FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
By: Simon Richardson
Last update 2022-05-27 Reading time 1:38 min

About Kyte

Kyte is a car subscription service exclusively for Tesla vehicles, with 3, 6 or 12-month extendable terms. Customers get a Tesla Model 3 delivered to them, with everything included except electricity, and no mileage limits. Currently, the service is available in San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Jersey. Subscriptions are available to anyone over the age of 25 who passes Kyte’s verification requirements, and the terms include roadside assistance, insurance, regular scheduled maintenance and the option to extend by 30 days at a time.

How it works

Kyte’s subscription service is quick and simple.

  • Register your interest and pay a refundable $100 deposit
  • Go through ID and verification checks
  • Receive your model on the chosen terms
  • Cancel at any time with 2 weeks’ notice, or extend by 30 days at a time at the end of your contract

Cost and fees

Kyte charge a $100 refundable deposit for registering interest. There is also a one-off service charge which the company arranges with each customer before the start of any subscription. The subscription contracts are on a sliding scale, with a 3-month contract at $1350 a month, 1 6-month contract at $1125 a month, and a 12-month contract at $995 per month. As there is no mileage limit, there are no penalties – customers just pay for the electricity to charge the vehicle.

Brands and models

Kyte only offers the Tesla Model 3 in Pearl White, with long-range AWD, autopilot, a 15-inch touchscreen and a premium audio setup.

Notice periods

Irrespective of the contract you decide to go with, cancellation is available with 2 week’s notice. However, customers must pay the difference in contract terms as follows:

If you sign up to a 6-month subscription at $1125 a month but cancel after 3 months (which would normally be $225 a month higher, at $1350 a month), you will owe the difference between the 6-month and 3-month terms for the remainder of the subscription term ($225 x 3 = $675).

What’s Special about Kyte?

Kyte offers customers the chance to experience Tesla ownership – something that is still unaffordable to the majority of people – without having to purchase one. With the Teslas being delivered, and a regular maintenance plan in place, customers get a premium service with the minimum of hassle, and the 30-day rolling extension option means that the commitment required is low.


Social media

Kyte uses Facebook and Instagram for promotions and updates.


Kyte is a Tesla-exclusive subscription service with 30-day rolling extensions on 3, 6, or 12-month subscription terms. As they only supply Tesla, it is a fully electric subscription model, and with maintenance, roadside assistance and delivery included, the service is geared towards people who want to have a car long term without any hassle. Both cancellation and extension are simple to use, and there is a low barrier to entry in terms of customer eligibility.

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