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By: Simon Richardson
Last update 4. November 2021 Reading time 2:07 min

About MG Subscribe

MG Subscribe is a partnership subscription offering with Myles Zero, a dedicated subscription company. This allows customers to access the Myles Zero service options, including drop-off service and the option to book unscheduled maintenance. The minimum term is 6 months on any vehicle and the service is currently available in Delhi, Begaluru, Mumbai, and Pune. There is also a second subscription with MG Subscribe, though, which is a shared scheme, allowing you to coordinate a joint plan with another customer if neither of you need a car full time.

How it works

Using the MG Subscribe and subscription share services is simple:

  • Request a demo of the service
  • Select your vehicle(s), subscription terms and mileage limits
  • Upload your documentation – PAN card, driving license, proof of address / Adhar card
  • Arrange delivery of the vehicle

Insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance area included, and you can opt for a pick-up and drop-off service too. Your deposit is refundable and equal to the amount of one month’s subscription, which varies depending on car and subscription tier. You will also need to sign an agreement and set up a standing order for monthly payment.

Costs and fees

There is no down payment required, nor do you need to pay above the cost of the subscription if you break down, have a maintenance issue, or need to return the car early (although you will need to pay the value of the shortest possible subscription length within your bracket).

The refundable security deposit is equal to one month’s subscription, and there are four tiers available, depending on whether you want a shared or a fixed subscription. With prices, an MG Hector is around 35,000 INR, but prices vary depending on location and on the length of time you want the subscription for.

Brands and models

Currently, the MG vehicle options are limited, but include:

  • MG Hector / Hector 6 seater / Hector 7 seater
  • MG ZS EV
  • MG Gloster

Notice periods

You can return your vehicle at any time, but you must complete the payment schedule for the period you have previously agreed if it is a 6-month term. If you are on an 18-month contract though, for example, you can return the vehicle after 6 or 12 months and only pay as if that was the subscription length you had signed up to.

What’s Special about MG Subscribe?

MG Subscribe is fairly standard in terms of meeting the services of its competition, but the shared subscription offer is one of the only shared options available in the country. While other companies will offer Toyota, Maruti, and other well-known brands, there is also a rarity in the MG vehicles that stands out from the crowd. There are several corporate options, and the flexibility to subscribe for up to 5 years, which is a year longer than most of its competitors.


Social media

You can keep up with the latest in MG technology and innovation on their Facebook site.


MG Subscribe gives customers access to MG vehicles without the burden of purchasing. But subscriptions aren’t for everyone – especially not those people who only need a car for a couple of days a week and don’t wish to pay for something they aren’t using. So, MG’s shared subscription option is an innovative way of tackling the issue and opening up the market to a new demographic. Of course, there is also an element of prestige attached to MG vehicles, so this is a draw to customers on the lookout for something different from the ubiquitous brands like Toyota.

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