Drive your new car all-inclusive
Drive your new car all-inclusive
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About Drive Flow

Drive Flow is a car subscription company offering flexible subscription plans to customers in Winston Salem, NC and within the Triad. They offer three different tiers of subscription as well as an on-demand service which is designed to offer unlimited vehicle flips (“flips”) to customers. This service includes a day rate and daily mileage limit, while top tier, longer term subscription rates allow access to a large fleet of vehicles, from convertibles to trucks. They also advertize a corporate service.

How it works

Drive Flow focuses on speed and lack of hassle when it comes to the sign-up process.

  1. Sign up online and wait for Drive Flow to perform their checks – they claim this can take from a matter of minutes to one business day
  2. Choose your subscription tier based on price and whether you want one specific make of car, or access to a range
  3. Arrange delivery of your first vehicle, allowing 30 minutes for the first delivery only. The concierge will want to take you through some of the finer points of the process.
  4. Text the concierge if you want to flip, upgrade, downgrade, cancel or pause your subscription. You also contact them if you have any issues with the vehicle (insurance is included in the cost).

Cost and fees

Drive Flow require a one-off $750 sign-on fee, with a commitment of 13 months (30 days’ notice required to cancel). You can move between plans flexibly, with the fee difference being prorated. If you want to pause, it’s $400, and if you want to take your pets in your car, it’s a $100 cleaning fee. Excess mileage is chargeable at $0.65/$0.75 depending on your subscription.

Explorer on Demand: $50 per month plus vehicle usage rates
Prospector: From $800 per month
Pioneer and Adventurer: From $1099 per month.

All rates include insurance, taxes, maintenance and detailing, and roadside assistance.

Brands and models

Drive Flow have a large fleet of vehicles, and your personal concierge will select one for you based on your preferences. You can update these every time you flip, so that your matches improve every time you use the service.

Explorer on Demand: Access to a full garage of vehicles
Prospector: One vehicle only – Drive Flow use an Audi Q5 or BMW 3 Series as an indicative example
Pioneer and Adventurer: Access to a full garage of luxury vehicles, from Porsches to BMWs and Jaguars.

Notice periods

Your concierge works like a calendar; you can program in unlimited flips and pause whenever you like through this schedule, as well as up- or downgrades. Cancelation requires 30 day’s notice.

What’s special about Drive Flow?

Drive Flow’s main draw is that it is flexible on a micro-level. Customers can use cars for as little as a day before flipping as many times as they like. You can also pause, restart and upgrade at will.

Drive Flow also will happily get your current vehicle set up through their parent company Flow Automotive in order to sell your vehicle so that you can move to full-time subscriptions. And if you currently have a lease vehicle, they can prorate your remaining payments, effectively getting you out of your lease early.

The concierge service is specialized, meaning that they pick the vehicles for you based on your needs. If you want something specific, just tell them. Otherwise, it’s a case of trusting the experts to pick the right vehicle for you.


Social media

Drive Flow have an active Facebook site, with information about new cars and member testimonials.


Drive Flow’s subscription model is similar to many of the dealership-based subscription offerings, with a private concierge that arranges any and all logistical sides of your contract. The mileage limits are fairly strict, but the flexibility levels are virtually unrivaled in the market, making Drive Flow an attractive option for people who like to flip between different vehicles for different situations, or who just simply like a bit of a change up now and again.

While their pause option isn’t the cheapest around, it again adds to the level of flexibility the company provides, and while there is a 13-month commitment, you can get out of it with 30 days’ notice.

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  1. Drive Flow have set their service up to be super flexible. You can change between plans and flip whenever you want and I have found that level of choice to be real useful, especially when I sometimes need a car more than other days. Our company use them too now, and are also having a good experience. - from Bublez111 | 2020-05-31
  2. The day rate is cool, and something that their competitors don’t offer. Only needing 30 days to cancel is good too. It means that if I go on holiday, I can just not have a car for that period of time. - from Jake Ball | 2020-03-18

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