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About Carbar

Carbar is a subscription company that operates within Sydney and Melbourne. Carbar offers customers flexible terms with no cancellation fees, as well as a range of plans for business clients. At the end of a subscription period, customers can also purchase vehicles depending on a decision from Carbar. As with their main Australian competitors, Carbar structure their payments weekly, offer subscription tiers and vary upfront and swapping fees depending on customers’ subscription levels. Prospective customers must be over 21, under 85, and hold at least a Provisional P2 license.

How it works

Carbar have an online database of cars with their respective plan options. Customers pick a vehicle then complete the registration and checking process, for which they require an Australian Driver’s License, Medicare card or Citizenship Certificate or Immigration Card, 3 Months of bank statements and a completed driver declaration. Following successful checks, you can have the car delivered within a 50km radius of Sydney or Melbourne; or arrange for collection.

For cancellations, just get in touch with Carbar; you need to give 14 days’ notice and you can also swap your car on a 14-day basis. All subscriptions include insurance, rego, servicing and roadside assistance; customers pay for fuel and tolls.

Costs and fees

The subscription costs start at $165 per month, but this reduces incrementally after 12 and 24 months as part of Carbar’s loyalty scheme. Swaps can be requested any time and no extra cost, with 14 days’ notice required.

While insurance is included, the excess varies depending on the type of license a customer holds and the driving record. This can range from $1500 for experienced drivers with a clean record, to $3000 for Provisional P2 holders.

Brands and models

Carbar work using a live database of cars, which changes constantly depending on availability and their own fleet. Because of this, there is no traditional, fixed list of brands and models. All cars are second hand, with the mileage and registration year available to view before subscribing. There is also a wide range of electric vehicles.

Notice periods

Customers can cancel their subscription at any time, by giving two weeks’ notice.

What is special about Carbar?

Carbar are a subscription company that also buy and sell vehicles, so the fleet is larger than with subscription-only companies. There is the option to buy your subscription vehicle and the 2 weeks’ notice is relatively short. The entry level vehicles are priced at achievable levels for most customers, and there are also several luxury vehicles to choose from.

Perhaps the main standout offering from Carbar, though, is their corporate offering. They have options both for small businesses of 0-20 employees, and larger companies with up to 100 employees.

Social media

Carbar use their Facebook to post about deals and offers, as well as updates and blog posts from their website.


Carbar is a subscription company with low entry-level vehicle options available and an emphasis on flexibility, with two-week cancellation notice periods. The live database of cars means that customers get a varied range to choose from, and the high mileage limits and flexibility in terms of delivery radius are both plus points. On the business side, Carbar offer packages to suit small and large businesses alike, and as they also buy and sell cars, they can offer purchasing for customers who fall in love with their subscription vehicles.

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  1. I recently had the unfortunate experience of dealing with Carbar, and I must say that it was nothing short of a nightmare. From the moment I engaged with this company, I was bombarded with hidden fees and unexpected charges that left me feeling frustrated and deceived. While I understand that businesses need to make a profit, the way Carbar operates is simply unacceptable. First and foremost, Carbar's pricing structure is intentionally opaque, making it nearly impossible to decipher the true cost of their services. Instead of providing transparent information upfront, they rely on hidden fees to nickel-and-dime their customers. This lack of transparency is not only deceitful but also leaves customers feeling cheated and taken advantage of. Adding insult to injury, Carbar's customer service is virtually non-existent. When I attempted to clarify the fees and charges on my bill, I was met with dismissive and unhelpful representatives who seemed more interested in deflecting blame than addressing my concerns. It was clear that Carbar has no interest in fostering positive customer relationships or providing a satisfactory resolution. What truly astounded me was the sheer audacity of Carbar to introduce additional fees throughout the duration of my interaction with them. Each time I thought I had finally paid for all the necessary services, a new surprise charge would materialize out of thin air. It seemed as though Carbar had perfected the art of hidden fees, consistently finding creative ways to drain my wallet without my knowledge or consent. Furthermore, Carbar's advertising and promotional materials are deliberately misleading. They lure customers in with promises of affordable rates and hassle-free experiences, only to blindside them with a barrage of undisclosed fees. It is deeply frustrating to be enticed by false advertising, only to discover that the reality of dealing with Carbar is far from what was initially promised. The lack of transparency and abundance of hidden fees with Carbar only serve to erode trust and tarnish their reputation. Customers should be able to make informed decisions without constantly worrying about being blindsided by unexpected charges. Carbar's business practices are not only unethical but also extremely frustrating for anyone seeking a transparent and fair transaction. In conclusion, my experience with Carbar was nothing short of a nightmare. The constant barrage of hidden fees, the dismissive customer service, and the overall lack of transparency make Carbar a company to be avoided at all costs. I strongly urge anyone considering their services to think twice and explore alternative options that prioritize honesty, integrity, and fair pricing. - from Max | 12. June 2023
  2. Do not become a victim of Carbar. I was charged many thousands in hidden fees. - from Max | 30. May 2023
  3. I am with this company for two vehicles because it was (WAS) the best option for me. I’d leave 0 stars or negative if possible! I have had one Audi S3 which the engine blew up on because of their mechanic failing to change spark plugs and it breaking in the engine bay. (50,000 kilometres) They replaced it with another Audi S3 which the transmission failed on at only 45000 kilometres. That Audi was replaced with a mustang that I eventually got tired of because I took it back 3 times to them saying it had transmission faults in the learning computer, it went unheard they told me it was normal and tried to made me think I was crazy. When I returned the mustang and took a 4th vehicle a Hyundai, they waited 3 months and are now trying to charge me for excess kilometres on the mustang. No contact, when I call them I leave messages nobody calls back. Now they’re threatening me with debt collection for excess kilometres, think they contacted me back? Nope! This is by far the worst run company, with the worst regard for customer loyalty I’ve ever seen, been with them for over 3 years to be treated like this. Do not ever ever ever use CarBar, if you can use anything else, a shopping cart would be better! - from Jamie | 23. March 2023
  4. Hidden cost = Upfront Fee Upfront fee usually refers to the cost paid in advance which covers what you are owing. But Carbar, it's just like a setup fee which doesn't cover your weekly subscription fees. Most of people don't realise at the beginning as it's explained only in the terms and conditions which people normaly neglect to read. Also, you have to pay the upfront fee every time you try to swap the cars. - from Christian | 24. July 2020
  5. I’d never have been able to give subscribing a go, but Carbar made me an offer on my car so I was able to get rid of it and get started. I haven’t looked back – no more worrying about breakdowns or flats! 5* - from LilyLou | 8. February 2020
  6. I found out about Carbar through my company, who use them for business vehicles. They seem pretty good so far – just getting started really, but I like how simple it is to get on board and how everything is clear and transparent. I’ll definitely keep going with them. - from Bobby | 16. January 2020

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