FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
FINN: Drive your new car all-inclusive
Motor Drive
Motor Drive

Motor Drive

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By: Simon Richardson
Last update 2021-11-04 Reading time 2:05 min

About Motor Drive

Motor Drive is an electric only subscription service for residents of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Customers can sign up to four different subscription tiers, with access to 8 premium electric vehicles across the tiers. With no mileage limits, 30-day rolling contracts that can be extended indefinitely, and a charger provided for the vehicle, Motor Drive is a flexible service with an environmentally friendly focus that will appeal to customers in a range of contexts. While the service is currently limited to Indianapolis, they have a mailing list for future expansion notifications.

How it works

Motor Drive is an app-based service. Once you have downloaded the Android/iOS app, you complete the registration process, pay the initial fee, then choose a subscription tier and arrange delivery.

  • Customers must be over 25 and live in the Indianapolis region
  • Customers must have a US license and a good driver record
  • The activation fee is chargeable on first delivery
  • Customers can change vehicles or subscription tiers each month, with extra benefits (such as level 2 charger installation) available to customers who sign up for the 4-month subscription plan, as opposed to the 30-day rolling contract

Cost and fees

Motor Drive offers four tiers of subscription to their service:

  • Comfort – $649 per month
  • Premier – $849 per month
  • Select – $1099 per month
  • Luxury – $1399 per month

All cars come with a basic home charger (known as a level 1 charger) at no cost, but Motor Drive also offer a free installation of a $1500 level 2 fast charger if you sign up to the 4-month subscription service. As there are no mileage limits, there are no excess charges to worry about. The only up-front charge for Motor Drive charges is the $400 activation fee, which is charged when your first vehicle is delivered.

Brands and models

Motor Drive offer 8 of the latest electric vehicles, spread across the four subscription tiers. All vehicles come in like-new condition with the latest accessories and dashes.

  • Nissan LEAF
Chevy Bolt
Tesla Model 3
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • VW ID.4
  • Audi e-tron
  • Tesla Model X

Notice periods

As the minimum subscription is a 30-day rolling contract which renews automatically, there is no stated notice period. Customers who wish to cancel just need to contact Motor Drive before the month end.

What’s special about Motor Drive?

As an electric only company, Motor Drive has a clear focus on an environmentally friendly offering. With four different subscription levels, they have also covered several demographics of customer, with the Nissan LEAF and the Tesla Model X providing as much diversity as you will find from an electric car subscription. The 30-day rolling subscription is fairly standard, but the option to get a free level 2 charger installation in exchange for signing up to a longer term stands out from Motor Drive’s competitors.

Social media

Motor EV is a wider service with offerings for businesses as well as the Motor Drive subscription service. The company is active on Facebook, with one page for all its services.


Motor Drive offer a range of electric car subscriptions that will cater to most budgets and, with the lowest term being 30 days, most requirements. While the company is currently limited to the Indianapolis region, there is clear intent to expand, and the fact that customers can access level 2 charger installation for free is a draw for people who are looking to make electric their new normal. The app-only service is easy to use and the all-inclusive nature is in line with subscription competitors, both electric and non-electric, across the US.

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