over a million vehicles across over 30 countries and run their leasing service with insurance included. They also have a car subscription arm which, as with the leasing, has a large corporate element, although private customers can use their services too. The UK arm of the company is based in Slough, but they offer collection and delivery across the country, and there is the opportunity to switch from a subscription to a lease, and then to purchase vehicles under the lease term.

How it works

Customers get a range of vehicles to choose from that is determined once they register. As Lease Plan are such a large company, the selection is greater than with dedicated subscription-only companies.

Customers must register to look at available cars, lease terms and prices. Then, after ID and driving license checks, the standard term is 3 months. After the initial 3-month period, the contract continues but with 14-day cancellation, up- or downgrade terms, with no cancellation fees or deposit.

Insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and tax are all included in the price – the only thing you need to pay for is fuel. In the case of electric vehicles, charging facilities are provided.​

Costs and fees

Lease Plan keep the specifics of their costs secret until you have contacted them with genuine interest in becoming a customer. However, they do state that there is no deposit, and no penalty for cancellation after the initial 3-month period, as long as you give 14 days’ notice.

They also advertise a price matching service, meaning that if you aren’t willing to go through a phone call situation, you could feasibly shop around, find a reasonably-priced subscription contract, then go to them and ask them to match it if your preference is to be contracted with a larger, better established company than a newer subscription site.​​

Brands and models

Customers have access to the Lease Plan range, which is advertised as over 1 million vehicles across 30 countries. They have a stated aim to become a fully digitised firm over the next few years, so they also have access to a range of hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Notice periods

After the initial 3-month sign-on, Lease Plan’s subscription contracts revert to 14-day cancellation and up or downgrade notice periods, with no penalties.

What’s special about Lease Plan?

As Lease Plan are tied to a major multinational leasing company, subscription customers benefit from their reputation and customer service. However, they also get to choose from a much larger fleet of vehicles than other subscription companies, while still having access to similar terms; no deposit, insurance, tax and roadside assistance included, and reasonable allowance for wear and tear.

The corporate focus is stronger with Lease Plan than with many of its competitors; companies can use the service with no mileage limits and reasonable costs on mileage in excess of standard agreed contract terms. In addition, Lease Plan incentivise customers to use their service more than once, by offering rewards such as holiday vouchers or weekends in luxury sports cars. They also price match, which means that if you see a good deal on another site, the chances are they will match or better it.


Social media

Lease Plan have a Facebook page with over 200,000 followers. Here, you can find out their latest news and information about their podcast.


Lease Plan work slightly differently to the majority of their competitors as they are such a major company in the leasing world. The subscription service is almost tagged on as an afterthought, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an attractive option for customers. With plans including insurance, repeat custom rewards and price matching, the company is able to compete with all the dedicated subscription sites in the UK. And on sheer choice of vehicle, Lease Plan can’t be beaten.​​​

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  1. £500 for minimal wear and tear on a two year lease is ludicrous. Avoid. - from Graham | 23. November 2021
  2. I leased a car through leaseplan for 3 years, Prior to sending the car back i sent the car to a local workshop and they went over the whole car and made sure there was no marks, scratches or anything wrong with the body work of the car. However, i received over £1000 invoice for wear and tear. I am really not happy with Leaseplan trying to rip off people and taking this to the ombudsman. Furthermore the car went back with 10,000 miles under the mileage that i had been paying for. - from Richard Zuber | 19. October 2021
  3. Kind of like a test drive really – start with a subscription then upgrade to lease or purchase if you like the car. If not, swap it out and try a new one. Nice concept. - from Billy Boy | 6. April 2020
  4. This feels a bit like an afterthought at the moment, and the customer service guys are sometimes a bit muddled. Their main focus is leasing and I think there’s a bit of work to do to distinguish between that and this new subscription idea. - from 1234567 | 3. April 2020

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