Drive your new car all-inclusive
Drive your new car all-inclusive
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About Audi Select

Audi Select is a premium car subscription company by Audi, currently limited to people in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Audi have said that there are plans to expand the current catchment area, though. Currently, users can choose two subscription packages, allowing access to a range of the latest Audi models, with multiple swaps per month and several extra perks, including free rental days using their Silvercar service. As with other premium subscription offerings, Audi provide a concierge service that acts as a one-stop shop for delivery, alterations, cleaning and any issues with the vehicles.

How it works

To use Audi Select, you must be in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area (although you can drive the car anywhere in the US), and pass the application process. You need to be 25 and have a good credit rating.

  • Complete the online application process and receive approval
  • Sign up to a minimum term of a month, although there are discounts available if you register for 3 months or over
  • To cancel, email or phone with a notice period of 7 days before the month end
  • If you have any problems with the car, contact your concierge
  • You can flip cars up to twice in a month, or keep the same car for up to 180 days
  • There are no mileage restrictions, and the car can be driven anywhere in the US

Cost and fees

Audi Select’s car subscription service can be taken on two levels, depending on the vehicles you want access to:

  1. Core Collection – $995 per month
  2. Premier Collection – $1495 per month

The cost includes VAT, insurance, maintenance, car detailing, collection and pickup, and roadside assistance. The fee is paid monthly, one month in advance, and the insurance that comes with the cars provides $300,000 of personal cover and $2000 medical payments in Texas, with an excess of $1000 per claim.

Unlike many of its competitors, Audi don’t ask for an initial down payment or administration feel; they just take the first month’s subscription in advance. New subscribers also get 50% off their first month if they commit to a minimum 3 months on sign-up.

Audi don’t charge for excess mileage either, as there are no set mileage limits.

Brands and models

Audi offer access to their newest models across the two levels of subscription as follows:

Core range:
A4, Q5, S3, TT

Premium range:
All core range vehicles, plus S5, Q7, A6 and A5 Cabriolet

Notice periods

Audi require 7 days’ notice for cancelation, due before the end of each subscription month. For changes during any given month, contact the concierge for a quick turnaround.

What’s special about Audi Select?

There are a few eye-catching elements to the Audi Select service.

  1. They offer a service that includes insurance
  2. You get unlimited mileage and two swaps per month
  3. The personal concierge service includes car detailing
  4. All their cars are only a maximum of a year old

They also offer access to their Silvercar service, offering you free rentals for two days per month from any Silvercar location. Users only require the app and are then given coupons through the Audi Select service.

Social media

Audi Select does have a dedicated Facebook page, but it’s seldom used or updated.


Audi Select may not cater to the lower end of the market, but the price is in keeping with what they offer. All the vehicles are new or nearly new, and the four on offer in the premium bracket are expensive models. The inclusion of insurance and the lack of mileage make this an attractive option for customers looking to put in regular long drives, and the Audi brand is associated with reliability and aesthetics. It is likely to be a long wait list if and when the service is rolled out across the US.

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Audi Select Reviews

3.8 of 5 stars
4 Reviews
3.8 of 5 stars
3.8 of 5 stars
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3.8 of 5 stars

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  1. I'm extremely unhappy. I cancelled service with them over a year ago. I recently checked my credit report and see that they've tried to get me to pay for a cracked windsheld by sending the charge to collections. The whindshield was already cracked/chipped and now they've ruined my credit for something that isn't my fault. If this service will make you responsible for a cracked windshield, what exactly are you paying for? Where is the "maintainance free" aspect to having a subscription? - from Kirk D | 2020-07-30
  2. I tried this for a few months and I can’t really fault it. It’s an easy in too, with no down payment. The only thing I’d say is that it is expensive and other services out there are more affordable (although they aren’t giving you brand new Audis). - from ppppppp | 2020-05-10
  3. The Audi name is synonymous with premium vehicles, and in offering top spec, brand new cars, with concierge and detailing, Audi Select’s subscription service is in line with the company image. Excellent. - from Blakey | 2020-03-09
  4. Oh man, this is a sweet deal! New models, full detailing, private concierge – such a cool idea! Use their Silvercar rental service too if you can – also super cool. - from Paul Gronkowski | 2020-02-19

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