This article about Swytchd breaks down everything you need to know about the company, how their contracts work, and what your options are with regards to extending, upgrading, cancelling, and more. We’ve even given you a guide on vehicles and guide pricing, so you can easily compare subscriptions and make an informed decision.

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 9. March 2023 Reading time 2:28 min

About Swytchd

Swytchd is an electric vehicle subscription company that includes free public charging, and electric bikes as well as cars. The company is based in Bangalore and offers delivery, in-home charger installation, and subscription options for drivers as young as 18. Swytchd also offers swaps, early returns (for a fee) and the service includes insurance, maintenance, breakdown and wear and tear. Swytchd was started by Sameer, who previously worked as Global Head of Pricing Strategy for Land Rover.

How it works

Customers must be over 18 to use Swytchd, and must be able to provide a valid ID, driver’s license and proof of a minimum of one year’s driving history. Choose your vehicle and term (contact Swytchd if you have any specific requirements, such as extra mileage or a home charging device), then arrange to receive the vehicle and start driving. When you’re done, contact Swytchd to arrange collection/drop off, keeping in mind the benefit of giving 14 day’s notice (as mentioned below).

Costs and fees

With Swytchd, there are downpayments, and the refundable deposit is equal to one month’s subscription payment, taken on the first day. There are no fees for charging your vehicle in a public location, but you will need to pay up front then provide proof of charging to receive a refund from Swytchd. If you exceed the standard 1200 km per month allowance, you will be charged per extra kilometre.

Brands and models

In terms of bikes, subscribers can choose from the Ola S1 pro, Revolt RV400, Hero Photon HX, and the Ather 450 Gen 2/3. For cars, it’s the TataTigor EV XZ+ or Nexon EV XZ+ Lux, the Hyundai Kona Premium, or the MG ZS EV Exclusive.

Notice periods

There are no fixed notice periods, but if you give more than 14 days, it halves the amount that you will need to pay to finish your contract early, or switch vehicles.

What is special about Swytchd?

Swytchd is an electric-only subscription service, but it also offers electric scooters, which is something that really sets it apart. As further incentive to go electric, they also cover the cost of chagrin in public places, including via refund if you don’t have a charging card and can provide proof of the length of charging time and payment amount. The terms are flexible, and you can swap your car with 14 days’ notice, as often as you like.


Social media

Swytchd primarily uses Facebook for marketing and promotional videos.


How does paying for charging work?
Swytchd covers charging in public locations. This can be either via the charge cards included with vehicles, or by taking photographic evidence of the start and finish times of your charging session.

How do I swap vehicles?
Give Swytchd a call and they will arrange it for you. Note that if you give less than 14 days’ notice, you’ll have to pay the full amount, but if you give more than 14 days’ notice, you’ll only have to pay 50%. Also, if your swap date is before your renewal date, anything left on your current vehicle will count as credit towards the new vehicle’s cost.

How much driving experience do I need?
You need to have a minimum of 1 year’s driving experience. You must also be at least 18 years old, and no older than 85.

What is the range of the Swytchd bikes?
It varies, but the typical range is between 100 km and 130 km.

How often can I switch vehicles?
You can switch every month as long as you abide by the notice terms.


If you are looking to go electric, or you think it might be a good idea long-term but aren’t entirely sure, then Swytchd is the best option for you in terms of subscription companies. The option to subscribe to a scooter is an added bonus, particularly if you live in an urban area or want to commute and take your vehicle inside, thus avoiding any parking charges. Costs are reasonable, and made more so by the fact that Swytchd also covers charging for your electric vehicle at public charge points.

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