FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive

Read all about setting up a car subscription with Porsche Drive. Find out about vehicle range, what’s included, contract flexibility and more so that you can make an informed decision when deciding whether Porsche Drive is right for you.

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About Porsche Drive

Porsche Drive is a Porsche-run subscription service that allows customers access to the most recent models in the Porsche fleet. There are several price brackets depending on the length of commitment you sign up to, with the service being currently available across multiple US states. The subscription option has recently added the electric Taycan to its fleet of available vehicles.

As befits the reputation of the brand, Porsche Drive is designed to be a premium subscription service, with high-spec vehicles, a private concierge and no flip limits if you choose the multi-vehicle subscription and stay within the mileage limits. While the maximum mileage is quite high compared with its competitors, there is a strict rate for excess mileage. You must be over 21 and have a clean driving record to qualify, as well as passing Porsche Drive’s credit check.

How it works

Porsche Drive customers must be in the specified locations and over the age of 21. You must have a clean driver record to qualify.

  • Complete the sign-up and application process. Porsche Drive will then perform the standard driver and credit checks.
  • Choose from the package options and pick a vehicle or ask the Porsche representative to pick for you based on your needs.
  • Allow some time for the first delivery, as the concierge will want to take you through paperwork. This isn’t necessary for subsequent subscriptions.
  • You can keep the car as long as you like, although Porsche may recall after a few months for standard checks and valeting and provide another similar vehicle.
  • To flip during a month, contact your concierge. More notice is better, with the shortest time being 24 hours, and there is no limit to the amount of times you can flip if you are subscribed to the multi-vehicle pricing tier.

Cost and fees

Porsche Drive take a $595 (+ tax) non-refundable joining fee (unless you choose the single vehicle, three-month term, in which case this is waived) and the first month’s subscription up front. Customers have several choices:

  • Single (1 and 3-month) Subscriptions: Monthly fee from $1700 to $3200 dependent on model chosen
  • Multi-Vehicle Subscription: $3600 per month

The excess mileage charge is $1 per mile and there is a $500,000 liability insurance policy in place, with $2500 deductible for drivers. You may drive 1500 miles a month on a single vehicle subscription, and 2000 miles a month on a multi-vehicle subscription.

Brands and models

The current vehicles available for Porsche Drive and Porsche Drive Rental are:

718 Cayman GT4, 718 Boxster, Cayenne, Panamera, 911, Macan, and the new electric Taycan. With the Taycan, a home charger is provided or you can use Electrify America, ChargePoint, and EVgo.

Notice periods

The Porsche subscription is month to month for the multi-vehicle and for the stated period for other subscriptions and the rental service.

What’s special about Porsche Drive?

The obvious: all the cars are Porsches. Often considered the ultimate in driving experience, the access to a range of new models and the combined concierge service will attract high-end customers who want to travel in style.

All cars are from the latest range and come fully detailed, with high mileage limits and unlimited flips, meaning that for the enthusiast, Porsche Drive is possibly the most premium subscription service available in the US.

Now that there is also an all-electric option in the Taycan sports sedan too, the environmentally friendly option is also there for subscribers.


Social media

There is no separate social media account for Porsche Drive, but you can find out about their latest models and developments from their main Facebook account.


How much does Porsche Drive cost?
It depends on the length of term, type of vehicle and whether you subscribe to a single or multi-car package. Prices start from $1700 per month for a single-vehicle plan.

What is the Porsche Drive activation fee?
This is a non-refundable setup fee that you pay for the administration costs of arranging the subscription. As of 23, this is $595.

How does the Porsche Drive app pick a vehicle for me?
If you want to use the concierge service on the Porsche Drive app, just give some information about your needs and you will receive recommendations based on what you’ve told Porsche.

How much notice do I need to give for a vehicle flip?
If you’re on the multi-car subscription package, Porsche require 48 hours’ notice to arrange your new vehicle for you. Simply arrange the flip on the Porsche Drive app.

How do I charge a Taycan?
You will be provided with the option to charge your Taycan at home. Alternatively, you can use most public charging stations, including Electrify America, ChargePoint and EVgo.


Porsche Drive offer a range of luxury vehicles to the high-end market. For those who can afford it though, this is the height of subscription luxury, with the ability to rent a 911 a real eye-catching draw.

Unlimited flipping is an extra bonus for multi-vehicle subscribers. But beware: the $1 per mile cost for exceeding the contracted 2000 miles per month is certainly punitive. Outside of that though, the joining fee, insurance coverage and service is in line with other premium subscription companies that are tied to large car firms – BMW and Audi, for example.

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  1. I was given a one day rental for a Boxster as a Father’s Day gift. I experienced what many others have mentioned about the concierge service, very polite on the phone but they never do what they tell you they’re going to do. I did repeated emails stating I would like either this car or that car or this car on any mid weekday coming up for the next month. They would get back to me and say OK what kind of car did you want? Asked and answered so many times. So one day I just called and said I give up, please refund my gift to my son. To this they said well we may be able to add another day to which I said I’ll try one more time. After being promised by this one concierge person that she would call me back I heard nothing for seven days straight. Then I got a text saying be ready to pick up your car. They had never contacted me (email or phone or text) to tell me that I had a car scheduled they just scheduled it and said OK come and get it. I gave up and requested my money back again. The service just seems to be run by fifth graders, you know how maybe they didn’t think things through completely first? Porsche is a premium brand but this is not a premium service. - from Marc | 2024-04-23
  2. Horrible staff, racism at its finest...Please shut down this clown business, I have a Masi so no jealousy just deiced fo test drive a Porshe...the call center are wanna be black young staff, barley verbal communications, this is a Target brand level corporation, paying young staffers pennies, whom are unhappy have no anwers, fake niceness, blacks are being abused in this corporation..... - from L Goldberg | 2023-05-17
  3. I rented 3 cars in a row, initially liked the scheme. My third car however ruined this experience for me and I wont use porsche drive again having been charged $2500 for a $4500 windshield repair I could do nothing about. The car I had developed a crack in the windshield during my time with it - its unclear how it started (maybe a stone from another car during my time, maybe a chip from another user) but half way though the month a large crack grew from the edge of the windshield and across to the middle. I returned the car to the dealer I got it from (un-drivable) who said they would take car of it, only to then find the concierge billed me the full $2500 deducible and later informed me that porsche windshields cost $4500 to replace. Gulp. I dont have a leg to stand on, they took my money before even telling me they would - just be warned. - from P | 2023-03-05
  4. At first, was a little concerned since all they had was a Cayenne S. After a couple weeks, seems like they bolstered their inventory. The concierge would text with me and let me know what was available. Pretty seamless to get new cars, had a 911, 911s, 911 4s, etc. Highly recommend if you’re doing more than a month and are able to wait for the perfect car you’re looking for. Surprisingly, I loved the base the best. - from Luke Voigt | 2022-08-26
  5. Pickup was seamless and the car drove wonderfully. I was initially told that the mileage allotment was 200 miles per day but it was actually 1,500 per month with the subscription so naturally I went over the allotment and was charged and additional $1 per mile overage which totaled $733. Also, I returned it on the day my subscription ended but was automatically charged for an additional month due to recurring billing...the operator later told me that I should have returned the car 1 day early to prevent the additional billing. Luckily I checked my credit card statement or they may not have ever refunded the additional billing. I am currently on day 4 waiting on my $2,650 refund which they said will take 5-10 days. - from RB | 2022-06-10
  6. A waste of time and money. I signed up for the top-tier ($3100/mo PLUS $595 activation fee! $3700 initial charge!!!!) multi-vehicle subscription tier. I was informed that the only car they had was a base panamera, and no word when other vehicles would be made available. I said ok, fine, give me the panamera. They charged my account, but never delivered the car. I had to fight to get my money back, and when I articulated my frustrations, the concierge basically "waitlisted" me and never contacted me again, functionally kicking me out of the program. While they did ultimately return my money after about four days, the whole incident was a debacle. Awful service completely unbecoming of the brand. - from Arthur | 2021-10-20
  7. Totally unprofessional, no follow up and then denial after my appointment when I’m depending on them supplying a vehicle for my use. I only found out via email after my scheduled delivery time leaving me in a position of having no transportation until I found an adequate replacement vehicle. - from Bryan Elparin | 2021-06-21
  8. No cars available in multiple vehicle subscription. A bait and switch move Porsche pulled. - from Mike Ramirez | 2021-06-10
  9. In LA its not really available. Since getting approved and signing up for a 3,300 a month car, I’ve been “waiting” for months for any car to be available without any update. - from DR | 2021-04-25
  10. This is a great service. The concierge is really high-end and very professional, and I find they always have tips on what to choose. I like that those tips seem to refine the more you use the service, too. - from William N | 2020-04-07
  11. You can’t get much better than choosing from the latest Porsche range and having your own private concierge. The service is seriously slick and while it isn’t the cheapest, there’s an obvious reason why. - from Empireofthestate | 2020-03-12
  12. So, what I really appreciate about Porsche Passport is the concierge service. You get an expert who picks for you, so I really don’t need to anything other than take delivery each time. So, every month or two, I get a new, fully detailed Porsche, which is tremendous. - from Rocker Fella | 2020-01-13

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