Car subscriptions FAQ

What are car subscriptions?

Car subscriptions are like short-term leases. You choose a vehicle, go through KYC processes and a driving license check, then collect or take delivery of your vehicle. You often have the option to extend month on month, and some companies let you switch vehicle or buy it at the end of your term.

Do car subscriptions include insurance?

TYes they do, and they also include maintenance and breakdown assistance.

What else is included?

Most companies allow you to switch at the end of your term, but if you are using a shorter term subscription, you will often be able to switch at 48 hours’ notice – one company even allows you to do this on the same day.

What if I have problems with a car?

If you have any problems, phone the company. As roadside assistance and general maintenance are included, they will deal with it at no extra cost. Exceptions might include windshields and tyres, which can incur extra charges.

How many miles can I drive?

Typical mileage packages range from 2000-4000km per month. Some companies offer more on a per-kilometre cost basis, which can be expensive, but others will allow you to choose a higher tier of subscription, or even allow you unlimited driving.

Do I need to pay for anything other than fuel?

If you incur any fines or pass through any tolls, you will have to pay for these yourself.

What are the Requirements to Join?

Age restrictions vary from 18 to 21, and most companies ask that you have had your license for 1 year. You will need to pass KYC which will involve having an in-date passport or Aadhar card. You won’t typically have to pass a credit check to enter into a subscription contract.

Are subscriptions only for new cars?

Most companies do offer some brand-new cars for subscription. Used vehicles tend to be cheaper and in “unboxed” condition – less than 2 years old, or under 30,000 km on the clock.

Can I take my car abroad?

No, but the majority of companies will include an All India Tourist Permit in the price, so you can drive across the country. They will also provide paperwork for you for any specific state requirements, and provide the car with black plates – premium commercial registrations.

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