Car subscriptions FAQ

What are car subscriptions?

Car subscriptions are like short-term leases. You choose a vehicle, go through an ID and driver check process, as well as a credit check, then arrange to collect or receive your vehicle. Some companies will offer you the chance to swap car every month, or to pause or cancel your subscription with a few weeks’ notice.

Do car subscriptions include insurance?

Typically, yes. Check the terms of the excess liability; this tends to decrease as you pay more on your subscription and is higher if you hold a Provisional P2 license as opposed to a full license.

What about maintenance?

A car subscription includes maintenance, breakdown, insurance and rego. It is important that if you have any problems with your car, that you speak to your subscription company straight away.

How often can I swap my car?

This varies from company to company. Typical minimum terms are a month, so you could drive a different vehicle every 4 weeks with some subscription contracts, although some prefer to tie you in for 3 or 6 months to avoid high administration volumes. Your level of subscription will also decide whether this is a free service or not.

What if I have problems with a car?

If you have any problems, phone the company. As roadside assistance and general maintenance are included, they will deal with it at no extra cost. Check the terms of your insurance if there is an accident that involves damage, as the excess will vary.

How many kilometres can I drive?

Weekly or monthly mileage allowances vary depending on the type of subscription you have chosen, and the vehicle itself. You can typically expect between 1000km and 4000km a month.

Do I need to pay for anything other than fuel?

If you get a speeding fine or pass through a toll, you have to pay for these. But in terms of insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance, you’re covered by the subscription.

What are the Requirements to Join?

You must be 21, have a good credit rating, and be free from speeding fines or at-fault accidents for a year. Most companies will also want you to hold at least a Provisional P2 license.

Are subscriptions only for new cars?

No. Typically, you won’t be guaranteed a brand-new vehicle as they are used specifically for subscription and/or leasing purposes. However, it is likely that your vehicle will be under 3 years old, without significant mileage on the clock. Some companies do also offer new vehicles for subscriptions.

Can I take my car to other states?

As long as it is within your mileage, then you can take your car anywhere within Australia.

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