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About Care by Volvo

Care by Volvo is Volvo’s own subscription service, allowing customers access to the latest Volvo vehicles on a 24-month term, with the option to upgrade to the latest model after 12 months. Currently, customers have access to two cars from Volvo, and these can be fully customized on the website. Customers benefit from servicing and maintenance, as well as wear protection and insurance. The Care by Volvo subscription is available at Volvo dealerships throughout Canada.

How it works

Volvo assess your eligibility and go through the necessary ID and license checks before offering a price list. Then, you have a choice of two brand new Volvo vehicles, with tax, maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover and insurance included. The Volvo insurance policy is part age and part vehicle based.

The subscription term is 24 months, with the option to upgrade to a newer model after 12. Volvo take their monthly subscription charge one month in advance, and any other costs incurred are charged at the end of the term or on the annual service.

Customers also have access to the Volvo helpline if they have any problems and can either collect or arrange for delivery of their vehicle.

Costs and fees

Volvo don’t charge a deposit on their vehicles but do ask for the monthly subscription payments a month in advance. The fees vary, depending on vehicle and spec:

  • 2021 V60 R-Design: $989 per month
  • 2021 S60 R-Design: $969 per month

While there are currently only two vehicles to choose from, a look at the Care by Volvo model in the US and the UK suggest that the range will likely be expanded in the future.

Brands and models

Currently, customers can choose from the 2021 V60 R-Design or the 2021 S60 R-Design. The cars are brand new, so you can customize your vehicle by selecting trim and color before arranging to begin the service.

Notice periods

You cannot cancel your policy before the minimum 24-month period is up, but after that, you can trade your car in for a different model or even request to purchase the vehicle.

What’s special about Care by Volvo?

Care by Volvo is a subscription service run by a car manufacturer – Volvo. For fans of the brand, or for those who want to have access to new models and favorable dealership services, Care by Volvo makes sense. A 24-month subscription isn’t as flexible as some of its competitors, but it also allows you the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the term, which pushes it even closer to a traditional lease business model.

However, the inclusion of insurance, maintenance, servicing and roadside assistance means that Care by Volvo operate as almost a hybrid lease/subscription company, which is a Unique Selling Point when compared with its subscription competitors.


Social media

Care by Volvo do not currently operate a social media presence (Canada).


Care by Volvo offer car subscriptions on new vehicles to drivers who meet the criteria, with insurance included. As their contract lengths are 2 years, they are less flexible than many of their competitors; however, they offer all the typical features of a car subscription (tyres, maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover, tax) as well as access to their Volvo on Call service.

For fans of Volvo cars, Care by Volvo will appeal as it offers the opportunity to drive their latest models without the hassle of ownership.

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4.3 of 5 stars

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  1. Care by Volvo know what they’re doing. They’ve figured out how to get more customers involved without having to buy and I think that’s great. The car range and the service itself is very professional and it feels like you can trust the service despite it being a bit unknown in Canada. - from JasonD | 30. January 2020
  2. You get great cars and the customer service is faultless as far as I can see, but these are 2-year terms. I’d call that more a lease than a subscription, even with the perks. - from Charles1959 | 21. January 2020
  3. Nice – I like getting access to new models as they come out and being able to change every 2 years so that I can get hold of them. Great idea! - from TopCat888 | 16. January 2020

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