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This article about Porsche Drive breaks down everything you need to know about the company, how their contracts work, and what your options are with regards to extending, upgrading, cancelling, and more. We’ve even given you a guide on vehicles and guide pricing, so you can easily compare subscriptions and make an informed decision.

By: Simon Richardson
Last update 9. March 2023 Reading time 2:58 min

About Porsche Drive

Porsche Drive is a Porsche-run subscription service that allows customers access to the most recent models in the Porsche fleet. There are two price brackets depending on whether you want to drive one Porsche or have access to the whole fleet, with the service being currently available in Toronto, Kelowna, Vancouver, or Montreal. The selection of vehicles also includes the electric Taycan.

As befits the reputation of the brand, Porsche Drive is designed to be a premium subscription service, with high-spec vehicles, a private concierge and no flip limits if you choose the multi-vehicle subscription and stay within the 2500km mileage limit. You can also pause and restart your subscription with 30 days’ notice. You must be over 25 and have a clean driving record to qualify, as well as passing Porsche Drive’s credit check.

How it works

Porsche Drive customers must be in Toronto, Kelowna, Vancouver, or Montreal and over the age of 25.

  • Complete the sign-up and application process. Porsche Drive will then perform the standard driver and credit checks.
  • Choose one or three months, then pick a vehicle or opt to choose from the whole fleet.
  • Allow some time for the first delivery, as the concierge will want to take you through paperwork. This isn’t necessary for subsequent subscriptions.
  • You can keep the car as long as you like, although Porsche may recall after a few months for standard checks and valeting and provide another similar vehicle.
  • To flip during a month, contact your concierge. More notice is better, with the shortest time being 24 hours, and there is no limit to the amount of times you can flip if you are subscribed to the multi-vehicle pricing tier.

Costs and fees

Porsche Drive take a $750 non-refundable activation fee (unless you choose the single vehicle, three-month term, in which case this is waived) and the first month’s subscription up front. Customers have several choices:

  • Single (1 and 3-month) Subscriptions: Monthly fee from $2650 to $4200 dependent on model chosen
  • Multi-Vehicle Subscription: $4500 per month

The excess mileage charge is $1 per mile after 2500kms, but unused mileage can also carry over.

Brands and models

The current vehicles available for Porsche Drive are:

Macan, Cayenne, Panamera, 911, 718, Taycan

Notice periods

The Porsche subscription runs month to month and pause/restart and cancellation outside of that agreement requires 30 days’ notice.

What’s Special about Porsche Drive?

The access to a range of iconic Porsche models – some of which are brand new – and the combined concierge service will attract high-end customers who want to travel in style. All cars are from the latest range and come fully detailed, with a generous 2500km/month mileage limit and unlimited flips as well as the chance to pause and restart subscriptions. This makes Porsche Drive not only premium, but flexible. The addition of the electric Taycan also means there is an environmentally friendly option for subscribers.


Social media

There is no separate social media account for Porsche Drive, but you can find out about their latest models and developments from their main Facebook account.

Or their Canadian Twitter: @PorscheCanada


Can I switch my Porsche for a different one?
Yes, Porsche offer multiple “flips” per month if you subscribe to the multi-vehicle service. Each vehicle is delivered by the concierge service, and you can keep it for as long as you want – although Porsche may ask you to return it so they can perform standard maintenance once in a while.

How many miles per month do I get?
There is a mileage limit of 2,500 per month. But if you want to drive further, Porsche won’t cancel your subscription; you’ll just be charged at a rate of $1 per km over the limit.

Where can I use Porsche Drive?
Currently, Porsche Drive is available in Toronto, Vancouver, Kelowna and Montreal.

Does Porsche Drive work on an app?
Yes, you must first download the app to sign up to Porsche Drive. This helps you control your concierge service and arrange your subscription and flips. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

What is the concierge service?
The Porsche Drive concierge service runs on the application, and is effectively a way for you to manage your subscription and get assistance whenever you need it. Flips, extensions, returns, breakdown, maintenance and extra mileage are all controlled through the concierge service, which also includes delivery/pick-up of vehicles.


Porsche Drive offer a range of luxury vehicles to the high-end market, with prices running up to $4200 a month for the multi-vehicle option, or the Taycan on single vehicle. For those who can afford it though, this is the height of subscription luxury, with unlimited flips, a top-tier concierge service, and generous mileage.

The $1 per mile cost for exceeding the contracted 2500kms per month is quite high, as is the joining fee of $750, but a delivery service, high-level maintenance and detailing, and the ability to pause and restart subscriptions still puts Porsche Drive firmly at the top of the car subscription pile.

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