FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive

This article about GO breaks down everything you need to know about the company, how their contracts work, and what your options are with regards to extending, upgrading, canceling, and more. We’ve even given you a guide on vehicles and guide pricing, so you can easily compare subscriptions and make an informed decision.

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About GO

GO is a long-term car subscription company that markets itself as a service for people who want to flip their vehicle once every three years. The service is available in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Northern New Jersey, Orlando, and Philadelphia, with a growing base of operations. The company offers free delivery to customers within 50 miles of Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson, Charlotte Douglas, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston George Bush, Miami, Newark Liberty, Orlando, and Philadelphia airports, and is available to subscribers with a US driver’s license and a good credit history. There is also the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term at current market value.


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How it works

GO’s subscription service is designed to be quick and simple for customers:

  • Choose a model, color and configuration, as well as mileage package of 833, 1000, and 1250 per month. Unused miles roll over to your next month
  • Submit your license and some basic information for approval. GO conduct a soft credit check and driver record evaluation
  • Arrange insurance through GO’s provider (or use your own – Florida customers only)
  • Schedule delivery of the vehicle
  • After 3 years, return, extend, or purchase the vehicle

GO’s cars are all new, with fewer than 10 miles on the odometer prior to delivery.

Cost and fees

GO does not charge a down payment, and the first month’s subscription is payable up front. Tax is payable on top at a rate dependent on your zip code. Monthly costs per vehicle vary based on availability in different locations, but the available vehicles cover most budgets from economy to higher-end vehicles.

Customers have 72 hours to cancel their contract at no charge, but after that period, a cancellation would forfeit that month’s payment, as well as incurring a $999 restocking fee. This requires 30 days’ notice.Additional miles on top of your package are charged at GO’s standard rate, and if you have an accident or damage the vehicle, the maximum deductible is $500 per claim.

Brands and models

GO’s vehicle options depend on customer location, with a small range of large and small vehicles available in most places.

  • Nissan Rogue / Titan / Kicks / Altima / Versa
  • Chevrolet Suburban / Equinox
  • BMW X3 / X5
  • Mercedes C 300 / GLC 300 / E 250 / GLE 350

Notice periods

As GO operates on a specific 3-year subscription period, there is no notice period and a fee will apply if you wish to cancel before the end of the term.

What’s special about GO?

GO’s main USP is that the subscriptions are 20-40% less per month than traditional car ownership (lease and loan) due to their long-term nature, rather than being designed for customers who wish to regularly switch vehicles or have cars for a short time. There is good coverage for the service, which is expanding, and a wide range of vehicles, with a particularly good range to suit lower budgets.


Social media

GO primarily uses Facebook to advertise services, deals, and savings.


Does GO have a mileage limit?
You can select 833, 1000, or 1250 miles per month with GO. You can also roll over any unused miles to subsequent months.

Does a GO subscription include fuel?
No, you are responsible for fueling and paying for your gas. The monthly subscription fee includes the car, insurance and tax.

How does maintenance work?
Some of GO’s vehicles include maintenance according to the factory schedule, in which case you will only be responsible for presenting it at a garage in a timely fashion. Other vehicles do not have this included, so you will need to make sure you take the vehicle for regular maintenance as per your subscription terms.

Can I smoke in my car?
No, smoking is not allowed. If you return the vehicle and there is evidence that you have been smoking, GO will charge a cleaning fee.

Am I eligible for a GO subscription?
You must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Valid U.S. driver’s license (no temporary or short-term licenses accepted)
  2. Generally clean driving record
  3. A permanent driver’s license in the state where a Subscription is delivered
  4. At least 25 years old
  5. Verifiable source of income (proof of income may be needed)


GO sets itself apart from most other subscription companies by focusing on longer terms of 3 years. While this means there isn’t the flexibility of other companies, who offer shorter terms and the ability to switch vehicles, it is aimed at providing a low-responsibility form of stable car ownership at an affordable price. There is also the chance to buy the vehicle at market price at the end of your term, meaning that if your circumstances change, it can act as a gateway to full ownership in the long run.

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  1. The quote "Too good to be true" is fishy in this case. The terms of the contract will always favor the business, not the individual. They provided a quick notice to return the car due to unfavorable business conditions. I kept the accumulated miles over having year+: planning to keep the car for three years. But I was asked to return the vehicle within ten days and give up my miles (more than three months of underutilized for free). No extension, pathetic location to return, and asked not to write bad reviews for one monthly fee, which I didn't agree to, so another customer truly understands the business model here. Just be aware of what you are getting into with this drivego. You end up with better deals with leasing in the longer run than this subscription model. - from Skg | 2023-11-12
  2. They wanted me to return the car earlier than the 3 year term. They were threatening me with lawsuits while I was out of the country for an extended period of time. Dealing with them was such a pain since the first service had to be done. I remember crying at a dealership trying to make arrangements for an oil change. Very unorganized in the service department, changing their policies every so often and ending up to cover only $75 of the service amount. Also, I remember having an engine light and they had instructed me not to service the car until it reaches certain milage. I was also unlucky to have a rodent in the car engine and they didn't want to deal with it all. I remember going to the service provider they had at the time and the provider had clear instructions not to check the rodent issue at all. Also they had charge me additional $100 late fee for a violation that was not paid on time by them. The violation was $100, they charged $25 for their processing fee plus another $100 because they did not pay it in April that was due but in July. They claimed that the USPS had lost the ticket so I would have to pay $225 for a ticket worth $100. The accounting manager was so rude. I am happy I gave this car back and I do not have to deal with them ever again. - from Katerina | 2023-11-05
  3. I won’t be surprised if this company is insolvent soon it will not be around very much long. Extremely shady, stay far far away from DriveGo! - from Fredrick | 2023-08-31
  4. I can't believe how terrible my experience was with DriveGo car subscription company. They are hands down the most unprofessional and unethical company I have ever dealt with. I had signed up for their car subscription service with high hopes, only to have my expectations shattered. Out of the blue, I received an email informing me that my subscription was being canceled with a mere 15 days' notice. Can you imagine that? I was left scrambling to figure out alternative transportation arrangements in such a short time. This level of disregard for their customers is simply appalling. Their sudden cancellation of my subscription clearly showcases their lack of commitment and consideration for their customers. A reputable company would provide a reasonable notice period to allow customers to adjust their plans accordingly. But not DriveGo – they seem to thrive on causing inconvenience and stress. The way they handled the situation reeks of unprofessionalism. The lack of communication and transparency throughout the process only adds insult to injury. It's as if they don't care about their decisions' impact on their customers' lives. I strongly advise anyone considering a car subscription to steer clear of DriveGo. They are not a company to be trusted. Their actions demonstrate their disregard for customer satisfaction; I wouldn't wish this kind of experience on anyone. Save yourself the headache and frustration – plenty of other reputable car subscription services out there value their customers. In conclusion, my encounter with DriveGo has been a nightmare from start to finish. Their sudden cancellation of my subscription and the subsequent inconvenience it caused me is a testament to their unprofessional and unethical business practices. Stay away from DriveGo – you'll thank me later. - from Sunil | 2023-08-20
  5. A Company In Crisis Let's start with the most glaring issue of all. As another user put it, at the core of their corruption, Go is attempting to skirt state and federal laws that govern car leases by calling themselves a subscription. It's been bogus from the start to pretend customers are free to opt out of a subscription service when canceling said service does NOT come free of charge. This is in effect a unilateral option for Go, and car lease bait and switches like these are outright illegal in most jurisdictions. Go is not a subscription; it is a lease for all intents and purposes. If someone signs up for a 36-month contract where they would need to pay $1000 if they chose to end it early, then the company also needs to honor the original terms throughout those 36-months. They cannot raise prices or reduce service as they see fit while still expecting the customer to pay a large exit fee if they don't agree with those changes and wish to end the subscription. It's common sense, and yet, that is exactly what Go is doing! They have continually made changes to their terms and conditions throughout their existence because they see themselves as a subscription and within their legal right to make those changes. Through the course of their existence, they have gone from providing full maintenance to covering $75 of maintenance to not providing maintenance at all. They have gone from providing insurance to requiring users to get their own insurance, including the additional requirement of a lower deductible/better coverage (more expensive) than they were providing. All these things are taken into account when customers sign up with Go - the base cost, the insurance, the maintenance, etc. To change these things mid-term can put significant strain on a person's finances, and frankly, it's not what they signed up for. In the latest development Go is now requiring 10% of their users (most of their 2022 customers) to return their vehicles with 10-30 day's notice. There has been widespread resistance to this take-back from customers who have made a loud noise on social media and review sites. It has even caught the attention of media and politicians, like the Philadelphia Inquirer who recently wrote a story on this situation and the Pennsylvania Attorney General who tweeted that any affected customers should file a claim. In an attempt to save face, Go has spiraled out of control. They have attempted to get their customers to sign non-disparaging agreements or to risk "paying a restocking fee" when they return their cars. Restocking fees are only for when customers choose to end their 36 month contract early. They are not for situations like this where the company is choosing to demand their cars back. To threaten customers a $1000-$1500 fee if they don't sign an NDA is a whole other level of unethical, even for Go. They have also attempted to remove and dilute negative reviews. They removed their listing from Google Maps. They have presumably used their own employees and paid users to write false positive reviews on Trust Pilot. They have flagged as many negative reviews on that site as they've been able to. For users who have not immediately returned the car as Go has demanded, Go has threatened to disable the cars, repossess the cars, or report them as stolen, all this even though the customers have continued making on-time payments. They have even tried to scare a few customers by telling them that they could be arrested. For users who have agreed to return the car, Go has required them to drive any number of miles to 1 of 7 drop off locations in the US, and only during limited business hours. If they can't drive to the drop-off location during business hours, Go will charge a $400 pick-up fee. So not only is the company breaking their implied contract by taking back the cars early, they also want to charge those customers $400 for the pick-up and then to get them to sign an NDA. Even before all of this, Go was struggling to get a handle on their new business. When they advertised an availability date for vehicles, they have proven that they don't actually know when the vehicle will be ready. Numerous customers have reported long delays (weeks to months). During that delay, Go has rarely been forthcoming. They have not proactively informed the customers of delays and give very poor estimates when asked for an update. Go refuses to understand or simply does not care that customers have to plan their lives around getting a vehicle. I, for example, was driving an older car when I decided to lease from Go. Through multiple delays of my vehicle arrival, I held on to my older car until I was reasonably sure that my new vehicle was ready. When I finally sold it, Go delayed my vehicle for the 4th time, and I spent $500 on car rentals those final 2 weeks. Go needs to adjust their business model so they can actually deliver vehicles within an accurate time frame. At this point, the company can be described anywhere from wholly unreliable to willfully ignorant to blatantly unethical. They have been unwilling to acknowledge the negative effects their choices have had on real people's lives. This company needs to be brought to justice and needs to be regulated. Please make your voice heard by leaving reviews wherever possible and if you are a Go customer affected by their cancellations, please file a claim with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection. - from Thomas | 2023-07-18
  6. Title: Exposing Car Go Subscription Company's Unethical Business Practices I am writing to expose the alarming and unethical business practices of Car Go Subscription Company, which recently terminated my lease agreement. It is evident that their decision was not motivated by financial difficulties but rather by their desire for higher returns on my car, as well as other vehicles. While the increased cost of cars and used car values may provide them with an opportunity for greater profit, it is their responsibility as a reputable car subscription service to honor contracted rates and fulfill their obligations. Their actions raise serious concerns about their integrity and the underlying motivations of their business. What is particularly shocking is the requirement presented to me in the form of a waiver, restricting my right to express dissatisfaction or criticism of Car Go on social media platforms. This restriction not only demonstrates a lack of transparency but also infringes upon basic customer rights. Upholding obligations and fostering trust between a company and its customers are fundamental principles for any successful business. However, Car Go's handling of this situation undermines confidence and leaves me questioning the reliability of their services. It begs the question: Why should anyone trust a company that can arbitrarily break a subscription and recall a car whenever it serves their financial interests? These actions by Car Go Subscription Company cannot go unnoticed. Their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and their attempt to silence valid criticism are signs of an organization that prioritizes profit over ethical business practices. It is crucial to shed light on their behavior and protect consumers from falling victim to their scams. I urge everyone to be cautious when considering a subscription with Car Go or any similar service. By sharing my experience and shedding light on their unethical practices, we can help others make informed decisions and avoid being taken advantage of by this company. It is high time we hold Car Go accountable for their actions and demand transparency and integrity from them. Let us spread the word about their unethical business practices and protect others from falling victim to their scams. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that companies like Car Go are held responsible for their actions. #CarGoScams #UnethicalBusinessPractices #ConsumerAwareness - from Aaron | 2023-07-06
  7. Scam company they will not send you an updated registration but will continue to take your money. They will make you sign a 3 year contract and tell you give the car back in 1 year. Horrible company, terrible customer service. - from Rolando Figueroa | 2023-07-03
  8. Is there an option to give 0 stars? In the beginning Go was everything I always looked for since I hate owning vehicles because it depreciates quickly. I signed up received the vehicle when promised and the representative I dealt with was excellent and would hire her for my own company if I could (Tricia). A few months in the subscription I get an email telling me that Go wants their vehicle back due to “unforeseen circumstances” mind you all payments were always made on time. I was given 30 days to return the vehicle and could get another vehicle with $100 discount for the next 12 months. However I could get another vehicle for another 6 months according to the wait time for my area. Absolutely ridiculous. What I am supposed to do for 6 months? Ride Uber everyday? This company is a joke. I was hoping this business model would catch on and purchasing vehicles would be a thing of the past boy was I wrong. - from Marc | 2023-07-01
  9. Billed as a long-term car rental with a 3 year agreement. After about 9 months I'm told I have to return the car and they don't have any replacement available for many months. Looks like they want the forced upgrade to a premium vehicle. They've been pushing the voluntary upgrade for quite some time. Beware that they aren't what they seem. - from John Doe | 2023-06-29
  10. Started out great then it became awful. The process was great, Customer service rep I dealt with was amazing (Tricia) was very responsive during the entire process. Then few months into the subscription I get a notice that Go needs their vehicle back within 30 days due to "unforeseen circumstances" or I could purchase the vehicle at market value. Then soon after I received instructions on how to return the vehicle. Wait how about the offer to purchase? does it still stand? I always hated purchasing vehicles its such a rip off the negotiations process is total BS so I had so much hope that Go would be an excellent alternative and wished the concept of a subscription would catch on and become very popular making purchasing a vehicle a thing of the past. But Go has failed miserably. CEO Michael Beauchamp please keep up the good work sir! . I will post this same review on all websites. - from Gus | 2023-06-29
  11. Please do not use this company. I just got an email from them saying that they are ending my subscription because of “current inflationary environment and escalating interests rates”. And have to return my car in 30 days. They’re offering for me to buy it out, but the price is high. Do not give them your business. - from Katie | 2023-06-28
  12. Be careful with the fine print.... GO car subscription originally was a fantastic solution to an immediate problem: I was buying a house, needed a car, and couldn't finance the traditional way without affecting my credit score and thus mortgage. GO was at first very easy: I applied online, there was no hard credit pull, and they delivered the car to me directly. However, issues started to come up. At first, it was smaller things, like how they originally included insurance as part of my monthly payment, but then called me and gave me less than 2 weeks notice to procure my own car insurance instead. They also wouldn't let me lower the number of monthly miles I wanted to pay for -- it's a sliding scale that only goes up, apparently. Now, about 1 year into my time with the company, they have given me just 10 days to either turn in the car, buy it outright, or trade up for a more expensive option. This is my only vehicle and it's incredibly inconvenient. Read the fine print -- this is a startup, not a traditional car lease, and you will definitely feel the volatility if you get a car from them. It was a good "quick fix" but since the restocking fee is $1,000 if you turn in the car before 3 years, I thought I would at least stick with them for that long. Guess that's not the case, since they are demanding the car be returned or bought. From the contract: "In addition to the termination provisions set forth in the next paragraph, we may terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason upon no less than ten (10) days' notice to you." - from Kelsey Fowler | 2023-06-15
  13. Car not delivered in time, customer support not available, does not accept any cancellations. I should've gone for FINN at this point... - from Tony Rasmussen | 2023-06-05
  14. I have been a customer for almost a year. I have had zero issues so far. The process was easy, my insurance is included, and they made a ton of upgrades to their portal since I subscribed. - from Ryan Akers | 2023-03-07
  15. The unique subscription and wonderful customer service (Ernst) provided by these folks are stellar! - from Paul Duane Groves | 2022-12-07
  16. Communication was fantastic and the prices are incredibly low. Will be a return customer for sure. - from Sam Baker | 2022-06-30

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