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Mercedes Benz Collection
Mercedes Benz Collection

Mercedes Benz Collection

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By: Simon Richardson
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About Mercedes Benz Collection

Mercedes Benz Collection is a Mercedes car subscription service available to customers in Nashville, TN Philadelphia, PA, and Atlanta, GA. The service is mainly operated from your cell, allowing you to flip, upgrade or cancel your subscription quickly and easily. The Mercedes subscription service works on three tiers, allowing you to access a range of vehicles within your tier, and giving you access to the latest models. Mercedes also have a rating system to help them improve the accuracy of vehicle choice that they deliver to their customers.

How it works

The Mercedes subscription is a cellphone-based service, so pausing, flipping and canceling is done entirely through your cell. The insurance card is also viewable as a digital version on your cell account, with a hard copy in the glovebox.

  • Sign up and pay your $495 sign-on fee
  • Mercedes will do their checks on your driving and criminal records
  • Choose a car and arrange a delivery from the Mercedes concierge
  • When you’re ready to flip, choose your next car and Mercedes will deliver
  • If you need to pause, choose the length of time on the app
  • If you get in an accident or have any other problems, just contact the concierge service and they’ll arrange a replacement

Cost and fees

If you’re in Nashville or Atlanta, you have three levels of subscription available:

  1. Signature – $1095 per month
  2. Reserve – $1595 per month
  3. Premier – $2995 per month

For Philly customers, only the Reserve and Premier levels are available.

All customers must pay a $495 sign-on fee, then the subscription covers cleaning, insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and a tank of gas. The standard insurance covers $1,000,000 liability, and $2,000 medical ($1,000 member deductible).

Specific subscription pauses are fine with no charge, but for pauses of an unspecified period of time, Mercedes will charge a one-off $200.

Brands and models

All vehicles available through Mercedes Benz Collection are from the last three years, spanning the full Mercedes range (availability varies slightly by state):

Signature: C300 Sedan, A220 Sedan, AMG C43 Sedan, AMG CLA 45 Sedan, GLC 300 SUV/Coupe, C300 Coupe/Cabriolet, SLC 300 Roadster

Reserve: E300 Sedan, E400 Wagon, GLE 350 SUV, GLS 450 SUV, AMG GLC 43 SUV, E400 Couple/Cabriolet, AMG C43 Coupe

Premier: S560 Sedan, AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, G550 SUV, GLS 550 SUV, AMG C 63 S Coupe, SL550 Roadster, AMG CLS 53 Coupe

Notice periods

Mercedes require a 31 or 32-day commitment depending on your state, but the notice period thereafter is by 12pm the day before you want to flip or cancel.

What’s Special about Mercedes Benz Collection?

The main draw for customers is that Mercedes Benz Collection gives you access to nearly the full range of Mercedes vehicles, including some of their seriously high-end cars. The company guarantee that all their cars are from the last 3 years of models, so you can get hold of some of the newest cars on the market, and the concierge service allows you to rate cars and improve your matches. Meanwhile, the flip service is flexible, with less than 24 hours’ notice required for you to change or upgrade.


Social media

Mercedes Benz do not operate a dedicated social media site for their subscription service, but you can catch the latest Mercedes new on their Facebook: Mercedes Benz Collection


Mercedes offer a premium subscription service that is centered around its concierge and the ability to flip, upgrade or cancel at the touch of a button on your cell. Their vehicles are all from the last 3 years, and there are no limits on mileage. The service is available to anyone over 21, but as the subscriptions require a fairly high monthly commitment, the credit checks are likely to leave quite a few interested parties disappointed.

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Mercedes Benz Collection Reviews

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3 Reviews
4 of 5 stars

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  1. It’s pretty convenient to be able to flip cars whenever I like. I’ve tried a couple of other subscription services, but this feels more premium overall. Recommended - from Johnneee189 | 2020-06-18
  2. Sure, it’s expensive, but the cars are sweet and in great condition. The cellphone app is cool too. I think it’s worth it - from Ryan F | 2020-06-03
  3. They’re real quick to get back to you if you have a problem or you want to trade your car in for something else. It’s a bit pricey but overall I like it a lot. - from Claire Turner | 2020-01-25

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