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About Motopool

Motopool is a subscription service available to customers in the Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney areas. With a full concierge system, customers can choose from three different plans which offer different levels of mileage and also a free joining fee for premium plan subscribers. While the minimum term is 3 months, Motopool are focused on incentivising customers to join for longer, and there is a rewards programme called Motoperks that offers various discounts and perks to people who extend their contracts.

How it works

Motopool doesn’t currently operate on an app like the majority of its competitors, but the website sign-up has similar functionality.

  1. Join online and complete the driver’s license and credit check
  2. Choose a plan from Starter, Value and Premium. If you are a business customer, there is an entirely different section with tailor made business options
  3. Choose a vehicle, subscription length and pick-up date
  4. Attend the Salisbury office for a meeting with your concierge
  5. Extend, cancel or start a new plan with a new vehicle after the initial 2-month term

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Over 21s only
  • You must have held a driver’s license for a year
  • You must hold a valid Australian (P2 and above) or equivalent international driver’s license
  • You have no history or suspensions or cancellations of any driver’s license within the last 5 years
  • You have not been bankrupt at any point in the last 7 years

You must also provide Motopool with documentation to approve your membership, including 100 points of ID.

Costs and fees

Motopool subscribers pay a $250 joining fee, chargeable at the time of the first subscription payment. Then, the monthly cost depends on the subscription plan:

  • Starter Plan: 250km per week, from $154 per week
  • Value Plan: 500km per week, from $194 per week
  • Premium Plan: 750km per week, from $234 per week, no joining fee and a 2-month minimum term instead of 3.

The excess for insurance is $3500, although customers can reduce this to $1000 for an extra weekly fee of $20.

Brands and models

Motopool currently have 30 vehicles on offer across their three plans, with a mix of new and old models, including:

  • 2020 MG MG3
  • 2016 Toyota Yaris
  • 2020 Kia Cerato
  • 2017 Mada 3
  • 2018 Mitsubishi ASX
  • 2021 Kia Sportage
  • 2021 Toyota Hilux

Prices range from $154 a week for a 2016 Toyota Yaris on the starter plan, to $399 per week for the electric MG ZS EV (2021).

Notice periods

After customers have completed the initial 2-month contract, they can cancel future plans with 21 days’ notice.

What’s Special about Motopool?

Motopool offer three tiers of subscription, which allow customers an element of customisation in terms of mileage and whether or not they pay the joining fee. But the main point of difference with Motopool is the service they offer to businesses, focusing on start-ups and established companies alike, and offering fleet services including pick-ups and executive vehicles. The range available is failr comprehensive, focusing more on affordability than luxury vehicles.



Social media

Motopool use Facebook for updates, offers, news, and information.


How does Motopool work?
You pay a weekly fee that covers everything except fuel. Then, you have access to Motopool’s range of vehicles with the flexibility to pick what and when you want to drive.

Who owns Motopool?
Motopool is owned by Motorama and launched in Brisbane in 2019. Now, it also operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

How do I prove my eligibility?
You must be at least 21 and have held a full P2 Australian license for a minimum of a year (or equivalent international license). You must not have had any suspensions in the last 5 years, or bankruptcy in the last seven years. Finally, you must complete and return all the necessary documentation, including 100 points of ID.

Can I take my dog in a subscription vehicle?
No, Motopool do not generally allow pets in their vehicles. However, in exceptional circumstances it may be considered if you speak to one of their concierges.

What are the basic costs of a car subscription?
Motopool charge a one-off joining fee of $250 and depending on your circumstances, they may also ask for a security deposit. After that, you pay a weekly fee depending on the level of subscription you choose, plus a car fee that varies by vehicle.


Motopool’s tiered subscription model is straightforward and aims to cater to heavier users as well as occasional drivers. The upfront fee is on the higher side and at $3500, the insurance excess will put a lot of people off. The business service is comprehensive and full of options and customisation, and the range of vehicles on both sides covers most usage types other than convertibles and sports cars. The service isn’t yet app-based and is based only in the Brisbane area, so there is room for expansion in the future.

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  1. We immigrated from NZ to Aus in April 23, I arranged my vehicle with Motopool by telephone, on my arrival they where waiting for me with the vehicle (SUV Brand New) ready. I paid my holding deposit and two weeks in advance inspected the vehicle and was ready to go, Amazing! As an immigrants we could only buy a vehicle with repayment within 18 months, worked out a fortune or crappie car. Motopool is the way to go, I had a great experience and love my car, thank you Motopool! - from Louw | 7. May 2023
  2. Unfortunately I have to post the same as other reviewers. As long as everything goes well, all is well. Try requesting help after hours. There is none. You’re left stranded. Even though I filled out an insurance claim form, the damage to the car was taken straight from my account. No insurance claim even though I provided the info of the party at fault on the insurance claim form on the day. And then try to get your deposit back after you decide to end the rental. Good luck. Cannot recommend. Zero stars if that was possible. - from Kobus | 24. January 2023
  3. Unfortunately I had to deal with Motopool for almost 12 months and it was not a good experience. Jake from the Sydney office was incredibly unprofessional and rude. He and other staff members were unreliable and seemed like they were not properly trained for the job. Definitely would not recommend this service. - from Camilla | 20. December 2022

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