By: Simon Richardson
Last update 16. November 2021 Reading time 1:53 min

About Jaguar

The Jaguar subscription is a luxury offering that Jaguar have arranged in partnership with vehicle subscription company Carbar. Operating within Sydney and Melbourne, customers can sign up to a weekly rolling contract with no limits and 2 weeks’ notice required. As the only car currently available on this plan is the F-PACE, instead of there being a choice of vehicle, users can customise their F-PACE before starting the contract. Prospective customers must be over 21 and hold at least a Provisional P2 license.

How it works

Jaguar uses the Carbar platform to offer its F-PACE plan. As with direct Carbar users, customers sign up to a personal or corporate account, then choose a vehicle (in this case, a customisable Jaguar F-Pace). Then, once you have completed the registration and checking process (including an Australian Driver’s License, 3 months of bank statements and a completed driver declaration), you can have the car delivered within a 50km radius of Sydney or Melbourne; or arrange for collection.

For cancellations, just get in touch with Jaguar; you need to give 2 weeks’ notice and you can swap your car on a monthly basis. All subscriptions include insurance, rego, servicing and roadside assistance; customers pay for fuel and tolls.

Costs and fees

The subscription costs start at $389 per month, with different customisation of your F-PACE changing the cost slightly. For mileage options and excess fees, you have to first sign up and contact Jaguar.

While insurance is included, the excess varies depending on the type of license a customer holds. For full license holders, it is $2000 and for Provisional P2 license holders, it’s $3000.

Brands and models

Currently, the F-PACE is the only model on offer, but you can customise it as if you were buying a brand new car from a dealership.

Notice periods

Customers can cancel their subscription at any time, by giving two weeks’ notice.

What’s Special about Jaguar?

Jaguar are offering subscription access to one of their most popular and up-market new vehicles, and there is currently little competition at the luxury end of the subscription market. The one-week minimum subscription and the 2 weeks’ notice are both relatively short and the base price of $389 per week means that it is an affordable option for many.

However, by partnering with Carbar, Jaguar also have access to the Carbar corporate offering for their F-PACE. This plan has options both for small businesses of 0-20 employees, and larger companies with up to 100 employees.

Social media

While Jaguar’s subscription pace redirects customers to the Carbar Facebook, you can find out more about Jaguar as a separate brand on their website.


Jaguar is effectively acting as a luxury arm to the Carbar subscription brand. By only offering one type of vehicle, the options are quite limited, but the main attraction in the first place has to be for customers wishing to drive a luxury brand without the responsibilities that come with purchasing a vehicle. Fans of Jaguar will inevitably be drawn by this as an offer, especially with the customisation feature and the short minimum terms and flexible cancellation options. On the business side, Carbar/Jaguar offer packages to suit small and large businesses alike.

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