Drive your new car all-inclusive
Drive your new car all-inclusive
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About Autonomy

Autonomy is a subscription service for the Tesla Model 3, with a 30-day rolling contract following the initial 3-month terms. The service is available across California, with pick-up or delivery and the option to increase or decrease the initial down payment to change the monthly contract amount. Autonomy operate exclusively on their app, which works on iOS, and customers will need to add their subscription vehicle to their insurance policy in line with Autonomy’s minimum requirements. Currently, all the Teslas provided by Autonomy are either new or have done under 500 miles.

In 2022 and 2023 Autonomy’s plans an electric vehicle product expansion from the Tesla Model 3 into several automaker brands as well as a geographic expansion across the United States.

How it works

Autonomy’s subscription service is based entirely on their iOS app.

  • Download the app and upload your driver’s license to tart the ID verification and checking service
  • Decide on your preferred start fee and monthly payment amount
  • Receive your contract and sign digitally through the app
  • Pay your refundable security deposit and start fee
  • Drive the car for 3 months and then either extend or cancel at 28 days’ notice

Cost and fees

Autonomy’s security deposit is split into two payments: $100 as a reservation deposit to get you on the waiting list, then $400 to secure a vehicle and book a collection or delivery. Both fees are refundable. The down payment amount can be altered from $1000 to $4900, with the monthly fee sliding from $1000 down to $490, respectively.

The mileage limit for Autonomy’s vehicles is 1000 per month, with every additional mile charged at $0.25.

For insurance, customers must choose a policy add-on that meets all the minimum criteria for California.

Brands and models

Autonomy offer the Tesla Model 3 (2021 edition) in a choice of five colors.

Notice periods

The initial contract lasts for 3 months, reverting to a 30-day rolling contract thereafter. For extension or cancellation, customers must give 28 days’ notice.

What’s Special about Autonomy?

With Teslas being in demand and quite pricey, the chance to get hold of a recent model on subscription is still quite rare. And by offering monthly pricing and the initial down payment on a sliding scale, Autonomy have made a big effort to appeal to different demographics and budgets. The rolling contract also means that there is a high level of flexibility, and the interfacing is done entirely through the iOS app, meaning that the company is both electric and paper-free. Autonomy also offer delivery, which adds an extra layer of flexibility.


Social media

Autonomy uses Facebook and Instagram for promotions and updates.


Autonomy is a Tesla-exclusive subscription service that works on a 30-day rolling contract following the initial 3-month term. The entirely app-based service is easy to use but currently only available on iOS, and the company themselves are only running in California at this time. Customers can change their monthly payment amount and increase the down payment or vice versa, and the mileage limit is generous but extendable for a fee. Unlike most other car subscription services, Autonomy does not cover insurance.

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2.3 of 5 stars
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  1. Unbelievable. Download the app on my iPhone and it immediately requests photos of drivers licence, selfie, SS# etc. No pricing, no vehicles identified. To me, it simply appears to be a personal info collection scam. Can't reach a live human to have my info erased. - from Herb L. | 2022-08-04
  2. The process was quick and straightforward. The people who work for Autonomy are amiable and make themselves readily available if a person has any questions. I am so happy I found this company. I have wanted to drive a Tesla for a while due to gas prices and the environment, and this company makes it possible for people to get in the car of their dreams. - from Tamara Harris | 2022-08-03
  3. Got rejected by them and was given no reason. Was ready to put $4900 down. Pretty unhappy with this company. - from Brendan McGill | 2022-07-20

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