FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive

Read all about setting up a car subscription with FreshCar. Find out about vehicle range, what’s included, contract flexibility and more so that you can make an informed decision when deciding whether Elmo is right for you.

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About FreshCar

FreshCar is a car subscription service that operates by connecting with dealerships and companies that want to use the platform, thereby growing over time. The service can be controlled entirely through the app, which includes telematics to help with accurate mileage-based fees. As FreshCar operate on a partnership basis, fees, vehicles, availability and locations change regularly and are dependent on where you are in the US.

FreshCar also offer consultancy for companies looking to enter the subscription market, as well as for dealerships who want to offer new vehicles on subscription terms. The company is a rebrand of Carma Car.

How it works

FreshCar operate through an app, with subscriptions in partnership with local dealerships.

  1. Download the app, turn on location sharing and start browsing vehicles by proximity, brand and price. The app also shows availability in terms of lead time for each individual vehicle.
  2. Verify your account by going through the necessary driver, credit and ID checks.
  3. Choose a subscription length and partner dealer
  4. Arrange to pick up your car
  5. Upgrade, flip, extend or downgrade or cancel at the end of your term. Arrange to drop the vehicle off at the relevant partner dealer. Excess mileage payments can be executed through the app if you have been logging your mileage.

Cost and fees

As FreshCar is effectively a network of participating dealerships, many of the typical fees associated with subscriptions are variable, based on location, car, subscription length and dealership. There are, however, three subscription tiers to choose from:

  • $499 per month
  • $549 per month
  • $599 per month

All terms include insurance, with a minimum length of a month. Excess mileage is charged at $0.40 per mile for all subscription tiers.

Brands and models

Customers have access to a wide range of vehicles, depending on location and subscription tier. The choice and availability of vehicles can be accessed once you have downloaded the app and gone through the sign-up process.

Notice periods

Subscriptions run month to month; you can return the vehicle any time but you are always charged for a full month.

What’s special about FreshCar?

FreshCar work differently from single company or single dealership subscriptions, in that vehicles are sourced from local dealerships that have signed up to partner them. The choice of vehicles is based on their proximity to you, with each car having a lead time displayed. This means that you can forward plan your subscription from the app, as well as having access to a wide range of vehicles on three levels of subscription. Insurance is included, which is relatively common among its competitors, but not a given.

Social media

FreshCar have only recently established themselves, so the Facebook account doesn’t have many posts as yet.


What are the eligibility requirements for FreshCar?
Applicants must be over 21, have a clean driving record and a valid credit card.

How often can I swap cars?
You can swap cars once per month with FreshCar. Alternatively, you can keep the same car as long as you like.

How many miles can I drive?
You can tailor your mileage package to your needs. However, if you exceed the agreed monthly amount, you will be charged at $0.40 per mile.

Does FreshCar include insurance?
Yes. Insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance are all included. You pay the monthly subscription fee and for any gas you need.

What monthly plans does FreshCar offer?
You can arrange a plan that meets your mileage requirements directly with FreshCar. However, the three typical plans are 500, 800, and 1200 miles per month.


FreshCar’s partner dealer model means that they have broad coverage of the US as well as a wide range of vehicles. The three price points don’t suggest that premium vehicles are available, however. The flat month to month terms makes the service clear and easy to use, but FreshCar don’t prorate for early cancellations within a month, and flipping is also only possible on a monthly basis. Mileage packages are relatively low, with $0.40 per mile excess representing one of the higher costs for going over the agreed limit.

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4.8 of 5 stars

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  1. These guys helped me understand what car subscriptions were all about basically. The customer service is great and I think it’s a great idea to give more people access to vehicles without major commitments. - from Logan Jayden | 2020-04-16
  2. It’s a good price I think, and the way they work with local dealers is cool because it helps other businesses to grow. I also like the way that you can specify mileage and it changes the price – it’s cool that they have thought about customers’ needs like that. - from Madison SG | 2020-01-19

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