Nissan Intelligent Ownership
Nissan Intelligent Ownership

Nissan Intelligent Ownership

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Want to know more about how Nissan Intelligent Ownership works? We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Read on for information on vehicle range, what’s included, terms and conditions and more. And if you want to shop around, you’ll be able to check out our other articles so you can compare how Nissan Intelligent Ownership stacks up against other car subscription companies out there too!

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 5. March 2023 Reading time 2:40 min

About Nissan Intelligent Ownership

Nissan Intelligent Ownership is a subscription service specifically for Nissan vehicles, aimed at longer-term subscribers. Offering 2, 3, or 4-year plans on a range of Nissans, the service includes no down payment, insurance included, and the standard maintenance and roadside assistance that is typical in the subscription market. The main feature of Nissan Intelligent Ownership is that customers can purchase their vehicles at the end of their subscription tenure if they wish. Currently, the service is available in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

How it works

Customers can choose their plan (anything between 24 and 48 months, or 3-12 months for an unboxed vehicle) then a mileage plan (10,000/12,000/15000/ 18000 km per year). Then, after driving license and financial viability checks, you can choose a delivery date and time, for which you must be present to speak to the concierge. During the subscription term, you can extend or take the option to buy by notifying Nissan Intelligent Ownership with 7 days’ notice. If you wish to cancel before the end of your term, you can do so after you have completed 50% of the agreed term. If you wish to cancel before that, you will incur a charge.

Costs and fees

The processing fee is 2500 INR, plus a refundable security deposit and the first month’s subscription up front. The typical subscription fee is between 20,000 and 40,000 INR per month, although this caries based on location and the length of term you sign up to.

The excess mileage fee is 5 INR/km plus GST, and the penalty for late payments or early cancellations is 2% of the monthly subscription cost per day.

Brands and models

The current list of available vehicles is:

  • Kicks (XV 1.5\ XV 1.3 TURBO\ XV Premium 1.3 TURBO\ XV 1.3 TURBO CVT\ XV Premium (O) Dualtone 1.3 TURBO)
  • Redi Go (A\ T (O) 0.8L\ T (O) 1.0L\ T (O) 1.0L AMT)

Notice periods

To extend a subscription, customers must give 7 days’ notice. For cancellations, it is 30 days.

What’s Special about Nissan Intelligent Ownership?

As part of the Nissan company, the main plus point for Nissan Intelligent Ownership is that it provides access specifically to newer Nissan models that other subscription companies can’t offer. For customers who enjoy Nissan’s vehicles, and for those people who are looking for a longer term subscription with the possibility of buying, Nissan Intelligent Ownership represents a good opportunity. The price and mileage options are varied enough to appeal to a wide demographic, and the lack of substantial down payment is also helpful in terms of ease of entry into the market (although Nissan Intelligent Ownership do conduct financial checks prior to sign-up).

Social media

For information about Nissan vehicles, you can visit Facebook but there is no specific page for the subscription service.


How do excess kilometres work?
You can drive your car 1000 kms per month, but the total amount is charged over the tenure of your vehicle. So, if you subscribe for a year, you have 12,000 kms. At the end of the subscription, you will be charged at Rs. 7 per every extra kilometre over that total.

What is shareback?
Shareback is a subscription model provided by Nissan’s partners, Zoomcar. It allows you to share your vehicle with other Zoomcar users if you don’t need your vehicle full time, and save up to 40% of your subscription fee. The vehicle will be commercially registered as opposed to in your name.

Can I buy the car after my subscription ends?
Yes. All you need to know is contact and they will arrange for you to purchase the vehicle.

Will I get a new vehicle?
Yes, your car will be a new vehicle by default, unless you opt to subscribe to an unboxed vehicle.

How long are the tenures?
You can subscribe from 3 months to 48 months. If you choose a longer tenure, your monthly fee will go down.


Nissan Intelligent Ownership is a subscription service that aims to provide customers with a long-term try before you buy model. The company want to incentivise customers to purchase the vehicles and this is reflected in the subscription options being relatively long term (2 years plus). The Nissan range available is currently quite limited, but the 20,000 INR entry level option is affordable to many, and there is the promise of expansion, both in terms of locations offered and the breadth of the vehicle list.

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