By: Simon Richardson
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About Finn

Finn is a hybrid and electric car subscription service that operates within New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania as a delivery-only service. The company is based in Munich, Germany. Their main focus is on sustainability and providing customers with an entrance point into the hybrid and electric market. They are a carbon-neutral company working with ClimatePartner on several projects, and ensuring CO2 offsetting. Finn is available to drivers in the US with good credit ratings and who are at least 25 years old.

How it works

Finn’s subscription service works the same as most of its non-electric subscription competitors:

  • Complete the sign-up process, during which Finn will check your credit rating. You must be over 25 with a good driver history.
  • Pay the first month’s subscription up front and a deposit if applicable. The monthly fee includes everything except fuel and the minimum initial subscription is 6 months.
  • When your subscription ends, you can take out a new one and receive a different vehicle, or extend your current subscription.
  • Cancelation is only available at the end of the minimum term.

You should return you vehicle to The car can be returned to Glovis in Philadephia at the end of the term, but Finn also offer a pick-up service for a one-off fee of $199.

Cost and fees

While there is no stated deposit for Finn’s services, they may apply one at their discretion if your credit rating and/or driver record are borderline, at their discretion. The monthly fee for the subscription is chargeable monthly on the delivery day, and prices for Finn’s vehicles range from $499 to $1049 per month, depending on term length, mileage package, and vehicle.

Additional miles on top of your package are charged at $0.25 per mile, and if you have an accident or damage the vehicle, the maximum deductible is $1000 per claim.

Brands and models

Finn offers a small range of hybrid and electric vehicles:

  • Tesla Model 3 / Model Y
  • Jeep Compass / Grand Cherokee
  • Chevrolet Blazer / Camaro
  • Nissan Sentra

Notice periods

Finn’s terms are fixed at either 6 or 12 months, and extensions require 6 weeks’ notice before the end of the initial term. Once you have signed a contract and received delivery of your vehicle, cancelations are not available, except for within the first 48 hours.

What’s special about Finn?

Finn’s service is easy to use and offers delivery to customers, as well as a wide price range. However, their main USP is the focus on sustainability, with carbon-neutral processes and a small fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles. The inclusion of two Tesla models is also a selling point for the company.


Social media

Finn is a relatively new presence within the US, so there is no English social media presence as of yet.


Finn’s subscription offering promotes sustainability and electric vehicle ownership with its small fleet. The company has managed to provide affordability at most price points, and while the radius for the service is currently limited, they are a growing presence within the US. Currently, subscription terms are relatively inflexible for the subscription market, with 6 and 12-month terms only, but there are vehicles of all types (family, hatchback, saloon) in their range, providing an entry point for as many customers as possible.

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