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About Carly

Carly is a car subscription company that operates in Melbourne and Sydney. As a specialist subscription firm, rather than a car sales company with a subscription arm, Carly offer several features that its competitors don’t, including the option to pause and restart your subscription at any time. Their fleet includes a range of new and used vehicles, with entry level vehicles priced at an accessible level for customers on a budget. There is no deposit and insurance excess is also set at an affordable level.

How it works

The Carly sign-up process is simple:

  1. Provide the necessary ID and credit documents
  2. Pass the relevant checks, then choose a subscription level
  3. Arrange delivery or collection of your first vehicle
  4. Pay for the first 15 days up front
  5. Swap, pause, restart or cancel by contacting Carly

Carly’s service includes picking up an old vehicle and replacing it with a new one when you’re ready to swap. Depending on the level of service you have subscribed to, you can either swap once per month (Entry, Medium), or twice (Ultimate).

Costs and fees

Carly offers three different tiers of subscription, with the following associated costs:

Entry: From $203 a week. Includes $3000 damage liability, 1000km per month and 30 cents per kilometre for excess mileage.

Medium: From $231 a week. Includes $2000 damage liability, 2000km per month and 20 cents per kilometre for excess mileage.

Large: From $259 a week. Includes $1000 damage liability, 2800km per month and 10 cents per kilometre for excess mileage.

Payments are taken every 15 days to keep individual charged amounts low, and there is no deposit to pay.

Brands and models

Carly offer a wide range of vehicles, including models from different years – both new and second hand. While they keep several varieties of Kia, Nissan and Hyundai as part of their fleet, there are higher end models available, with brands such as Mercedes and Audi also represented.

Notice periods

The notice period is 30 days and notice can be given at any time.

What is special about Carly?

Carly have positioned themselves at the affordable and flexible end of the market. The lack of deposit, combined with a lower end price of $115 per month, makes their service accessible to most budgets. Their top tier, while not much more expensive than the lower tiers, offers the benefit of two free swaps per month and a lower excess liability, as well as better mileage package.

Perhaps the main selling point though, is that Carly allow customers to pause and restart their subscription at any point, which allows for even more savings. This isn’t something that their main competitors offer.

Carly EV Trial

Experience an electric vehicle as if it were your own with the Carly EV Trial. Here’s how it works:

Simple & Cost-Effective: The trial offers a way to explore electric vehicle ownership without the commitment of buying or leasing upfront.

Flexible Term: Choose from trial periods starting at 30 days or opt for a month-to-month subscription for as long as needed.

Free Charge Pack: Each trial includes a complimentary Chargefox 200 kWh charge pack, providing access to over 1,500 chargers nationwide.

Comprehensive Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with all-inclusive pricing covering insurance, registration, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Online Booking: Select your preferred EV model online, provide necessary details, and arrange pickup at your convenience.

Informed Decision Making: Gain insights into driving range, charging infrastructure, and potential cost savings on fuel.

Seamless Transition: Partners are available to assist in transitioning to owning or leasing your ideal EV at the end of the trial.

Social media

Carly uses its Facebook to update customers on new vehicles and recent offers.


How is a Carly subscription different to renting?
With a subscription, you’re paying a recurring fee to use a vehicle for a 30-day minimum term, but with the flexibility to cancel. Rentals tend to be shorter-term and would be more expensive if you were to use that type of service for, say, three months. Leases, meanwhile, are longer term but much less flexible. It is this flexibility to use long or short term, and to change your mind if your circumstances change, that sets subscriptions apart.

Can I use Carly as a business customer?
Yes, Carly has a separate arm of the business dedicated to corporate customers. You can email subscribe@carly.co for details.

What’s the lead time on Carly’s vehicles?
Most of the time, Carly will have your vehicle ready for you within 48 hours of your application being approved.

What fees do I have to pay?
Carly does not charge any joining or upfront fees. The price you see on the site is the price you will pay for your vehicle, with no hidden charges.

How many kilometres can I drive?
This depends on your level of subscription. Entry = 1000km, Medium = 2000km, and Large = 2800 km.


Carly offer a large fleet of vehicles with their main focus on the lower end of the market. With second-hand and new options available, as well as flexible mileage plans and relatively low excess liability, customers on a budget will be attracted to their simple, flexible service. The option to have cars delivered and collected is also a plus point, as is the lack of deposit. With availability in both Melbourne and Sydney, Carly also cover a large part of the country’s main urban areas.

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3.9 of 5 stars
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  1. I would not recommend Carly to anyone. Horrific customer service and dodgy all around. Avoid at all costs. I loaned a car for my travels however had someone scrape it in a car park. As I couldn’t get details of third party I had to pay $2000 of damage liability for a small scrape which should have cost $500 to fix. Carly quoted a ridiculous $1500 to repair it with $500 to be returned to me. Months after this I had heard nothing from the company until I followed up this week to which they told me it had actually cost over the $2000 damage liability to fix what was literally a small car park scrape. Vile money grabbing company, stay clear. - from Becca Abingdon | 6. September 2023
  2. I live in Argentina and visit Sydney every year. This year I discovered Carly and will definitely use it again in the future. I rented for 35 days. I even had the chance to test an electric vehicle (there are not many of those back home). The stuff was friendly and professional and I had no issues with the pickup and dropoff. Price was OK and the Hyundai IONIQ 5 was mind blowing! - from Sofia | 29. June 2023
  3. Rented a Hyundai Tucson for 30 days period. Pricing was good and way cheaper than a long term rental. The whole process from applying, pick up & drop off was seamless, turn around from customer service was 10/10. The car was almost new and in brand/new conditions. I needed a car when my parents came from overseas and this was a perfect solution. Would recommend them again 5/5! - from Josefina | 26. June 2023
  4. Have had a Carly car for months now, and It has been a fantastic service experience SO FAR. The car was in really good condition and the pickup process easy and straightforward. Haven't dropped off yet, but it seems a smooth process. I subscribed to Carly as I needed a car while I'm waiting for my new car to be delivered. Will post again once I return the vehicle telling more about my user experience. - from Tom | 26. June 2023
  5. Carly was the prefect solution for when I was waiting for my new car to be delivered. I ended up keeping the Hyundai Kona for 9 months. Car was brand new when I picked it up and it was so nice to have rego, insurance, roadside, tyres and maintenance organised for me and included in the price. So much better and cheaper than rental. - from David Wilkes | 5. June 2023
  6. Bit of a rip off. 1050 a month includes insurance for a cheap assed SUV. The car gets a small scratch on the front bumper after sitting in a shopping centre carpark and they are sending me repair invoices. Given it's supposed to include insurance I think their definition of fair wear and tear needs revision. Going to test that our through consumer affairs and ACCC, quite happy to do so - to see how they compare to rental companies. - from Jacci Brady | 12. April 2023
  7. Add the rating to my previous comment - from Anon | 21. July 2021
  8. The cars and the product are very good. However, I was let down badly on our 2nd subscription. After moving our from entry to medium after the first 14 days, it went up extra $45 per week without notice above the stated medium fee when signed. And when we came to announce when we'd return the car after 3 months use, Carly changed the rules in comparison to the 1st subscription and insisted on 30 days notice. Previously 7 days had been more than enough. I hope the customer clarity and service improves. We may return then. - from Anon | 21. July 2021
  9. No deposit, pause and restart, seriously cheap… I can’t think of anything bad to say about Carly. They look after their customers! - from Gavin B | 20. February 2020
  10. I think that for $115 a month, a car where all maintenance and roadside stuff is taken care of and if you don’t need it for a while you can pause or give it back, is a pretty good deal myself. - from Bambolam11 | 8. February 2020
  11. I really like the service that Carly offers. They’ve thought of everything they can to keep it easy for you to pay, including taking money every 15 days. There’s also a bit of flexibility with models so you can have something a bit more modest or go a bit flashier if you wish. - from Carl | 14. January 2020

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