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By: Simon Richardson
Last update 23. February 2023 Reading time 2:06 min

About Portfolio by Openroad

Portfolio by Openroad operates a luxury car subscription service in Vancouver, in partnership with Clutch Technologies. The service includes a private concierge and a fully maintained, detailed package with insurance and a number of swaps/flips per month. Customers can choose from 12 luxury brands and request customization in terms of vehicle accessories. There are two monthly subscription tiers to choose from and to daily tiers.

How it works

Portfolio by Openroad is available to resident of Vancouver who are over 21, have a clean driving record and a minimum Class 5 BC driver’s license.

  • Complete the sign-up and application process. Portfolio by Openroad will then perform the standard driver and credit checks.
  • Choose from the two packages and pick a vehicle or ask the concierge to pick for you based on your needs.
  • Allow time for the first delivery, as the concierge will want to take you through the process.
  • To flip during a month, contact your concierge. More notice is better, though you can give as little as 24 hours’ notice for a flip within your agreed package.
  • If you want to pause your subscription, up- or downgrade, or there are any problems with the vehicle, your private concierge will deal with this.

Costs and fees

Subscription costs and terms depend on the tier of subscription you sign up to:

  • Gold: $1499 per month + $999 activation fee
  • Platinum: $2,799 per month + $999 activation fee

The daily rates for these are $199 and $299 respectively.

All subscriptions include a $2 million insurance policy with $1000 driver liability. Pauses to the subscription are available for a $200 fee per pause. The mileage limit is set at 2000km per month for gold and 2500km per month for platinum, with a $0.50 per kilometer excess.

Brands and models

Customers can choose from a comprehensive range of luxury vehicles from 12 top brands:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Porsche
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover / Range Rover
  • Lexus
  • Genesis
  • Infiniti
  • Toyota
  • Mazda

Within these brands, there is a range of SUVs, Sedans and sports vehicles available. The subscription tiers have slightly varied vehicle lists, with 4, 5 or 6 flips per month.

Notice periods

Subscriptions are on a 1, 3 or 6-month basis (or the daily subscription option). As such, no notice periods are available for early cancelation.

What’s special about Portfolio by Openroad

Porfolio by Openroad bills itself as a luxury service, and its range of vehicles and concierge service live up to that billing. The app rating system allows Portfolio to select vehicles that are closer to your specifications each time, and vehicles are cleaned and maintained with every flip. The ability to sign up for a day-by-day subscription, and to pause for any reason, lend an extra layer of flexibility to the service. However, the main draw here is the cars themselves, with a range of high-end luxury vehicles on offer. All customers have access to the entire range, regardless of the level of subscription, and all vehicles come with insurance and fixed liability.

Social media

Portfolio by Openroad uses Facebook mainly as an advertising and HD photography tool.


Portfolio by Openroad offers a level of luxury to its service that is currently unrivalled in Canada. The flexibility offered by up to 6 flips per month and the ability to pause, also sets Portfolio apart from its competitors. The inclusion of insurance, the ability to request custom accessories, and the concierge itself all match their marketing as a premium firm.

The only drawback to Portfolio by Openroad at the moment, is that the service is only available in Vancouver. However, the company say that this will change in future.

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Portfolio by Openroad Reviews

4.7 of 5 stars
3 Reviews
4.7 of 5 stars

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  1. Here’s the deal – you got yourself a bonus and you want to treat yourself to a sweet car for a month, check these guys out. Genius!! - from YoyospaghettiO! | 20. February 2020
  2. If you like cars, Openroad is for you. You can change vehicles like 5 times a month and anything top end that you can imagine is available. It’s great fun if you can afford it and a great way to get some variety without the responsibility long-term. - from Jose | 13. February 2020
  3. I’m not gonna lie, these subscriptions aren’t cheap. Ok, the cars you get are really impressive, but it’d be good to have a few cheaper options available. - from Flora | 13. January 2020

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