Want to know more about how Flexigo works? We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Read on for information on vehicle range, what’s included, terms and conditions and more. And if you want to shop around, you’ll be able to check out our other articles so you can compare how Flexigo stacks up against other car subscription companies out there too!

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 9. March 2023 Reading time 2:21 min

About Flexigo

Flexigo is a Brisbane-based car subscription company, offering a wide range of used vehicles for customers, including scooters and electric vehicles (depending on availability). The company also has a dedicated service for rideshare customers, including rent to own, and purchase loans.

Flexigo have a short lock-in period of 3 weeks, then you can cancel at any time. You can also switch cars once every three months, and your car subscription includes vehicle registration, car insurance and vehicle maintenance.

How it works

First off, you must have a Queensland Driver’s License and an Australian Medicare card. Then, you need to complete a credit check and once you have been approved, you can select a vehicle from the list and arrange for collection. You must initially subscribe for 3 weeks, but after that, you can cancel at any time or switch your vehicle once every three months. There is an initial joining fee, but once this has been paid, you won’t be charged a deposit for any future subscriptions.

Costs and fees

The initial joining fee is $250, but this is a one-off and there is no deposit per subscription. There is no cancellation fee, and swapping is charged at $150 per swap.

In terms of the main contract, the 2021 MG 3 is the cheapest option, coming in at $200 per week. This includes a 1500 km driving allowance per week. At the top end, the 2021 Toyota Landcruiser is $500 per week.

Brands and models

As Flexigo works with partner brands, the vehicle range varies by availability, and cars are used models from the last few years. Indicatively, their range typically includes

  • MG 3
  • Hyundai Venue
  • Haval H2
  • Nissan X-Trail
  • Toyota RAV-4
  • Toyota Landcruiser

Notice periods

There is no minimum notice period – you can cancel at any time once your 3-week initial lock-in is over. For vehicle swaps, you can change once every 3 months for a $150 fee.

What is special about Flexigo?

Flexigo provides a low entry point cost-wise, and if you have a small budget, you can even subscribe to a scooter. The initial lock-in does exist, but it is a one-off, and the model beyond that allows for cancellation any time. The mileage allowance of 1500 km per week is generous, and the vehicle range covers most vehicle types and varies depending on the availability of cars from their partner brands. There is also a specialist subscription service for rideshare customers, including a couple of financing options for customers looking to eventually own the vehicles they are driving.

Social media

Flexigo has a Facebook, but it is only rarely updated.


Can I swap my Flexigo vehicle?
Yes. You can swap at any time, but you can only do so once every 3 months. There is a swap fee of $150 each time.

Can I drive unlimited kilometres?
You can, but the package that Flexigo provides includes 1500 kilometres per week. If you exceed this, you will be charged an extra fee.

What is the difference between a subscription and a lease?
A car lease is a long term commitment and is harder and more expensive to cancel. Car subscriptions, however, are far more flexible and you can cancel or swap vehicles at any time.

How do I use Fleixgo as a rideshare customer?
Fleixgo provide a range of custom options for rideshare customers, including a rent-to-own service. To find out more, visit the dedicated site: https://ridesharesolutions.com.au/

How do I apply?
To apply, you need a Queensland Driver’s License and an Australian Medicare card. Flexigo will also take you through a credit check.


Flexigo aims to provide a flexible service that anyone can access, and by offering used vehicles from partner brands, they have achieved a low starting price, while still offering a high number of kilometres. Like the vast majority of subscription companies, the contract includes insurance, rego, maintenance and tyres, registration, CTP, and the chance to swap vehicles. However, the latter is relatively restricted, with only one swap every three months permitted.

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