Drive your new car all-inclusive
Drive your new car all-inclusive
By: Simon Richardson
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Update (August 2022): Fair has ceased trading as far as we know.

About Fair

Fair is one of the US’ most established car subscription services, offering a range of vehicles based on location, across 17 states in the country. The entire service is based on an app, including online signatures, and all fees and logistics are calculated based on physical location, credit rating, age and vehicles.

Fair also allow usage for rideshare purposes, and they source their vehicles from dealerships based on your location, which means the range of types and pricing options is more diverse and fluid than its competitors.

How it works

Fair is based entirely within an app, and is a physical location-based service, rather than merely restricting itself to states.

  1. Sign up and go through the pre-checks. Fair use your credit rating to filter the range of vehicles it shows to you so they can ensure that everything is affordable.
  2. Choose your vehicle. You can see how far away it is, the age, spec etc. all on the app
  3. Arrange to collect the vehicle with a 3-day, 100-mile cancelation term
  4. Drive the vehicle. Fair offer insurance as an extra, and all maintenance and roadside assistance is covered.

Choose when to cancel and return the vehicle. Early cancelations are prorated a month in arrears.

Cost and fees

As Fair works based on your exact location and local dealerships, rather than on a fixed state basis, fees vary from car to car, person to person, and even credit rating to credit rating. Similarly, insurance is available as a separate add-on and is tailored to your needs and the value and spec of the vehicle.
In order to see a comprehensive run-down of fees and vehicle costs, you need to download the app and enable location sharing for an indicative cost range, then go through the pre-authorization checks to get exact costs.

Brands and models

Fair’s range of vehicles is completely dependent on location, with a theoretically unlimited choice of second-hand cars available. Again, the access you have will depend on your location and credit score.

Notice periods

In certain states, you can return the car within 3 days at no cost. For other cancelations, there is no stated notice period, but prorated charges will apply.

What’s special about Fair?

Fair works slightly differently from its competitors, in that it works by sourcing vehicles from local dealerships based on their proximity to you. This means that pickup and return are easy, but also that the range of vehicles is large, unpredictable and automatically tailored to you. The fact that you can’t even see vehicles that are outside of your credit bracket removes temptation to overspend, and Fair take into account all extra fees when calculating this.

Because of the wide variation in vehicle type and age, Fair also allow a 3-day, 100-mile “cooling off” period, meaning you can return with no obligations if you don’t like the car.


Social media

Fair has a central social media account that covers all the states in which it operates on Facebook.


Fair’s entire model is based on backing up the company name. From limiting selection based on credit score, to tailoring costs and cars to physical location, the company is aiming to provide the fairest amount of choice out of its competitors. The sheer range of possibilities and the unpredictability of these will put some customers off, but the pricing structures allow an entry point for almost any level of income, and the sheer scale and amount of choice will be appealing to just as many others.

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  1. We have used FAIR for 2 cars now. In 2019 we needed a short 1 year lease because we were moving. At that time we got a 2018 Jetta low miles and added 10k miles to that plan. Down payment was less than $800. We picked up the car from a Honda dealership and Fair picked up the car when term was over. 4 Stars Fast forward to 2021. Fair went through tons of changes it seems with lot less inventory. We got a 2020 wrangler JL certified. Picked up from the Jeep dealership. This time the down payment for 3 year term was around $3900 which covers all oil changes , tire rotation emergency roadside and certified. No issues so far but now that SHIFT bought out FAIR hoping for better inventory. - from Lo | 2022-04-05
  2. It’s a clever app – I don’t know exactly how it works but I always get the car I want, when I want it, so it’s all good really. I guess the only thing I would improve is making the choice a bit more streamlined and predictable – it can be a bit overwhelming. - from Mytime80 | 2020-04-02
  3. These guys are a bit different I think, because they get their cars from partner dealers, so you get different choices depending on where you live and what that dealer has in stock. I like that it’s all on an app and I found it quick and easy to use. - from EmoAmy | 2020-02-12

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