Want to know more about how MyNewCarworks? We’ve done all the research so you don’t have to. Read on for information on vehicle range, what’s included, terms and conditions and more. And if you want to shop around, you’ll be able to check out our other articles so you can compare how MyNewCar stacks up against other car subscription companies out there too!

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 9. March 2023 Reading time 2:15 min

About MyNewCar

MyNewCar is a company that specialises in new car sales throughout India. They also have a lease business model, and a subscription model, the latter offering delivery, flexible terms, no down payment, and the choice of a wide range of vehicles. The subscription plan with MyNewCar starts from a one-month commitment, and you can either go month to month, or sign up for a longer-term contract. Swaps are also available.

How it works

To use MyNewCar, you need to present your photo identity, proof of address, valid driving licence, and credit card details. You must also be over 21, with a minimum of one year’s driving experience. You will need to present original documents at the time of receipt of the first vehicle.

Once you have chosen a vehicle and a term length, your documents and payment method will be processed, and you can then arrange to collect the vehicle – or doorstep delivery is also available.

Costs and fees

There is no down payment, but there is a refundable deposit taken at the time you start your first subscription. There is also a fee for exceeding your kilometre allowance. Other than that, you only need to pay for fuel – or charging if you are subscribing to an electric vehicle. As the range of cars is large, the monthly subscription cost varies wildly. You can find more information on prices and availability in your area by signing up to MyNewCar for free.

Brands and models

As MyNewCar uses stock from their own sales fleet, the vehicle range depends on whereabouts in India you are subscribing from. However, the company has a large fleet, including SUVs, hatchbacks, and electric vehicles in every available location.

Notice periods

If you wish to change vehicles, contact MyNewCar to check the notice period terms in your area. With ending a subscription early, there is no necessary notice period, but you will be charged for not seeing out the agreed tenure.

What is special about MyNewCar?

The key feature of MyNewCar is that it is a large vehicle sales company, so they have an established brand, good coverage across the country, and a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including electric cars. The terms also offer decent flexibility, with the month-to-month subscription option about as short-term as any of their competitors. There is also the option to swap vehicles, which not all subscription companies offer.

Social media

MyNewCar does use Facebook, but it is mostly related to new car sales rather than subscriptions.


Can someone else drive my car?
No. Your subscription is for you only, so you are the only one who can drive the vehicle.

How do I choose the most suitable car to subscribe to?
As subscriptions are primarily for short-term usage, the decision should be based on monthly budget, seating capacity, how many kilometres the car has already driven, fuel type, any offers, and availability of the vehicle.

Will I get money back if I return the car before the end of tenure?
No, you will not get any money off for doing this. Make sure you check the applicable charges with MyNewCar before cancelling early.

Can I choose the colour of my vehicle?
No, the vehicles you can subscribe to cannot be customised or modified, and the colour is non-negotiable.

Can I swap cars?
Yes, depending on the contract and notice terms. Contact MyNewCar for more details.


MyNewCar has a similar subscription model to most of the other companies in India, but with a slightly broader reach, a larger vehicle selection, and shorter terms than many of its competitors. Being an established brand in vehicle sales gives them reputability, and being able to provide vehicles at multiple price points means that their offering will appeal to a road demographic.

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